10 of The Best Brunch Spots In Izmir, Turkey

Kick off your day with a hearty portion of menemen or indulge in traditional Turkish pastries at these top 10 brunch spots in Izmir. Let your culinary adventure begin!

1. Reyhan Pastanesi

Located in the heart of Izmir, the Reyhan Pastanesi (Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi 19/A, 35220 Alsancak/Konak) is renowned for its delicious pastries. The bakery attracts crowds who can’t get enough of the firm’s boerek, simits, and tahini rolls. Top-notch quality and unbeatable taste, what more could you ask for?

Reyhan is not just about pastries. The ambiance is lovely, relaxing, and perfect for a brunch date with your friends or family. Their helpful staff will only make your visit more enjoyable. Don’t worry, this local favorite has something for everyone’s palate.

2. Alsancak Unlu Mamuller

Alsancak Unlu Mamuller (Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi, 131/A, Alsancak) is another superb brunch spot in the city. This family-owned bakery makes their own bread, yoghurt and sweet pastries on-site and are ready to serve them with locally sourced olives, cheeses, and fresh vegetables for a brunch experience you won’t forget.

Welcoming atmosphere, courteous waitstaff and amazing food, these are bywords at Alsancak Unlu Mamuller. Additional to all these, their menemen, su böreği (water pastry), and the famous Izmir bomba are worth trying as well.

3. Akinin Yeri

Nestled in Izmir’s Narlidere district, Akinin Yeri (Narlıdere Sahil Yolu no:74) is a spot where you can enjoy a delightful brunch while enjoying mesmerizing views of the Aegean Sea. Famous for their traditional menemen and gözleme, this restaurant never fails to impress with their freshness and flavor.

The open air environment is another perk of this place. What’s better than a brunch alfresco, against the beautiful backdrop of the sea, while enjoying the cool breeze?

4. Mood Gözatepe

Mood Göztepe located in İsmet Kaptan Mahallesi Sair Esref Bulvari No:68/C in Göztepe is a cozy brunch cafe with a modern twist. With their spectacular menu consisting of delicious foods from different cuisines, Mood Göztepe ensures a fabulous brunch experience for food enthusiasts.

Their menu includes options like avo toast for the health-conscious to a classic pasta for those looking for a hearty meal. Coupled with a cup of perfectly-brewed coffee, you have all the ingredients for a perfect brunch.

5. Urla Sakızcılar garden Restaurant

Looking for a unique brunch experience? Head over to Urla Sakızcılar Garden Restaurant (Eski İzmir Caddesi No: 17, Urla). This restaurant offers an extensive brunch menu that includes homemade pastries, jams, vegetables handpicked from their garden, and olive oil dishes all presented in a natural ambiance.

The open-air setup with trees and flowers makes the dining experience more memorable. It’s not just about good food, but also appreciating the beauty and bounty of nature.

6. Mavra Cafe

The trendy spot Mavra Café (Semikler Mahallesi Komando Er Hakan Oner Caddesi No:30/B, Narlidere) is a magnet for foodies in the city. Its modern design and a menu full of flavorful and perfectly plated ingredients make it a must visit.

While their omelettes and French toasts are a brunch favorite, their cupcakes and other sweet treats are also worth exploring.

7. Miskin Kahvalti Salonu

The Miskin Kahvalti Salonu located at Sabahattin Zaim Bulvari No:6/A Urla, follows a simple approach: good food equals great mood. And they surely live up to it. The venue is large and airy, with an indoor area and outdoor garden for customers to enjoy their brunch.

Do try their waffles and fruit platters to get a taste of their specialties.

8. Mari’s Mutfak

Locals and tourists alike flock to Mari’s Mutfak (1373 Sk. No:21, Alsancak) to devour their brunch in a warm and homely environment. Another amazing spot in the city, its pastries, and local delicacies are a treat to the taste buds.

Mari’s Mutfak is a spot where you feel at home. And the delicious food just adds to it.

9. Bond Coffee Company

Coffee and brunch work in twosome and that’s the prime factor of the Bond Coffee Company (1657 Sk. No:12, Bostanlı). Their coffee is among Izmir’s best and the frenzy doesn’t stop there. Bond Coffee also offer a menu that includes anything from pancakes to bagels.

The ambiance is top-notch, which makes it a perfect place to start off your day or enjoy a laid-back afternoon.

10. My Cafe

Lastly, we have My Cafe (Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi 156/A, Alsancak), a crowd favorite spot for brunch in Izmir. Brunch options are plentiful, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is welcoming and warm. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or prefer gluten free, they have options for everyone.

Their breakfast quiche or the refreshing Greek salad; everything is worth a try at My Cafe.

These are just ten of many amazing brunch spots that Izmir has to offer. Each has its own unique flair and cuisine, which makes them worth visiting. Happy brunching!