As the sun graces Miami’s stunning beaches, the city comes alive with the annual artistic extravaganza known as Miami Art Week. With over 20 international art fairs, including Untitled Art, Art Basel, NADA, and Art Miami, Miami Art Week brings together more than 1,200 galleries from across the globe. In 2023, the event promises to be the liveliest since the pandemic, drawing art enthusiasts, collectors, and creatives from far and wide.

Amid the bustling art fair scene, Miami’s local art community also ignites with energy, offering a wealth of captivating exhibitions. This year’s Miami Art Week showcases a diverse range of artists and genres, celebrating the city’s vibrant arts scene. Here are 10 must-visit galleries that promise to enrich the experience of enthusiasts and collectors alike:

  1. Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)
    • Exhibition: “Gary Simmons: Public Enemy”
    • Dates: Dec. 5, 2023–Apr. 28, 2024
    • About: Born in 1964 to Caribbean immigrant parents in Queens, New York, Gary Simmons creates art that interrogates mainstream history. His work spans sculpture, installation, and painting, grappling with collective memory and societal disparities. “Public Enemy” encompasses over 70 works spanning Simmons’s 30-year career, offering a comprehensive survey of his life and its intersections with significant historical events. Simmons’s art ignites discussions on race, history, and cultural memory, encouraging dialogue about social issues and the potential for a more equitable future.
  2. Nina Johnson
    • Exhibition: “Yasue Maetake: Three-Legged Idols”
    • Dates: Dec. 4, 2023–Jan. 6, 2024
    • About: Tokyo-born artist Yasue Maetake uses sculpture to fuse artmaking traditions with futuristic aesthetics, exploring the tripod form’s evolution from ancient civilizations to modern applications. “Three-Legged Idols” presents 32 sculptures, each reflecting Maetake’s fascination with the tripod’s design. Her works, crafted from various materials, hint at a speculative future where nature and tradition coexist. From Foundry Abyss to Gladiator, Maetake’s sculptures pay homage to tradition while embracing innovation.
  3. The Bass
    • Exhibition: “Hernan Bas: The Conceptualists”
    • Dates: Dec. 4, 2023–May 5, 2024
    • About: Hernan Bas’s “The Conceptualists” showcases 35 paintings that depict protagonists absorbed in various obsessive activities, positioning these moments as conceptual art. Living and working in Miami, Bas is known for his detailed paintings and drawings capturing male figures in moments of introspection. Inspired by 19th-century literature, his work is rich in references to poetry, mythology, and the nuances of gay struggle and youth culture.
  4. ICA Miami (Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami)
    • Exhibition: “Ahmed Morsi: Ahmed Morsi in New York: Elegy of the Sea”
    • Dates: Dec. 5, 2023–Apr. 28, 2024
    • About: Born in 1930, Ahmed Morsi underwent a significant artistic transformation upon moving to New York in 1974. His works, spanning 1974 to 2012, feature surreal landscapes populated with real and imagined figures. Morsi’s “Clocks” series and intricate images within images invite viewers into a world of dreams and meditations on life.
  5. MOCA North Miami (Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami)
    • Exhibition: “Jamea Richmond-Edwards: Ancient Future”
    • Dates: Oct. 25, 2023–Mar. 17, 2024
    • About: “Ancient Future” is artist Jamea Richmond-Edwards’s largest solo exhibition. Her Afrofuturist works weave materiality and everyday objects into brightly patterned, collaged portraits of Black women in mythological scenes. Richmond-Edwards challenges the boundaries of fine art by incorporating cheeky imagery through collage, creating a utopian vision that celebrates Black women in diverse, empowering roles.
  6. Mindy Solomon Gallery
    • Exhibition: “In Spiritual Light”
    • Dates: Dec. 3, 2023–Jan. 6, 2024
    • About: “In Spiritual Light” is a group exhibition featuring work from 24 artists that explores the spiritual motivations behind artmaking. The exhibition seeks answers to fundamental questions about human existence and purpose, inviting viewers to contemplate the esoteric qualities of art. It pays homage to artists who have encapsulated the spirituality of the natural world in their works.
  7. Piero Atchugarry Gallery
    • Exhibition: “Piero Atchugarry Gallery: 10 Years”
    • Dates: Dec. 3, 2023–Jan. 31, 2024
    • About: Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Piero Atchugarry Gallery honors the artists who have shaped its aesthetic over the years. The exhibition features works from artists across 13 countries, including Chris Soal’s innovative sculpture “Reverie” and Pablo Rasgado’s thought-provoking “Casa mínima” sculpture. This exhibition highlights the gallery’s ongoing journey in shaping Miami’s contemporary art scene.
  8. Gagosian & Jeffrey Deitch
    • Exhibition: “Forms”
    • Dates: Dec. 5–10, 2023
    • About: “Forms” challenges traditional distinctions between representational and abstract art, showcasing works from 28 artists. Featured in the exhibition is Albert Oehlen’s “Ömega Man” series and Adam McEwen’s acrylic painting “Rendezvous,” inviting viewers to contemplate the multiple meanings inherent in the broad title of the exhibition.
  9. Faena Art
    • Exhibition: “Spaces of Influence: Shaping Community in the Modern World”
    • Dates: Dec. 5, 2023–Mar. 30, 2024
    • About: Faena Art presents four major installations addressing pressing issues like the climate crisis and AI’s influence on modern life. Sebastian Errazuriz’s AI-driven maze, “MAZE: Journey Through the Algorithmic Self,” and his marble sculpture “Battle of the Corporate Nations” offer thought-provoking perspectives on contemporary challenges.
  10. Spinello Projects
    • Exhibition: “Giorgio Celin: Do You Remember? — Feeling, Queerness, Exile”
    • Dates: Dec. 4, 2023–Jan. 13, 2024
    • About: Giorgio Celin, who lives and works in Barcelona, focuses on portraying intimacy and the experiences of queer migrants. His vibrant scenes of tenderness and human connection emphasize life’s beauty amid a troubled existence. “Do You Remember? — Feeling, Queerness, Exile” features figures searching for connection, embodying themes of unstable attachments and the complexities of falling in love. Celin’s work resonates with the experiences of the queer migrant, capturing the many facets of national and cultural identity.

These 10 galleries offer a diverse range of artistic expressions, from historical exploration to futuristic visions and from sculptural innovations to immersive experiences. Miami’s art scene is vibrant, diverse, and ready to captivate art enthusiasts from around the world during Art Basel in Miami Beach 2023.