10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Cappadocia, Turkey

Visitors are drawn to Cappadocia, Turkey for its ethereal landscapes, historical intrigue, and society embedded with fascinating traditions. Adding to the appeal, this magnificent region also serves up some amazing culinary experiences. We’ve hunted down the region’s top 10 brunch spots to make sure your culinary experience is just as exquisite as the landscapes you’re exploring.

1. Elai Restaurant

In the heart of Ürgüp, you’ll find the Elai restaurant. Elai is known for combining the best of local ingredients to present traditional Turkish breakfast with a stylish flair. This renowned spot serves a delectable spread of cheeses, pastries, olives, and fresh fruits.

The outdoor terrace boasts breathtaking views of the fairy chimneys and Göreme National Park. Sample their Menemen (Turkish scrambled eggs) as you soak in the stunning views, promising a brunch experience you’ll never forget.

Address: Esbelli Mh, Esbelli Sk. No:22, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

2. Ziggy Cafe

Next on our list is Ziggy Cafe in Ürgüp. Enjoy a leisurely brunch in their beautiful courtyard, surrounded by distinctive Cappadocian architecture. Offering a diverse menu, they serve an assortment of fresh salads, traditional Turkish cuisine, and experimental dishes.

Their homemade bread served with honey and clotted cream places Ziggy Cafe at the top of the brunch chain in Cappadocia. This unique dish is certainly worth a try.

Address: Tevfik Fikret Cad. Divanli Mah., 50240 Urgup/Nevsehir

3. La Cave

Housed in a 150-year-old Greek house, La Cave in Cappadocia offers exquisite Turkish cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. The restaurant’s menu includes items like Menemen, fresh cheese, and a variety of locally sourced olives.

La Cave’s charm lies in its rustic stone architecture, perfectly setting the atmosphere for a quintessentially Cappadocian dining experience.

Address: Ayşe Hatun Sk. no:63, 50180 Göreme Belediyesi/ Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

4. Linden Restaurant

Located in the center of Çavuşin village, Linden Restaurant is a must-visit for brunch lovers. The restaurant serves a gorgeous buffet of cheese boards, fruit platters, traditional pastries, and cold cuts. The freshly brewed Turkish tea is a perfect accompaniment to their food selections.

The restaurant’s cozy ambience and the striking views of the surrounding landscape make Linden a perfect venue for brunch.

Address: Cavusin Village, 50500 Çavuşin / Nevşehir

5. Topdeck Cave Restaurant

Distinguished by offering Turkish cuisines cooked over an open flame, Topdeck Cave Restaurant is a sought-after brunch destination. From warm, oven-baked pastries to traditional borek, this delightful cave restaurant provides a memorable culinary adventure.

The restaurant is located in a beautifully restored cave house, offering a genuinely unique dining experience.

Address: Gaferli Mah., Aydinli Sk. No:15, 50180 Göreme Belediyesi / Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

6. Muti Restaurant

In Muti restaurant located in Göreme, you can taste the vibrant mix of flavours Turkish cuisine has to offer. The inviting restaurant specializes in authentic regional dishes, made with fresh, local produce.

The tasteful, traditional decor of Muti beautifully complements the culinary delights served here. Grace your palate with their homemade muesli served with fruit and yogurt while savoring the beautiful landscape.

Address: Aydınlı Mah, 50180 Göreme Belediyesi/ Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir

7. Cappadocian Cuisine Restaurant & Cafe

Cappadocian Cuisine Restaurant & Cafe is a charming establishment, featuring a delightful selection of Turkish brunch dishes. The family-run cafe stands out for its warm hospitality and homely feel.

The zesty orange juice, the rich and creamy strained yogurt, and the assortment of homemade jam make a dining experience here unforgettable.

Address: Orta Mah, 50500 Avanos/ Nevşehir

8. Heart Of Cappadocia Restaurant

Located in Ürgüp, the Heart Of Cappadocia Restaurant is known for a delightful array of breakfast items. The freshness of their produce and the aroma of warm bread baked on-site make it a hit among locals and tourists alike.

The staff at the Heart Of Cappadocia are friendly and attentive, adding an extra layer of appeal to this local favorite.

Address: Tevfik Fikret Cad., Divan Otel Yanı, 50400 Ürgüp/Nevşehir

9. Asmali Konak Restaurant

Set in a mesmerizing historic mansion, the Asmali Konak Restaurant offers a regal brunch experience in Cappadocia. Their menu showcases a delightful spread of traditional Turkish dishes, all impeccably prepared and beautifully presented.

Eating at Asmali Konak is more than a simple brunch; it’s a culinary experience that will give you a taste of authentic Turkish hospitality.

Address: Asmalı Konak, 50650 Sarıhan/Avanos/Nevşehir

10. Hezen Cave Hotel Restaurant

Rounding up this list is the restaurant at the Hezen Cave Hotel in Ortahisar village. Known for its breathtaking panoramic views and delicious cuisine, this spot is perfect for a late brunch.

In addition, as part of a boutique cave hotel, the restaurant’s unique ambiance and impeccable service magnify its appeal. Don’t forget to try their fresh cheese, borek, and olives.

Address: Aşağı Mah., Üzengi Sk. No:13, 50650 Ortahisar/Nevşehir

Indulge in the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine and breathe in the ethereal atmosphere of Cappadocia at these top brunch spots. Relish not only the food, but the ambiance and culture that comes with it, making your visit to this Turkish gem an unforgettable experience. Plan ahead, book a seat and enjoy a brunch experience like never before!