10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Bagan, Myanmar

As one of Southeast Asia’s most intriguing ancient cities, Bagan offers a rich cultural experience coupled with some of the best local cuisines. Whether you’re a traveler seeking out unique flavors, or a foodie looking to try something new, you might want to make Bagan, Myanmar your next stopover. Here are ten of the city’s best brunch spots to start your day off right.

1. Be Kind To Animals The Moon

Be Kind To Animals The Moon is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant located in Old Bagan, Thiripyisaya 4th St, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma). It is famous for its unique Myanmar cuisine with a healthy twist, providing a wide range of delightful brunch options for vegan and vegetarian visitors. The serene and chill ambiance of the restaurant, coupled with its delicious food offerings like Pumpkin Curry and Ono Kauk Swe, makes it a must-visit spot in Bagan.

2. Sanon Training Restaurant

An innovative dining concept, Sanon Training Restaurant is located in Nyaung-U, Myo Pat St, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma). Offering an opportunity for underprivileged young adults to learn hospitality skills, the restaurant serves up a fantastic menu of traditional Burmese dishes. With its commendable mission and mouth-watering brunch options such as Mango Sticky Rice and Ginger Salad, the Sanon Training Restaurant is more than just a dine-in experience.

3. Weather Spoon’s Bagan Restaurant And Bar

Located at Restaurant Row, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma), Weather Spoon’s Bagan Restaurant and Bar is renowned for its expertly made English breakfast. As a popular expat hangout, this spot imbues a relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re brunching in your home away from home. Their Full English Breakfast is simply unforgettable with its perfectly cooked eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, beans, and even hash browns.

4. The Moon (2) Be Kind to Animals

The Moon (2) Be Kind to Animals is another vegetarian and vegan haven, located at Thiripyitsaya 4th St, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma). This is the place to go for freshly made salads and scrumptious dishes like Tofu Scramble. The restaurant is part of a local chain with the same name, and the charming atmosphere and excellent service make it a favorite among both tourists and locals.

5. Ayarwaddy River View Hotel

Think delicious food coupled with an incredibly stunning view of the Ayarwaddy River for brunch. Ayarwaddy River View Hotel, located at Strand Rd, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma), offers that and more. Their brunch menu comprises Western and Asian options, ensuring something for everyone. Grab a seat by the window and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast while watching the sunrise over the river.

6. Yar Pyi Vegetarian Restaurant

The Yar Pyi Vegetarian Restaurant is located in New Bagan, Kagyi St, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) and is another perfect spot for vegan and vegetarian travelers. It sets itself apart with its wide range of Burmese-style vegetarian dishes, as well as its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. With options like Burmese Curry and Tea Leaf Salad, this restaurant is definite must-visit for veggie lovers.

7. Star Beam Bistro

Star Beam Bistro, situated at YarKinnThar Hotel Rd, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma), is the place to go for a unique fusion of Burmese and Western cuisine. The restaurant provides brisk and cheerful service, and its airy, spacious feel makes it the perfect place for a relaxed brunch. Their menu provides a good blend of Eastern and Western dishes, with the Avocado Toast and Grilled Eggplant being popular favorites.

8. Black Bamboo

Over at Triumph Street, Bagan, Myanmar (Burma), you’ll find Black Bamboo, a restaurant well-loved for its fantastic variety of smoothie bowls and juices. Catering more towards those with a sweet tooth, Black Bamboo also offers locally sourced tea and coffee. With its stylish and contemporary decor, it’s an ideal spot to relax while having a brunch that’s both healthy and delicious.

9. Bibo

For the coffee aficionados, Bibo, located at Restaurant Row, Bagan, Myanmar, is a gem. But don’t be fooled by its specialty in caffeine; their brunch menu features a variety of options like eggs benedict, avocado toast, and even Burmese breakfast. With its blend of Western and Burmese flavors and its minimalist setting, Bibo provides a unique brunch experience.

10. Sharky’s

Last but not least, Sharky’s, located in New Bagan at Bagan Chauk Rd, Bagan, Myanmar, is a can’t-miss, farm-to-table brunch spot. They source all ingredients locally and create a fresh fusion of Asian and European cuisine that’s absolutely delightful. Delicious pastries, great coffee, and a wonderful ambience make this a must-visit when in Bagan.

These 10 places not only hold beautiful views and relaxing atmospheres, but they also hold the delicious promise of a good brunch. Bagan has plenty to offer in terms of food, whether you’re vegan, a coffee lover, a fan of traditional Burmese cuisine, or simply want to try something new.