Drench your palate in the delectable flavors that Mandalay, the second-largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar has to offer. Brimming with diverse cultures and rich history, this city presents a compelling assortment of food choices ranging from sumptuous, hearty breakfasts to filling, delicious brunch options. Here are ten of the best brunch spots in Mandalay to delight your senses and make your Burmese culinary journey memorable.

1. Marie Min

Situated at 27th street between 74th and 75th, Marie Min offers tasty and authentic Burmese cuisine. This humble shop serves a variety of traditional breakfast dishes with options ranging from salads to soups and hearty meat courses. Their Mohinga, a popular Burmese fish soup, is a hit among locals and tourists alike.
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Why it’s good: The place has earthy interiors which offer a homely ambience and the hosts are known for their welcoming nature. Over and above, the extensive menu offers an in-depth exploration of Burmese flavours at very reasonable prices.

2. Aung Lin Restaurant

Address: 27 Street, between 82nd and 83rd Downtown, Mandalay
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This no-frills, locals-frequented eatery serves an incredible selection of traditional Burmese fare that will invigorate your mornings. One of their must-tries is their delectable Burmese-style fried rice, which is both filling and incredibly satisfying.

Why it’s good: Aung Lin Restaurant offers the authenticity of Burmese cuisine without any pretensions. The affordable and generous servings of their dishes make this the perfect brunch spot for travelers craving for a real taste of Myanmar’s culinary heritage.

3. Rainforest Restaurant and Bar

Address: 22nd, between 82nd and 83nd, Mandalay

Rainforest Restaurant and Bar is an excellent venue for those craving for a mix of Western and Burmese delights. This modern and trendy establishment serves up delicious brunch options with a flair. Their avocado toast and granola bowls are the perfect light fare, while their traditional Myanmar breakfast platter will surely satisfy larger appetites.

Why it’s good: Along with an extensive menu, Rainforest offers a stylish, comfortable setting. The eclectic dishes are visually appealing and cooked to perfection, making each bite a gastronomic pleasure. Some of their popular dishes include Shan-style tofu fritters and homemade muesli with yogurt.

4. Shwe Pyi Moe Café

Address: Corner of 81st and 30th, Mandalay
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Shwe Pyi Moe Café is a delightful breakfast and teahouse emanating charm, with its traditional Mandalay-style wooden home aesthetics. Here, you’ll enjoy classic Burmese dishes, a variety of teas, and their outstanding breakfast menu, which includes favorites like fried sticky rice donuts and fried Indian-style bread.

Why it’s good: Its combination of friendly service, inviting municipal atmosphere, and delicious, reasonably-priced brunch options make it a must-try spot while in Mandalay. The café’s atmosphere is filled with the aroma of tempting Burmese delicacies, attracting both local patrons and foreign visitors.

5. Nova Coffee

Address: 81st St, bet: 32nd x 33rd St, Mandalay

Nova Coffee caters to the morning needs of coffee aficionados and brunch lovers with their impressive selection of speciality coffees and brunch meals. The hearty sandwiches, pasta, and salads, along with various beverages, are the highlights of their menu.

Why it’s good: The co-working space ambiance offers a unique experience for customers, making it a perfect spot for a working brunch. The fusion of Burmese and Western flavors is sure to make your day start on a high note.

6. Shan Ma Ma Restaurant

Address: 23rd Street, Mandalay
Website: [N/A]

Shan Ma Ma Restaurant is a humble brunch locale famous for its Shan-style dishes, soups, and vegetable dishes. The vermicelli salad, avocado salad, tomato tohu, and lemon with Shan tea leaves are all winners.

Why it’s good: This is the place to experience flavors from the Shan state of Myanmar. Serve in palatable platters; the food is simple, fresh, and light on the pocket.

7. Nylon Icecream Bar

Address: 83rd St, bet: 24th & 25th street, Mandalay
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While known for its ice cream, the Nylon Icecream Bar also serves meals that make brunch a delightful affair, especially with hot temperatures in Mandalay. The fried rice, filled roti, and paratha are some excellent choices to start your day.

Why it’s good: It’s a casual place that serves brunch with iconic Mandalay desserts. The delicious food accompanied by an assortment of cooling ice creams is a treat in the hot Burmese weather.

8. Nepali Food Restaurant

Address: 81st St, Botawma Market West Wing, Mandalay
Website: [N/A]

At Nepali Food Restaurant, enjoy the unique blend of flavors reflected in the Nepalese cuisine which comfortably fits the brunch category. Dishes like thali, chole bhature, and Nepalese dumplings are sure to impress.

Why it’s good: Experience the flavours of the Himalayas in the heart of Mandalay. The restaurant offers a variety of aromatic curries and fresh bread, served with warm hospitality.

9. Yunnan BBQ Street Food

Address: 27th Street, between 82nd and 83rd, Mandalay
Website: [N/A]

Enjoy Burmese barbeque fare at Yunnan BBQ Street Food. Known for their mouthwatering skewers, pork belly, and sausages, this is a good option for a savory brunch.

Why it’s good: It’s a unique dining experience where you select food on skewers and cook it over charcoal at your table. It’s casual, fun, and bursting with flavors.

10. BBB European Restaurant

Address: 27th, bet: 64 & 65 St, Mandalay

BBB European Restaurant is a well-rounded dining spot serving international cuisine. With an extensive brunch menu including European and Asian dishes, there are options to suit every palate.

Why it’s good: The restaurant offers familiar brunch favorites such as eggs Benedict and pancakes served within a relaxing environment. A must-visit spot to experience European and Burmese food under one roof.

Breakfast and brunch, as they say, are the most important meals of the day. Mandalay, with its aromatic, flavorful dishes and cozy food joints, offers an unmatched culinary journey to start your day. Savor the richness of Burmese cuisine, one brunch spot at a time.