10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Athens, Greece

Place the toga and sandals aside for a moment, and prepare to dig into an entirely different Greek experience. Welcome to the Athens brunch scene! In this enchanting city known for its classical ruins and vibrant nightlife, food is also a major drawing card, especially in the pleasurable ritual of brunch. Here are the top 10 brunch spots in Athens that certainly warrant a visit.

1. New Taste

Address: 16-20 Syngrou Avenue, Athens 11742, Greece
Website: New Taste

Housed in the chic New Hotel, New Taste impresses patrons with its modern ambiance and scrumptious brunch. The selection is vast, luring you in with salads, sandwiches, pastries, fruit platters and many Greek style breakfast choices. A contemporary and tasteful décor adds to the dining pleasure at New Taste. They provide the perfect balance of international cuisine and traditional Greek flavors, making sure you get the best of both worlds.

2. IT Restaurant

Address: Alexandras avenue 56, Athens 11473, Greece
Website: IT Restaurant

For those keen on viewing art while sipping coffee and nibbling on brunch treats, the IT Restaurant, situated at the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, is a must-visit spot. Along with a rotating collection of contemporary Greek art, IT Restaurant boasts an indulgent brunch menu that combines Greek classics with fusion dishes. The boho-chic settings and its diverse, eclectic menu make IT Restaurant a brunch lover’s paradise.

3. Philos Athens

Address: Solonos 32 & Sina, Athens 106 75, Greece
Website: Philos Athens

Located in the heart of Athens, Philos Athens provides a modern approach to Athenian dining. Their farm-to-table ethos ensures that everything you eat will be fresh and seasonal. With favorite brunch classics from eggs benedict to avocado toast, this place boasts a menu that is bound to satisfy everyone’s tastes. What sets Philos Athens apart are its comfortable surroundings resembling a stylish loft, creating the perfect laidback Sunday morning vibe.

4. Noel

Address: Kolokotroni 59B, Athens 105 62, Greece
Website: Noel

Every day is Christmas at Noel, a funky, holiday-themed brunch spot in the heart of Athens. Well-known for their unique décor and spirit-lifting atmosphere, Noel offers an impressive brunch menu. The offerings range from delightful sweets to savory classics with a Greek twist. Their warm hospitality and cheerful ambiance, topped with delicious chow, guarantees a jolly good time.

5. The Underdog

Address: Irakleidon 8, Athina 118 51, Greece
Website: The Underdog

Coffee enthusiasts and brunch lovers unite at The Underdog. This award-winning café resembles a warehouse with an industrial-style interior. Apart from their well brewed coffee, their international brunch classics like Eggs Benedict and Pancakes have garnered rave reviews. Specializing in café gastronomy, The Underdog has surely made its mark in the Athens brunch scene.

6. Astir Beach Club

Address: 40 Apollonos, Vouliagmeni 166 71, Greece
Website: Astir Beach Club

What’s better than combining a beach day with an incredible brunch? If this sounds like your ideal day, then Astir Beach Club is the place to be. With sun, sand and Greek-inspired brunch, this spot is a paradise for seafood lovers, brunch enthusiasts and beach bums alike.

7. Melilotos

Address: Kalamiotou 19, Athina 105 56, Greece
Website: Melilotos

Melilotos beautifully merges countrified charm with a farm-to-table style eatery in the center of Athens. Locally-sourced, organic ingredients take center stage in their brunch offerings. Their creative and hearty meals will sate your hunger, while the homey interior design imparts a cozy atmosphere perfect for a relaxed brunch.

8. Lotte Café- Bistrot

Address: Dimofontos 7, Athina 118 51, Greece
Website: Lotte Café- Bistrot

Located in the quaint Athenian neighborhood of Petralona, the Lotte Café-Bistrot serves a mouthwatering combination of French and Greek brunch dishes. Its charming hand-painted murals, rustic décor, and delectable food provide the perfect mix for a delightful brunch experience.

9. BlueBird CoffeeShop

Address: Iraklidon 4, Athina 118 51, Greece
Website: BlueBird CoffeeShop

Located in the hip area of Thiseio, BlueBird is a small treat delivering big when it comes to uniqueness. Dishes inspired by global recipes combine with Greek elements to create a fascinating and satisfying brunch experience. The spot also offers an array of aromatic coffee blends, making it a coffee and brunch heaven.

10. Warehouse CO2

Address: Protogenous 6, Athina 105 54, Greece
Website: Warehouse CO2

Perfect for the wine lovers, Warehouse CO2 serves brunch accompanied by an extensive list of local and international wines. Tucked within the atmospheric Psyri neighborhood, this place has a unique industrial feel and serving brunch dishes that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

So next time you think about Athens, don’t just dream about the Acropolis. Indulge in these brunch spots and devour a delicious slice of Athenian life.