10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

The charming town of Karlovy Vary, known for its healing thermal springs and enviable architecture, offers a bountiful selection of brunch spots that satiate the palate with delicious foods and drinks. We’ve curated a list of the top ten brunch locations you must visit in this Czech Republic town.

1. Café Elefant

Address: Nová Louka 3344/28, Karlovy Vary
Website: cafelephantkv.cz

Café Elefant is a classic brunch spot nestled in the heart of Karlovy Vary. Known for its legendary pastries and delicious coffee, this café embodies the decadence of the historic town. Every dish on their brunch menu is prepared with locally sourced ingredients, promoting a true taste of Czech cuisine. Luxurious interiors and excellent service add to the overall charm making it a top stop for food enthusiasts.

Café Elefant also offers a delightful spread of vegan and gluten-free options. Its pristine surroundings and relaxing atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for weekend brunches.

2. Restaurant Le Marché

Address: Zahradní 53, Karlovy Vary
Website: lemarche.cz

Restaurant Le Marché is a beloved brunch spot with its innovative and flavorful dishes. Featuring a diverse menu that highlights Czech and International cuisines, the restaurant promises a culinary adventure. From savory pancakes to gourmet salads, it caters to the breakfast and lunch crowd with flair.

The sleek and modern interiors provide a comfortable environment to enjoy your meal. Its outdoor terrace with views of the Teplá River is open during warmer months, further enhancing the dining experience.

3. Café Pupp

Address: Mírové náměstí 2, Karlovy Vary
Website: pupp.cz

Café Pupp, part of the historic Grandhotel Pupp, has been serving satisfied customers since 1701. It provides a wide variety of Czech pastries, gourmet sandwiches, and specialty coffees. The cafe also has a beautiful terrace, ideal for people-watching and soaking up the Karlovy Vary atmosphere.

The café’s chic vibe is complemented by historic memorabilia and beautiful decor. The entire experience of dining here is more than just having a meal; it’s a glimpse into the town’s rich history.

4. Café Wien Karlovy Vary

Address: Stará Louka 30, Karlovy Vary
Website: cafe-wien.cz

The highlight of the Café Wien is the traditional Viennese coffee and pastry, a tribute to the Czech Republic’s Austro-Hungarian past. The café is a sanctuary for sweet treats lovers, with its assorted pastries, cakes and strudels.

On any given day, the air at Café Wien is thick with the tempting scent of sugar, cinnamon, and buttery dough. Every weekend Brunch at Café Wien feels like a special, indulgent treat, making it a must-visit in Karlovy Vary.

5. Restaurant Promenada

Address: Tržiště 31, Karlovy Vary
Website: promenada-restaurant.cz

Restaurant Promenada boasts a mouthwatering brunch menu and enchanting views of the town’s beautiful riverfront. The contemporary interior design is matched with a menu that showcases traditional Czech dishes with modern twists.

Restaurant Promenada is celebrated for its attention to detail in food presentation. The chefs here don’t just prepare food; they create gastronomic artwork. For those wishing to have an elegant brunch with beautiful visuals, Restaurant Promenada is a worthy choice.

6. Smíchov Restaurant

Address: Sadová 2023/19, Karlovy Vary
Website: orea.cz

Smíchov Restaurant stands out with its exceptional service and delicious cuisine. Its Sunday brunch buffet sets a high standard with a variety of dishes and desserts that cater to every taste. The interiors exude warmth, where guests can relax and enjoy an unhurried meal.

Known for their exceptional wine list, Smíchov restaurant also offers guests a chance to sample some of the best wines in the region. It’s indeed a perfect choice for a leisurely and delectable brunch.

7. Café Cappuccino

Address: T.G. Masaryka 975/30, Karlovy Vary
Website: kavarna-cappuccino.com

Café Cappuccino offers a unique blend of Italian flavors in the heart of the Czech Republic with its menu of pastries, croissants and a wide range of coffee. The café’s cozy atmosphere makes it the ideal spot for a casual brunch or an early-morning rendezvous.

The café’s stylish décor combines modern and traditional elements, making it an inviting place to start your day. From perfectly brewed coffee to light meals, Café Cappuccino is a remarkable spot to satiate your brunch cravings.

8. Café Restaurant Art Nouveau

Address: Mariánskolázeňská 7, Karlovy Vary
Website: yartdecor.cz

Café Restaurant Art Nouveau serves mouth-watering pastries, sandwiches and offers a broad selection of drinks including coffee, tea, and alcohol. The café gives a romantic nod to the past with its art nouveau décor, a trend in European architecture during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The rich selection of savoury and sweet dishes, alongside the relaxing atmosphere, makes this café a perfect spot for brunch in Karlovy Vary. Its elegant interiors only add to the charm of this delightful dining destination.

9. Bekovka Restaurant

Address: U Imperiálu 7/11, Karlovy Vary
Website: bekovka.cz

Bekovka Restaurant, conveniently located near the well-known Diana lookout tower, offers visitors a delightful brunch experience. Here, you can tease your palate with a variety of Czech and international fares. The restaurant also celebrates the local beer culture with its extensive offer of Czech beers.

The restaurant’s large windows open up to the beautiful town view, making it a perfect brunch location. The relaxing environment combined with a delicious meal can make your tour of Karlovy Vary a memorable one.

10. BLISS Kitchen Coffee & Bakery

Address: Conrada 1931/7, Karlovy Vary
Website: bliss-kv.com

Last but not least, BLISS Kitchen Coffee & Bakery’s fresh pastries, freshly brewed coffee, and comfort food are a perfect start to the day. The welcoming environment of the café makes it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Its diverse menu caters to every palate, offering vegetarian and vegan options as well. With its comfortable setting and friendly service, it is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely brunch.

Brunch in Karlovy Vary provides more than just a meal. These ten spots offer the opportunity to delve into the unique panorama of Czech cuisine, framed by extraordinary settings. Each experience is sure to be deliciously memorable, richly flavored, and distinctively Karlovy Vary.