10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Distinguished for being the holiest city in the Islamic world, Mecca is also home to some of the most heavenly culinary delights. Here are ten of the best brunch spots in Mecca, for both tourists and locals alike.

1. Al Baik

Address: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Nuzhah, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Al Baik

The first in our list is the iconic Al Baik, a famous fast-food chain unique to Saudi Arabia, known for its mouth-watering chicken dishes, which are crisp and flavorful. Al Baik is the perfect spot for brunch, offering local food choices that are light on the pocket.

Al Baik has many branches throughout Mecca, making it an accessible option wherever you are in the city. Despite their staple food being fried chicken, their menu varies from various seafood options to vegetarian friendly items.

2. Shami Restaurant

Address: Arakk, Mecca 24241, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Shami Restaurant

Shami Restaurant is a place where Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Lebanese cuisines meet. It is a popular brunch destination for locals and tourists due to the quality of the food served. The restaurant gives you a substantial selection of mouth-watering dishes, including grilled meats and their famous hummus.

Although the restaurant has an inviting ambience, it is the food that truly draws in the crowd. Shami ensures that every dish prepared is bursting with flavors representative of Middle Eastern cuisine.

3. Fairmont The Palm – Mezzah Lounge

Address: King Abdul Aziz Endowment, Ibrahim Al Khalil, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Fairmont The Palm – Mezzah Lounge

The Mezzah Lounge at Fairmont The Palm is the epitome of class and style. This is the place to go if you want to accompany your brunch with a captivating view of Mecca. Besides an assortment of delightful local and international foods, they also serve a variety of refreshing beverages.

The international brunch menu caters to food lovers with different palates. Their choice of gourmet food served in lavish buffet style is a must-try for brunch enthusiasts visiting Mecca.

4. Al Tazaj

Address: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Aziziyah, Mecca 24246, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Al Tazaj

Widely regarded as one of the best spots for barbecued chicken in Mecca, Al Tazaj is a must visit. This restaurant is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia to serve BBQ chicken as a fast-food concept. It’s a great spot for a family brunch, offering a kid-friendly menu with clean and spacious dining facilities.

The BBQ chicken served with a side of bread, salad, and garlic sauce remains the crowd-favorite at Al Tazaj. Serving sizes are generous, promising a hearty meal for brunch goers.

5. Mataam Al Sharq

Address: 2nd Ring Rd, Al Hajlah, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Mataam Al Sharq

Mataam Al Sharq at Grand Hyatt Mecca is an upscale restaurant that offers a variety of Middle Eastern, Lebanese, and Mediterranean delicacies. Its beautiful setting with a panoramic view of Mecca makes it the perfect brunch venue.

The skillful chefs at Mataam Al Sharq prepare dishes using the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques that result in an expansive menu filled with a plethora of tastes and flavors.

6. Shawarma House

Address: Al Haram, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Shawarma House

With delicious wraps and appetizers, Shawarma House is a common fast-food joint for a quick brunch. This restaurant is particularly known for its succulent shawarmas, a traditional Middle Eastern dish filled with meat or chicken, garlic sauce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more.

Their clean and hygienic surroundings and quick service make it an ideal choice for a brunch spot for those who enjoy the bustling city life of Mecca.

7. Al Khalawi

Address: Al Baseej, Mecca 24382, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Al Khalawi

Al Khalawi offers a variety of finger-licking Arabian cuisines. This brunch spot is also popular for its traditional Saudi Arabian coffee and dates. Al Khalawi is not just a place to eat, but an experience.

The servings are rich and fulfilling, ensuring no one leaves with an empty stomach. The overall ambience and hospitality at Al Khalawi reflect the profound culture and tradition of Saudi Arabia.

8. Haneeth House Restaurant

Address: Um Al Qura, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Not available.

Haneeth House Restaurant in Mecca is known for its namesake dish, Haneeth, a succulent, traditional Yemeni dish. A visit to this place gives you the luxury to experience authentic Yemeni food.

Whether you go for their signature, the Haneeth, or another dish from their menu, you’re in for an intricate mix of flavors. The service is warm and welcoming, making it another great place to have brunch in Mecca.

9. Saja Al Madina Restaurant

Address: Al Joud Ctr, Al Misyal, Mecca 24382, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Not available.

This restaurant prides itself on serving perfectly cooked meals using local ingredients. Saja Al Madina Restaurant is well-loved by locals for its traditional Saudi cuisine.

The menu here offers a good selection of regional Saudi dishes. This is a must-visit place for indigenous food lovers who are looking for a wholesome brunch experience in Mecca.

10. Al Mashfa Restaurant

Address: King Abdulaziz Rd, Ajyad, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia.
Website: Not available.

Al Mashfa Restaurant features an excellent menu with a variety of Middle-Eastern flavors. Their buffet, which is served in large and clean dining spaces, is a big hit among locals and tourists.

The restaurant is well-known for its generous portions and the delectable quality of different Middle Eastern dishes. Al Mashfa Restaurant is, without a doubt, one of the best places to enjoy brunch in Mecca.

These ten brunch spots in Mecca seamlessly blend traditional Saudi cuisines with modern and international flavors. And while Mecca is renowned for its religious significance, it’s clearly also a city of culinary delights.