1. General Merchants

Located at 361 Ormeau Road, Belfast, BT7 3GL, General Merchants is regularly touted as one of the top places for brunch in Belfast. Known for its exotic and diverse menu options like the Australian-style breakfast, General Merchants will entice you with a delightful fusion of global flavours.

You’ll find a combination of local ingredients utilised to present dishes inspired by far-flung destinations, making it an enticing option for food adventurers. Whether it’s the Chilli Eggs or the Green Bowl offering, your taste buds are guaranteed to be teased and satisfied in one visit. General Merchants also cater to a range of dietary requirements, so it really does offer something for everyone.

2. Established Coffee

Providing an upbeat, urban-bistro ambiance, Established Coffee at 54 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LB, thrives on its contemporary approach to brunch. On the menu, you’ll find some classic options like avocado toast, as well as the likes of halloumi sandwiches and cashew nut butter. Its coffee, regarded as one of the best in Belfast, complements the robust brunch menu perfectly.

Established Coffee has a broad selection ensuring you’ll be spoilt for choice. Highlighting the minimalist decor and relaxed atmosphere, Established Coffee is known to be an ideal spot for a casual meet-up, or to get some work done away from the office whilst enjoying a delicious, fresh brunch.

3. Town Square

The lively Town Square, located at 45 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, BT7 1HZ, is a must-visit brunch spot in Belfast. Known for its alluring atmosphere and fantastic service, Town Square offers a brunch menu of mouth-watering eggs benedict, sweet potato fritters, sourdough toast and many other tantalising options.

Apart from its varied food menu, Town Square offers a broad range of craft beers and innovative cocktails worth exploring. With its panoramic view of Botanic Avenue, this trendy spot promises a brunch experience that will keep you coming back for more.

4. Slim’s Kitchen

Based at 429-431 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7EY, Slim’s Kitchen is a haven for health-conscious brunch enthusiasts. Their motto, “Eat clean, cheat clean,” is reflected in their menu, which boasts a great balance between delicious and nutritious foods. From sumptuous smoothies to egg-based dishes and salads, brunching at Slim’s Kitchen will leave you satisfied yet guilt-free.

This place radiates a friendly and fresh ambiance that enhances the dining experience. Slim’s Kitchen is definitely one of those places where healthy food doesn’t compromise taste, making it an ideal location for a fabulous brunch.

5. Maggie Mays

A classic Belfast favourite, Maggie Mays, is a bustling cafe with three branches across Belfast, with the most iconic one located in Botanic Avenue. Known for its generous proportions and ultimate comfort food, Maggie Mays is an excellent brunch spot.

Whether you’re hankering for a full Belfast breakfast, her famed milkshakes, or a simple Ulster fry, Maggie Mays will spoil you with a menu that caters to the magnitude of your appetite. It provides a warm, family-friendly environment, making it an idyllic spot to enjoy a weekend brunch.

6. Home Restaurant

Finding its home in Wellington Place, Home Restaurant (‘Home’ for short) is another enticing brunch locale in Belfast. Home’s motto – ‘local, ethical, considerate’ is mirrored in their wholesome, rustic menu, comprised of local, seasonal produce.

Brunch-lovers will appreciate the variety in ‘Home’s’ menu, from vegan breakfasts, pan-roasted scallops, to grilled halloumi salads. The warm earthy tones and cosy setting of Home make it an utterly inviting spot for a memorable brunch experience.

7. Harlem Café

Harlem Café, located in Bedford Street, is a quirky yet charming café renowned for its enticing menu and enticing art-deco interior. Harlem serves up a delicious brunch menu from classic full breakfasts to unique offerings like a chorizo hash.

Be it the vegetarian breakfast or the soul-soothing pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, Harlem Café has something to satiate every appetite. Its vibrant ambiance and delightful culinary offerings make it a truly exciting place to enjoy a laid-back brunch.

8. OX

OX, situated at 1 Oxford Street, is an award-winning restaurant that is known for their sophisticated brunch. OX offers an exquisite à la carte brunch menu, ensuring a brunch experience unlike any other in Belfast.

Known for its minimalistic decor and view of the River Lagan, OX is the perfect place for a brunch splurge. You can expect dishes like fried duck’s egg with pork belly, and plaice with buttermilk and dill. For an extravagant brunch experience, OX is the place to be.

9. French Village

French Village is a patisserie, bakery and bistro all in one. It is famous for its authentic French-style pastries and bread which form the backbone of an expansive and diverse brunch menu. The venue is located at 323 Lisburn Road, BT9 7EY.

This is your chance to truly experience a French-inspired brunch right in the heart of Belfast. They’ve got the classics like eggs benedict and the rich and comforting croque monsieur. Pair any brunch choice with their excellent coffee and prepare to be pampered like you’re in a Parisian café.

10. The Pocket

Located opposite the magnificent Queen’s University at 69 University Road, The Pocket is a tiny brunch haven in Belfast. The Pocket serves up the quintessential flat white and delicious breakfast tacos among other sumptuous brunch offerings.

The cafe is small and cosy, perfect for grabbing a quick bite or for a leisurely perusal of their menu. Its brunch menu built around fresh, quality ingredients, as well as the friendly and personable staff, make The Pocket a beloved choice among the locals and the academics alike.