10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Granada, Spain

Located in the southeastern part of Spain, Granada is known for its merging of cultures, historical monuments, and diverse flavors. And what better way to experience all these than with a scrumptious brunch at some of the city’s top-rated locales. Here are our picks for the best brunch spots in Granada that shouldn’t be missed.

1. Café 4 Gatos

C/ Sta Escolástica, 10, 18001 Granada, Spain – [Website](https://www.cafe4gatos.es/)

Originally the home of a Spanish painter’s family, Café 4 Gatos fuses together bohemian charm and gastronomic flavors. It’s an idyllic place where locals and tourists alike can enjoy their brunch while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. The café stands out for its perfect fusion of Spanish and international flavors. The menu offers a range of options from tostadas to baked goods, and there’s also a selection of vegetarian dishes.

2. Carmela

Calle Colcha, 13, 18009 Granada, Spain – [Website](http://www.restaurantecarmela.com/)

Known for its elegant interiors and delightful gastronomic offerings, Carmela provides a chic, sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for Sunday brunch. The brunch menu is expansive, with delicious and hearty meals like the “Avocado toast with salmon” and the “Spanish omelette”. Their homemade desserts like brownies and apple pie paired with the signature cocktail, “Carmela Sweet”, is a must-try.

3. Wild Food

Calle San Jerónimo, 23, 18001 Granada, Spain – [Website](http://www.wildfood.es/)

Wild Food is a brunch enthusiast’s haven known for its commitment to using locally sourced and organic ingredients. The innovative menu offers health-conscious meals including gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes. From homemade granola and smoothie bowls to tasty avocado toasts and veggie burgers, they carefully curate every plate to make it a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

4. L’Atelier Café

Calle Verónica de la Virgen, 15, 18005 Granada, Spain – [Website](http://lateliercafe.es/)

L’Atelier’s décor and food will transport you right to the heart of Paris. The café boasts a selection of the finest patisserie and bread in the city. It’s the perfect spot for those with a sweet tooth – don’t miss their pain au chocolat, croissants, and selection of gourmet coffees.

5. Papas y Pimientos

Calle Escuelas, 2, 18001 Granada, Spain – [Website](http://papasypimientos.com/)

At Papas y Pimientos, guests can explore the best of Andalusian cuisine with a contemporary twist. The restaurant is known for their local tapas delicacies that pair perfectly with their refreshing signature drinks.

6. El Mercader

Calle Alhóndiga, 31, 18001 Granada, Spain – [Website](http://elmercadergranada.com/)

El Mercader impresses with its stylish interiors and quality food. The tapas and brunch-menu have been carefully curated to showcase a variety of Spanish flavors, making it a great spot for late breakfast, brunch or even lunch.

7. Dulce & Salado

Calle Doctor Guirao Gea, 3, 18012 Granada, Spain – [Website](http://dulceysaladogranada.com/)

Dulce & Salado offers a host of delectable international dishes with Spanish touches. Their menu ranges from classic bacon and eggs to smoked salmon, and their cakes and tarts have earned a reputation for being some of the best in town.

8. Bar Avila

Calle de San Miguel Bajo, 15, 18010 Granada, Spain – [Website](http://www.baravila.es/)

Bar Avila may exude a traditional appearance, but their tapas and montaditos are anything but ordinary. They put a creative spin on each dish, making every breakfast or brunch an exciting experience.

9. María de la O

Calle San Isidro, 19, 18005 Granada, Spain – [Website](http://www.mariadelaogranada.com/)

María de la O offers a bright, airy setting perfect for a relaxed Sunday brunch. Their menu highlights the local flavors found in Granada and the different culinary influences from around the world.

10. Café Botánico

Calle Málaga, 3, 18002 Granada, Spain – [Website](http://www.cafebotanico.com/)

Botanical motifs adorn the café, evoking a sense of tranquility that enhances the overall brunch experience. The menu brims with wholesome, plant-based food and delightful pastries, making Café Botánico a top choice for health-conscious travelers.

Each of these spots offers a unique experience of Granada’s culinary scene. Indeed, they’re more than just brunch spots; they’re gateways to discovering the diverse culture and flavors of this beautiful Spanish city.