10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Luxor, Egypt

Searching for a great place to have brunch in the captivating city of Luxor? We have chosen ten of the finest spots where you can enjoy a delightful mid-morning meal in this Egyptian city, known for its impressive temples and monuments.

1. Sofra Restaurant

Located at 90 Mohamed Farid Street, Sofra Restaurant is widely acclaimed for its delectable and authentic Egyptian cuisine. The impressive selection of traditional dishes served in a charming, authentic atmosphere instantly transports you back in time to the opulence of ancient Egypt. Sofra’s brunch menu is diverse, featuring various Egyptian breads, fresh fruits, delicious local yoghurts, and a range of satisfying main courses.

The restaurant layout imitates an old Egyptian house beautifully, with vintage decorations and flooring making it more authentic. Visitors particularly praise their efficient service and the overall cleanliness of the environment.

2. Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant

Located at Radwan Street, from Television Street, Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant offers lovely views of the Luxor temple. The restaurant is known for its great variety of traditional Egyptian dishes, including its widely acclaimed Egyptian breakfast with falafel, fava beans, eggplant, and a range of fresh local bread.

Expect a warm welcome from the friendly staff who have an extensive knowledge of positive customer service etiquette. The rooftop dining area presents an enchanting view of the city and especially the mystical Luxor temple.

3. Tutankhamun Restaurant

Tutankhamun Restaurant, located at Khaled Ibn El Walid Street, is a must-visit brunch spot in Luxor. The menu includes everything from Continental and Mediterranean dishes to local Egyptian cuisine. They pride themselves on their array of fresh pastries, cooked vegetables, and creamy hummus, and let’s not forget their delicious hibiscus juice.

This restaurant also boasts an outdoor seating area with views of the Luxor Temple, making your brunch experience a feast for not only the taste buds but also the eyes. The pleasant and warm service from their staff will make you feel at home.

4. Pizza Roma Italia

Everyone loves a good pizza, and Pizza Roma Italia at Karnak Temple Street serves some of the best in town. This family-run venture provides an extensive brunch menu, from delicious pastas to a variety of pizza options. The highlight is their breakfast pizza, which is a must-try!

The restaurant prides itself on its inviting, family-friendly atmosphere, making it a great place to grab a slice if you’re exploring Luxor with kids. Their prompt service and hygienic space make it a delightful spot.

5. Nile View Restaurant

Situated at Luxor’s West Bank, the Nile View Restaurant offers stunning views of the Nile river. As the name suggests, while having brunch, customers can enjoy the serene landscape of the meandering Nile river from the restaurant’s spacious terrace.

Their menu offers a blend of Egyptian and international cuisine. The generous portions, fair prices, and friendly service give a remarkable dining experience. The beautiful presentation of the food is another feather in their hat.

6. Puddleduck’s

Located at St Joseph Hotel in the heart of Luxor, Puddleduck’s offers a homely environment with a diverse menu from Egyptian classics to English meals. Their brunch specials include homemade marmalade and mouth-watering omelettes.

Puddleduck’s offers a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for leisurely brunches, along with an elegant outdoor seating area. This is a lovely place to grab a bite before setting off to explore the nearby attractions.

7. Jamboree Restaurant

Placed at Awameya, Jamboree Restaurant has a celebrated reputation for its authentic Egyptian dishes and exceptional customer service. The extensive menu includes local favorites like tahini, fava beans, and pickled lemon.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with traditional Egyptian artifacts giving it a vibrant and warm ambiance. The mesmerising views of the green farms and mountains provide a tranquil setting for a perfect brunch.

8. The Lantern Room Restaurant

The Lantern Room Restaurant, at Karnak Temple Street, serves a host of enticing Egyptian and international dishes. Customers rave about their freshly cooked meat cutlets and scrumptious desserts.

The service at The Lantern Room Restaurant is exceptionally good, and the interior design gives a cozy feeling making it an excellent choice for a relaxed brunch date. A meal here will turn your visit to Luxor into a memorable culinary journey.

9. Marsam Restaurant

Located at Gharb Sohaila, West Bank, Marsam Restaurant resides in a historic building, offering a uniquely rustic and traditional dining experience. This beautiful restaurant features a delightful courtyard, where guests can have brunch while enjoying the views.

Their menu includes a wide range of Egyptian favorites, and their generous portions are perfect for a satisfying brunch. The service is efficient and friendly, which adds to the overall experience.

10. Aisha Restaurant

On the West Bank, close to the Valley of the Kings, lies a charming brunch spot known as Aisha Restaurant. The delightful range of typical Egyptian delicacies includes excellent vegetarian and vegan options.

The staff maintains an exceptionally clean eating area, and the prices are reasonable for the hearty portions they offer. A refreshing breeze from the Nile and captivating views of the surrounding farms make it a fabulous open-air brunch spot.

Luxor’s brunch spots will treat you to an incredible selection of dishes, breathtaking views, and memorable experiences. So, during your visit to this historic city, set aside time for a leisurely brunch, and let Luxor’s culinary scene surprise you.