10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the enchanting capital of Hungary, is dotted with historic landmarks, picturesque views and a vibrant nightlife. But beyond these, Budapest is also home to a delightful mix of local delicacies and international cuisine, making the city a gastronome’s paradise. This guide will take you through the top ten brunch spots you do not want to miss in Budapest.

1. Zoska

Located in Budapest’s 5th District, Zoska is a homely spot ideal for a casual brunch. Known for their rich coffee and mouth-watering breakfast plates, this place surely won’t disappoint.
Address: Ferenczy István u. 28, 1053

Zoska’s homey interior, coupled with its friendly staff, offers a relaxed atmosphere perfect for starting your day. Their menu is straightforward but everything is done well. The English breakfast, the scrambled eggs with cheese and the fluffy buttermilk pancakes are crowd favorites. Be sure to pair your meal with their signature coffee, which rounds off an incredible brunch experience.

2. Stika

Stika is a trendy café-restaurant in Budapest’s District VII and a perfect spot for a modern brunch with friends or family. Stika delivers a speedy service, a trendy ambiance, and efficiently served dishes.
Address: Dob u. 46/a, 1072

Stika offers both Hungarian and international breakfast options that cater to diverse tastes. Their pesto-scrambled eggs or the ‘Stika Breakfast’ – consist of toast, bacon and salad – are a must-try. Additionally, their coffee is sourced from Casino Mocca, one of Budapest’s premium coffee roasters, ensuring you get the best caffeine fix.

3. Cirkusz

Located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, Cirkusz is a popular brunch spot, offering everything from full English breakfasts to trendy avocado toast with perfect poached eggs.
Address: Dob u. 23, 1074

From chic design details to a menu filled with creatively concepted food, Cirkusz invites brunch enthusiasts to enjoy the relaxing vibes. The bustling kitchen, besides serving classics also has vegan and gluten-free options. Their popular homemade lemonades and fruity mimosas are perfect for a refreshing brunch experience.

4. London Coffee Society

London Coffee Society’s trendy interior represents the third-wave coffee scene of Budapest. They have an overwhelming coffee selection served alongside English breakfast standards and continental options.
Address: Dohány u. 27, 1074

Their fresh baked goods, light bagels, and vegetarian options are loved by many. The ‘Egg Royale’ is a must-try with salmon and perfectly cooked poached eggs on a bagel. Pair it with a great cup of coffee, and you’re set for the day.

5. Madal Coffee

Madal Coffee is widely regarded as one of Budapest’s top cafes. From single-origin coffees to carefully crafted brunch options, Madal is a coffee-lover’s haven.
Address: Ferenciek tere 3, 1053

Beyond great coffee, Madal also offers healthy brunch options like energy balls, salads, and vegan gluten-free eating. They are also well-known for their Indian inspired dishes such as their famous dhal or veggie bowls. The laid-back atmosphere and minimalistic design add to the overall experience.

6. Központ Café

Központ, meaning ‘Center’ in Hungarian, is an all-day café-bar in the center of Budapest. It’s celebrated for its unique vibe, friendly staff, and nice brunch options.
Address: Madách Imre út 5, 1075

Their menu entails a wide range of Hungarian and international classics. The avocado on rye toast or cheese-and-ham toastie with a glass of spritzer is a perfect combination. The café also doubles as a cultural spot reflecting the energetic nightlife of the city.

7. Villa Bagatelle

Villa Bagatelle resides in a two-story villa on the Buda side of the city, offering a quiet respite from the bustling streets.
Address: Németvölgyi út 17, 1126

It boasts a bakery, bistro, and gourmet food shop. The bakery produces fresh bread, pastries, and cakes every day that are insanely delicious and truly add to their brunch offerings. Villa Bagatelle offers an impressive array of fine coffees, light curries, and a daily breakfast menu that suits everyone’s palate.

8. Manyoki

Manyoki is a small but lovely place where you can grab an exceptionally tasty brunch.
Address: Manyoki út 11, 1137

The diverse menu features options like French toast with bacon, avocado toast, and great coffee. The environment is cozy, bringing a unique breakfast vibe. A number of daily newspapers and magazines are also available to read while you enjoy your meal.

9. Most Bistro

Offering a vibrant ambiance, hip décor, and a diverse menu, Most has something for everyone.
Address: Zichy Jenő u. 20, 1066

Options range from continental to English breakfast with variations to suit every dietary need, including gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. Try their ‘Budapest Breakfast’, an assortment of Hungarian cheese, cold cuts, and pickles, for an authentic experience.

10. Két Szerecsen

Situated in the lively District VI, Két Szerecsen is known for dishes inspired from around the world.
Address: Nagymező u. 14, 1065

Their brunch dishes include American, French, Spanish, and Magyar (Hungarian) breakfast sets. Whether you choose their Moroccan inspired Shakshuka, a simple croissant, or the Hungarian Farmer Breakfast, you’re guaranteed an outstanding meal.

Dining in Budapest is a culinary adventure, and brunch is no exception. Whether you’re a coffee fanatic, a vegan foodie, or if you simply love to eat, Budapest has a brunch spot that’s perfect for you. Grab your fork and dive in!