Known as the ‘Cultural Capital of India’, Kolkata is not only famous for its rich history, art, and culture, but also for its diverse food scene. The city’s love for food is evidently visible in its wide range of cuisine from street food to fine dining. Among the meals, brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch, has gained immense popularity in recent years. If you’re looking to satisfy your morning hunger pangs, here are the ten best brunch spots in Kolkata, offering a mix of Indian and international cuisines.

1. Flurys

Address: 18A, Park Street, Kolkata – 700016
Website: Flurys

Flurys, an iconic tea room on Park Street, has been a gastronomic landmark since 1927. Famous for its English breakfast, it is now one of the go-to brunch places in the city. Their menu features everything from deliciously fluffy pancakes, croissants, pastries, to Swiss chocolates. A visit to Flurys would not be complete without trying their signature Rum Balls and Chicken Patties. The charm of the old world it embodies makes it a destination that everyone must visit.

2. The Corner Courtyard

Address: 92B, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026
Website: The Corner Courtyard

Known for its contemporary interiors and a delectable menu, The Corner Courtyard is quintessentially a brunch lover’s paradise. The ambiance here is lively and energetic, perfect for a late morning meet-up. They serve delicious options like Poached Eggs, Avocado Toast, and a variety of sandwiches. The restaurant’s colorful atmosphere adds zest to your brunch experience, making it a worthwhile visit.

3. Sienna Café

Address: 49/1, Hindustan Park, Kolkata, 700029
Website: Sienna Café

Sienna Café is a trendy brunch spot in South Kolkata, known for its unique aesthetics and healthy, organic meals. The café ensures that their dishes taste authentic by sourcing organic ingredients from local farmers. Their brunch menu includes items like the Hearty Breakfast Platter, which includes fresh bakery products, and Green Smoothie Bowls that are both healthy and delicious. Sienna Cafe’s serene environment is perfect for enjoying a relaxed Sunday brunch.

4. Bohemian

Address: 32/4, Old Ballygunge 1st Lane, Kolkata, 700019
Website: Bohemian

Bohemian is an elegant spot offering a unique brunch experience like none other in the city. Their menu is a mix of traditional Bengali dishes with an exotic twist that offer a burst of flavours. The Bohemian Bong brunch, featuring items like Gondhoraj Lime Bhetki, is highly recommended. Their innovative dishes are among the many reasons to visit this establishment, besides the lovely decor and welcoming ambiance.

5. Mustard Café

Address: 4/1, Camac Street, Kolkata, 700017
Website: Mustard Café

Mustard Café serves a delightful combination of Bengali and French cuisines, making your brunch more exciting. Try their French Toast, Ratatouille, Eggs Florentine and various baked goods, which are a treat for the taste buds. In addition to their delectable food, the café also offers a sophisticated and calm dining experience with its minimal interior decor.

6. Hub at the Park

Address: Taj Bengal, 34-B, Belvedere Road, Alipore, Kolkata, 700027
Website: Hub at the Park

Part of Taj Bengal, Hub at the Park, boasts a lavish buffet-style brunch that covers a wide range of Indian and international cuisines. Their signature dishes include live pasta counters, breakfast pies, grills and a decadent dessert selection. Hub at the Park provides a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere where you can enjoy your brunch to the fullest.

7. Artsy Café

Address: 230/B, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata, 700020
Website: Artsy Café

Artsy Café is more than just a café, it is a venue where food meets art. The place hosts exhibitions, talks, film screenings and more, making it an artsy indulgence for both food and art lovers. The interesting menu offers dishes like Cheddar and Spinach Crepes, Exotic Arabian Platter, and a range of delicious waffles. Brunch at the Artsy Café is a delightful experience thanks to its inspiring environment.

8. Blue Door

Address: 121b, Sarat Bose Road, Near Deshapriya Park, Kolkata, 700029
Website: Not Available

A small yet charming café, Blue Door offers a wide array of brunch options that change every day. The European-style café is known for its all-day breakfast menu, including delectable omelettes, pancakes, sandwiches, and hearty soups. The eatery’s heartening, rustic decor paired with its variety of dishes makes brunching at Blue Door a homely experience.

9. The Salt House

Address: 40, 5th Floor, Shakespeare Point, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, 700017
Website: The Salt House

Located on the rooftop of Shakespeare Point, The Salt House is a trendy spot offering European bistro-style cuisine. The place offers a panoramic view of the city, adding a charm to your brunch experience. Their brunch specialties include Eggs Benedict and Shakshuka, adding a uniquely global touch to Kolkata’s brunch scene.

10. Seasonal Tastes

Address: The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat, CBD/2, Action Area – II, Newtown, Kolkata, 700156
Website: Seasonal Tastes

Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Kolkata offers a fantastic brunch buffet option that spans various global cuisines. The beautiful, serene interior with abundant natural lighting enhances the overall enjoyment of your brunch. Featuring a balance of healthy and indulgent options, their menu is perfect for a leisurely Sunday brunch.

Seek a gastronomic adventure in the city of joy, Kolkata, where brunch can be a memorable experience as the city offers diverse options. From local flavors to international cuisine, from art cafes to luxury dining experiences, these brunch spots will surely amaze you, be it for a late morning bite or a long, relaxed meal.