10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa, is renowned not only for its exceptional scenery and cultural experiences, but also its excellent dining options. This city is a true gem for foodies, offering a variety of cuisine options to appease all taste buds. One of the city’s most celebrated culinary experiences is brunch, and this article will guide you to the best brunch spots Cape Town has to offer.

1. Jason Bakery

185 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa | Website

Nestled neatly in Cape Town’s city centre, Jason Bakery has quickly become a brunch hotspot. Their emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced, and high-quality ingredients sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. With everything from gourmet sandwiches and salads to delectable pastries, this place has something for everyone.

Regulars at Jason Bakery can’t get enough of their ever-changing menu, which is as innovative as it is delicious. The bakery’s vibrant ambience, coupled with their team service, creates a relaxed yet communal vibe that makes it the perfect brunch locale.

2. Clark’s Bar and Grill

133 Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001 | Website

If you’re looking for a combination of traditional and modern brunch cuisines, head over to Clark’s Bar and Grill. This establishment stands out for its classic offerings, from bagels and smoked salmon to egg-white frittatas.

Not only does Clark’s boast great food, but the ambience is another reason to pay this spot a visit. The restaurant’s spacious terrace offers a stunning view of the bustling Bree Street – the perfect accompaniment to your coffee and avocado toast.

3. Bootlegger Coffee Company

Shop 2, 139 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8060 | Website

For coffee aficionados, a visit to the Bootlegger Coffee Company is a must. With multiple locations around town, this modern café offers expertly brewed coffee alongside an array of freshly baked pastries and wholesome meals.

Open from the crack of dawn, Bootlegger Coffee Company is known for their friendly staff and hospitable atmosphere. With a selection of egg dishes and signature treats like the ‘Bacon, Boerewors and Egg Croissant,’ it’s easy to see why it’s a local favourite.

4. Hemelhuijs

71 Waterkant St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000 | Website

Perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants in the city, Hemelhuijs provides a unique brunch experience. Known for changing its decor with the seasons, this venue will delight your taste buds and your Instagram feed.

Hemelhuijs’ menu boasts a range of tasty dishes, including a mouth-watering selection of freshly baked bread, handmade butter, artisanal preserves, and bespoke juices. The tranquil setting is the perfect backdrop for a laid-back brunch with friends or a romantic date.

5. Four and Twenty Café

23 Wolfe St, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800 | Website

The Four and Twenty Café in Wynberg eludes a chic Parisian charm, offering a unique breakfast and brunch menu. Their dishes are known for their intricate presentations and eclectic flavour profiles.

You’ll find familiar breakfast items with quirky twists, such as the Duck Confit Hash and Turkish delight hot chocolate. Everything on their menu is prepared with love and attention to detail, making this place a must-visit brunch spot.

6. JARRYDS Espresso Bar + Eatery

90 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8060 | Website

Known for its lively atmosphere and health-conscious menu, JARRYDS has established itself as one of the premier brunch spots in Cape Town. Their menu is flexible, offering a host of seasonal and local ingredients.

The espresso bar and eatery pride themselves on crafting Instagram-worthy brunch plates. Whether you’re indulging in a stack of rich, fluffy pancakes or opting for a nourishing smoothie bowl, JARRYDS will satisfy your brunch cravings in a fresh and wholesome way.

7. The Pot Luck Club

Silo Top Floor, The Old Biscuit Mill, 373-375 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925 | Website

Located at the top of The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, The Pot Luck Club offers a spectacular panorama of the city. This restaurant is renowned for its adventurous menu, providing a gastronomic experience that you won’t easily forget.

Brunch at The Pot Luck Club isn’t a simple affair; it’s a culinary experience. With a menu that draws inspiration from worldwide cuisines, this al fresco dining space is sure to make your brunch an affair to remember.

8. La Tête

17 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town | Website

For those who appreciate the ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy, La Tête is an ideal brunch option. Their dedication to serving food made from local, seasonal produce is what sets them apart from ordinary brunch spots.

Housed within a chic, minimalist space, La Tête’s distinct menu delivers exceptional field-to-fork dishes. Alongside your brunch, enjoy a glass of hand-picked wine as you soak in the contemporary ambience that makes this location so unique.

9. Honest Chocolate Café

64A Wale Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001 | Website

Brunch at the Honest Chocolate Café is a dream come true for chocolate lovers. This vegan-friendly café serves a range of mouth-watering cacao-based dishes, drinks, and treats, promising to take your brunch experience to an entirely new level.

While homemade chocolate is the main attraction, the café also offers savory brunch options. Indulge in a hearty vegan banana bread sandwich or treat yourself to a soul-warming hot chocolate – the choice is yours!

10. The Larder Café

Unit 3, 8 Grove Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708 | Website

Last but not least, the welcoming Larder Café offers a truly comforting and homely brunch experience. Their menu offers a variety of classics such as Eggs Benedict and French Toast, but it’s their warm and friendly approach that keeps regulars coming back.

Behind every meal served at Larder Café is the passion of Chef Sonja Edridge. Her love for food and significant culinary experience shine through in the flavours and presentation of every dish, making the Larder Café a home-away-from-home in the vibrant city of Cape Town.

Brunch in Cape Town truly is a delightful journey, offering an array of unique and unforgettable dining options. Whether you’re after a quick bite or a leisurely rooftop meal with panoramic views of the city, these spots offer something for everyone. Regardless of where you choose to dine, we’re confident that you’ll leave with your heart – and stomach – full of the vibrant spirit of Cape Town.