Chiang Mai, the Rose of the North, is a city teeming with culture and, deliciously, with cuisine. Known for its ancient temples and lively markets, one often overlooked aspect is its bustling food scene. Here, we uncover the best places for brunch in Chiang Mai, for locals and tourists alike seeking to elevate their Thai culinary journey.

1. Rustic & Blue

Address: Nimmanhaemin, Soi Lane 7

If an inviting ambiance is what you’re after, look no further than Rustic & Blue. This quirky café is set in a pretty garden, the perfect setting for a lazy brunch. With its home-grown herbs and creative menu, Rustic & Blue promises a wedding of flavors to your taste buds.

Their commitment to using fresh and organic ingredients shines through in their dishes, like the Avocado Toast and the Farmers Breakfast, which are both favorites among the regulars. They also have a range of smoothie bowls, making it a top destination for health-conscious brunch-goers. Trust us; this place is a must-visit.

2. The Larder Cafe & Bar

Address: 3/9 Sukkasem Rd, Suthep

The Larder Cafe & Bar promises European flair in Chiang Mai. Going beyond just delicious food, The Larder is creative in presentation and focuses on every plate’s details. So, not only are you about to enjoy a tasty meal, but it also looks good for your Instagram feed.

Highlights of their menu include the Salmon Eggs Benedict and the Pan-fried Chicken with Porcini Mushroom Sauce. Each dish is made with an artful twist, taking your brunch experience to a whole new level. The Larder also offers a variety of accomplished cocktails, making it an excellent choice for a boozy brunch.

3. Overstand Coffee & Breakfast

Address: 19/3 Ratchamanka Road

Overstand Coffee & Breakfast is popular among locals and tourists alike for its exceptional coffee and hearty meals. Its cozy setting makes it ideal for someone who wants to enjoy a tranquil brunch while exploring the city.

winning menu items include the Eggs on Toast and the Vegan Scramble, which is whipped up with scrambled tofu. Their focus is on high quality, fresh ingredients, evident in every bite. Of course, it’s impossible to leave without trying their coffee – the beans are sourced locally, promising an authentic taste of Thailand.

4. Smoothie Blues

Address: Soi 1, Nimmanhaemin Rd.

Smoothie Blues is the go-to spot for health aficionados and anyone craving a fruity boost to their mornings. Tucked away in Soi 1 of bustling Nimmanhaemin Road, Smoothie Blues serves an impressive array of mouth-watering and nutritious bowls paired with freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies.

Top picks include their Acai Bowl and the Big Breakfast set, jam-packed with protein and fiber to keep you energized for the day. Expect generous servings in this down-to-earth café that a budget traveler would surely love.

5. SS1254372 Cafe

Address: 22/1 Moo 2, Chiang Mai-Lampang Old Road

When it comes to a charming brunch spot in Chiang Mai, SS1254372 Cafe is a must-visit. From its picturesque garden setting to its aromatic coffee, this charming converted house café is a brunch paradise.

This spot is renowned for its homemade bread, a perfect partner for their selection of jam. Also, the avocado bruschetta is another fan-favorite. Complement your meal with their excellent coffee while relaxing in their cozy outdoor area and experience brunch like never before.

6. Blue Diamond Breakfast Club

Address: 35/1 Moonmuang Road, Soi 9

The Blue Diamond Breakfast Club is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly brunch spot with an impressive food selection. Famous for its bakery with an overwhelming array of pastries and cakes, this place is a haven for those with a sweet tooth.

Menu favorites include their Vegetarian Khao Soi and the French Toast with fresh fruit. With a relaxed ambiance plus a health-focused menu, Blue Diamond is undoubtedly among the top brunch spots in Chiang Mai.

7. Ristr8to Coffee

Address: 15/3 Nimmanhemin Road

Ristr8to Coffee is a must-visit for coffee connoisseurs. With an award-winning barista team, they serve some of the best coffee in town. Though not a traditional brunch spot with a full menu, it’s perfect for those seeking a high-quality coffee paired with a delightful pastry to kickstart their day.

Furthermore, they specialize in different coffee serving styles inspired by diverse cultures worldwide. From the vigorous brewing technique of the Australians to the intense Italian ristretto — it’s a true global coffee experience.

8. Fern Forest Cafe

Address: 54 Singharat Soi 4

Fern Forest Cafe is an oasis hidden in the city center. Nestled amidst a beautiful garden, brunch at Fern Forest feels like a tranquil escapade. Adding to the allure is a delightful assortment of Thai and Western brunch dishes.

One must-try offering is their Quiche Lorraine, complemented perfectly by their Cappuccino, making for a divine dining experience. Wholesome food, calming greenery, and friendly service: Fern Forest Cafe indeed nails the recipe for a dreamy brunch.

9. Free Bird Café

Address: 14 Sirimangkalajarn Soi 9

Free Bird Café stands out not just for its scrumptious brunch offerings but its philanthropic initiatives. This non-profit café channels their profits to support educational programs for refugees from Myanmar. So, your brunch could contribute to a good cause!

Their Vegan Breakfast Burrito and Vegan French Toast are crowd favorites, proving that vegan meals can be as flavorful and satisfying as any. Coupled with their freshly brewed coffee, dining at Free Bird Café guarantees a heartwarming and belly-filling experience.

10. The Barn: Eatery Design

Address: 14, Wualai Rd, T Haiya

The Barn: Eatery Design offers a unique industrial-chic setting for your brunch escapade. Their innovative menu fuses Western and Asian elements for an unforgettable culinary experience.

The Thai Green Curry with Roti and the Chorizo & Egg Bun are standout dishes that you absolutely must try. Not to mention the coffee and desserts: their Signature Iced Coffee and Crepe Cake are divine! The Barn’s great food, stylish decor, and friendly vibe ensure a delightful brunch experience.

Brunch is more than a meal; it’s an experience. Fortunately, in Chiang Mai, the brunch scene thrives, offering a diverse range of settings and menus to quench everyone’s culinary desires. So, why wait? Get ready to feast and explore these top-notch brunch spots in Chiang Mai.