10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In Milan, Italy

Known worldwide for its fashion and design, Milan also boasts an excellent dining culture. The city offers a variety of scrumptious brunch spots that will tickle your taste buds. Here are 10 of the best brunch spots to enjoy in Milan.

1. California Bakery

Viale Dei Mille, 9, 20129 Milano MI, Italy – Website

For those who crave American-style breakfasts, California Bakery is the place to be. This eatery has been serving delectable baked goods since 1996. From pancakes, bagels, and muffins to an array of sweets and smoothies, its menu is hard to resist. It’s no secret why it’s a prominent location for brunch in Milan.

California Bakery also stands out for its cozy and vibrant interior that makes it feel just like a classic American bakery. This spot guarantees you a brunch experience that’ll transport you across the Atlantic without leaving Milan.

2. Pisacco

Via Solferino, 48, 20121 Milano MI, Italy – Website

Though renowned for its impressive dinner menu, Pisacco also offers an impeccable brunch. This trattoria-style eatery serves modern Italian cuisine in a contemporary setting. They source their ingredients from small producers, ensuring top quality every time.

What sets Pisacco apart is not just the food, but the uniquely artistic atmosphere. The constantly changing artworks create a cultural experience. Brunch at Pisacco is not merely a meal; it’s a fusion of Milanese culinary and artistic identity.

3. God Save The Food

Via Tortona, 34, 20144 Milano MI, Italy – Website

God Save the Food combines traditional Italian and international cuisine to create a versatile brunch experience. The restaurant emphasizes health and freshness, making it ideal for those seeking a wholesome yet delicious meal.

Their brunch offerings include classics like croissants, toast, and eggs, but also more inventive choices like sushi, freshly-pressed juices, and smoothie bowls. God Save The Food presents a fresh twist on brunch for those wanting to try something new.

4. Pave’

Via Felice Casati, 27, 20124 Milano MI, Italy – Website

Pavè is famous for its delicious pastries and warm, welcoming atmosphere. Renowned as the best brunch bakery in Milan, Pave’s success lies in a simple concept – baking with heart.

Their products are all homemade using traditional methods, guaranteeing the highest quality. Whether it’s a croissant for a quick snack or a full brunch meal with coffee, Pavè offers a satisfying experience that echoes the authentic spirit of Milan’s café culture.

5. Bianco Latte

Via Filippo Turati, 30, 20121 Milano MI, Italy – Website

Bianco Latte is a well-loved restaurant, ice-cream parlor, and confectionery in one. Known for its delicious breakfast and brunch menu, Bianco Latte is famous for its homemade ice creams, cakes, and cookies.

The eatery serves classics like eggs and bacon, but also exceptional choices like prawn risotto, pasta, and grilled vegetables. Anyone who decides to enjoy brunch at Bianco Latte leaves with a happy belly and a sweet tooth satisfied.

6. Flour – Focacceria

Via Vigevano, 30, 20144 Milano MI, Italy – Website

Flour’s unique concept of uniting Italian and international cuisines results in a delectable brunch menu. You get to enjoy the best Ligurian focaccias paired with traditional Italian and international dishes.

Beyond its innovative cuisine, the ambiance at Flour is worth mentioning. Its decoration and furniture are rustic, giving a vintage appeal that sets the perfect mood for an ideal brunch.

7. Sisters – Emporio Armani Caffè

Via Croce Rossa, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy – Website

Situated at Giorgio Armani’s megastore, Sisters – Emporio Armani Caffè promises a brunch experience with a touch of high fashion. The cafe offers mouthwatering Italian dishes to accompany the best Armani coffee.

The minimalist yet classy decor reflects Armani’s stylish sensibilities. In Sisters – Emporio Armani Caffè, brunch becomes a statement of elegance and high taste.

8. Berberè Navigli

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 89, 20143 Milano MI, Italy – Website

Berberè Navigli is a pizza place that also serves an amazing brunch. Their brunch menu includes options like pizzas with unique toppings or focaccias paired with craft beers.

Surrounded by contemporary décor and a comfortable atmosphere, it’s perfect for a casual brunch experience. Shunning the stereotypical pizza joint ambiance, this spot offers a refined yet comfortable experience.

9. The Brian & Barry Building

Via Durini, 28, 20122 Milano MI, Italy – Website

The Brian & Barry Building, being a shopping destination, offers a pleasant surprise on the 11th and 12th floor where an enchanting brunch spot awaits. Their menu highlights Italian cuisine tweaked for an international palate.

The restaurant also provides a panoramic view of Milan, making the brunch experience more memorable. Here, fashion meets food, offering a delightful treat for the senses.

10. Brera Bottega

Corso Garibaldi, 117, 20121 Milano MI, Italy – Website

Brera Bottega offers a brunch befitting of an Italian gourmet shop. Their wholesome and hearty brunch offerings are perfect for foodies who appreciate quality local produce.

House-made bread and pastries, fresh local cheeses, and specialty cured meats, all paired with excellent wine—you’ll find them all in the vibrant and inviting atmosphere of Brera Bottega. It’s the genuine Italian brunch experience in an authentic setting.


Brunch in Milan is undoubtedly an experience. Whether you’re seeking the traditional or craving something different, you’re spoilt for choice. From confectioneries to high-fashion cafés, this city truly includes something for everyone to have a lovely, lazy brunch. Plan your journey carefully; these experiences are unforgettable and should not be rushed.