1. Cotidiano

Having its locations just at Gartnerplatz and on Nymphenburger Strasse, Cotidiano represents the perfection of a classical German bakery. Offering great coffee and teapots, freshly prepared bread, pastries, cereals, yogurts, sandwiches and more, Cotidiano is the perfect place to start your day, not only on weekends.
You can visit their website for further details here.

Address: Gartnerplatz 6, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Website: http://cotidiano.de/

2. Cafe Frischhut

Not too far from Cotidiano is the Café Frischhut, a family-run business established in 1973. Famous for their traditional Bavarian specialities like pretzels and freshly made doughnuts, they serve coffee produced by the local brand Dinzler.
Find more about their menu and the history of this place here.

Address: Prälat-Zistl-Straße 8, 80331 München, Germany
Website: http://www.frischhut.de/

3. Man Versus Machine

Man Versus Machine started as a small coffee roastery and quickly turned into one of the must-visit spots for brunch in the city. The cozy and modern ambiance in combination with exceptional coffee sourced from the best farms worldwide and freshly baked goods makes for an exquisite brunch experience. Visit their website here.

Address: Müllerstraße 23, 80469 München, Germany
Website: https://mvsm.coffee/en/home/

4. Glockenbach Breakfast Club

Located in the trendy Glockenbach area, Glockenbach Breakfast Club offers a broad range of tasty dishes: toast, muffins, pancakes, exotic fruits and various egg dishes. With an artistic vibe and a laid-back atmosphere, it’s ideal for lazy mornings. Check out their Instagram page here.

Address: Corneliusstrasse 3, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Instagram: @glockenbachbreakfastclub

5. Ruffini

Ruffini is a perfect place to have breakfast or brunch, especially if you prefer Italian cuisine. Serving dishes such as sweet cannoli, tiramisu, various types of coffee and homemade pasta, it brings a bit of Italy into the heart of Munich.
More information on their website here.

Address: Orffstraße 22-24, 80637 München, Germany
Website: https://ruffini.de/

6. Trachtenvogl

Trachtenvogl is a spot that offers delicious smoothies, coffee and food options including vegan and vegetarian dishes. Their menu offers a mix of traditional Bavarian and international cuisine, including avocado toast, salads, and homemade cake.
Go to their Facebook page here for more.

Address: Reichenbachstrasse 47, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Trachtenvogl/

7. Ignaz

Ignaz is a must-visit for those who appreciate organic and vegetarian food. While enjoying their meal, visitors have the opportunity to bask in the garden, which gives the place a peaceful and relaxing vibe. You can find more about their menu here.

Address: Georgenstrasse 67, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Website: http://www.cafe-ignaz.de/

8. Aroma Kaffeebar

Aroma Kaffeebar, located in the Glockenbach area, is a popular spot known for making coffee with ethically sourced beans. They offer a wide variety of well-prepared foods including bread, cakes, muffins, bagels, yogurt and granola.
Find out more here.

Address: Pestalozzistraße 24, 80469 München, Germany
Website: http://www.aromakaffeebar.de/

9. Cafe Jasmin

Café Jasmin is a real hidden treasure in Munich. It offers a unique ambiance with vintage decoration and serves a delicious brunch. Their menu ranges from traditional Bavarian breakfast to Middle Eastern food, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
Check their website here.

Address: Steinheilstraße 20, 80333 München, Germany
Website: https://cafe-jasmin.com/

10. Cafe Ella

Café Ella is located right in front of the Lenbachhaus Museum, offering a great brunch option after you’ve had your cultural fill. The cafe boasts an inviting panorama window and gives an excellent view of the surrounding area. The majority of the ingredients used are locally sourced, giving you the authenticity of Munich in every bite.
More about Café Ella here.

Address: Luisenstraße 33, 80333 München, Germany
Website: http://www.cafe-ella.de/

Exploring the brunch options in Munich provides a variety of experiences, from traditional Bavarian to modern and international cuisine. Keep in mind that the best way to embrace a country’s culture is by trying its food – and these Munich brunch spots certainly give you a truly flavorful journey.