The sexual positions preferred by women are probably those in which the stimulation of the clitoris and erogenous zones is at the top. The best tips for positions that stimulate the clitoris best can be found among the kamasutra positions.

Before everything: if you wonder how to make a woman enjoy the most, know that you have to involve her, make her feel much more than a hole to use to cum.

1. Amazon Sex Position

As arguably one of the freakiest sex positions in the game today, the Amazon Sex Position challenges both lovers to jump out of their comfort zones, switching positioning in a way that is empowering and even better feeling. This move is generally easy to maneuver and requires the male to have some flexibility, while the woman is able to ride on top according to her preference.

Why It Rocks: The Amazon sex position is something everyone can handle, and can be performed in any kind of setting. It’s a move that is fun for both of you, and with a little patience, can feel even better once you get the angling down. Check out Amazon sex position videos to help you get it right.

2. He is Standing Next To The Bed

When you’ve run out of sex ideas, this position might reignite the flame. It is one of the best sex positions for standing up in our selection. And if you’re thinking it is too difficult or requires too much work, let us stop you right there. It’s one of the easiest standing sexual positions you can do. With the right bed and cushioning, you can enjoy a sexy night in with the one you love.

Why It Rocks: It is hands down the most sensual among our best sex positions for standing up.

3. Tabletop Sex Position

Pull out your table and make sure it is tough because its going to need to be for this move. The tabletop sex position is sure to please both of you two and can get you one step closer to the big “O”.  And if you’re a guy looking to please the ladies, this is a favorite sex position for females. Its angles are perfect for hitting her sensual spots. This sex position needs a tabletop, so be sure to break that out. Here’s how to do it.

Why It Rocks: The tabletop sex position is guaranteed to make her say “Oh My God!” What else is there to really say. Try it. You’re welcome.

4. Kneeling Sex Position

The Kneeling Sex Position is a new kind of lovemaking sex position that’s easy, intimate, and achievable just about anywhere! If you want to face your love while you make deep love, the Kneeling Sex Position is an easy and comfortable way to make it happen. All you need is a bed or a hard surface and some time.

Why It RocksThis is an incredibly easy and user-friendly lovemaking sex position that can work for anyone. It requires zero flexibility or even that much strength, and with a little patience, can feel incredibly rewarding for both parties involved.

5. Doggie Style Sex Position

When you’re searching for the best sex position for fat people, you might run into some, well unrealistic positions. That’s what we are here to put an end to. We have one of the best sexual positions for fat people right here in our selection. Doggie style sex position just makes sense for everyone involved. There’s no unnecessary holding up your partner or trying to figure out where things go. It’s just good, fun, sex. Doggie style is pretty self-explanatory, but if you haven’t tried out this position before, it’s going to change your sex life. Here’s how to do it.

Why It Rocks: It gives everyone involved easy access to each other without the drama of trying to hold up each other’s weight. It’s a win-win!

6. Scissors Sex Position

The scissors sex position is a unique take on a time-old lesbian way of love-making. With the scissoring sex position, connect your bodies at the middle as you do the dirty act until both parties are cumming.

Why It RocksThe sex position of scissoring provides both parties with the ability to intimately connect in the middle. Wiggle around until you get it just right – and trust us, you’ll know when that happens.

7. Reverse Cow Girl

Giddy-up, grab your boots and get ready to buck like you’re on a bronco, this move will test your stamina. This animated reverse cow girl sketch is designed to inspire you to jump in the saddle, backwards. Whether you’ve landed here because you were looking for anime sex positions or you just want to explore reverse cow girl in a serious of steps, this move is sure to please you both!

Why It Rocks: This animated reverse cow girl position ups the ante on reverse cow girl. Check out our full animation above to see exactly how this works.

8. Gemini Sex Position

This is one of those lovemaking positions that provides direct eye contact and total control for both parties as they meet as one in the center, conjoined for ultimate pleasure. Because of its sex control, it’s an easy way to reach an orgasm.

Why It RocksIf you love to watch your partner scream while they orgasm, this lovemaking position provides the perfect control and vantage point. Plus, little flexibility is required!

9. Legs Up Sex Position

If you’re looking to take your sex life to the next level, the Legs Up Sex Position is a great way to make direct contact, with nothing stopping the penis from full, creamy vaginal penetration. Get yourself shifted and in legs up position for a crazy and wild night.

Why It RocksIf you like to bang in a sex position legs up stance, this easy sex act is one for you. Be patient while the woman’s legs bend into place at the knee and remember to take in slow while everyone gets the right angle going.

10. Scorpion Sex Position

The scorpion sex position is a gentle rear entry sex position that will provide you and your partner with the quintessential pleasure that is only possible from sweet and dirty backside fucking.

Why It Rocks: Rear entry sex is an incredibly pleasure-filled sensation for both parties, providing the woman with control over penetration. Get ready to fuck like rabbits, simply atop a pillow.