Discover the 10 Best Brunch Spots in Muscat, Oman

Muscat, the capital city of Oman, offers an incredible dining scene that is highly influenced by Arabian, Indian, Iranian, African, and Mediterranean cuisines. This diverse culinary heritage is reflected in the city’s brunch spots, serving a variety of mouthwatering delicacies that range from traditional Omani dishes to contemporary international fare. Here are the 10 Best Brunch Spots in Muscat for food lovers.

1. Kargeen Café

Located in Al Bashair Street, Kargeen Café offers a fusion of Middle Eastern and Western cuisines. Warmly furnished with a garden-set Middle Eastern style tent, this cosy café offers an extensive brunch menu including traditional Omani dishes, fresh juices, English breakfast items, and pastries.

The dining experience at Kargeen Café is further enhanced by its charming ambience which assimilates a blend of Oriental and Omani cultural elements. It is an absolute must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy a wholesome brunch in a unique setting.

Address: Al Bashair Street, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos
Website: [Kargeen Café](

2. D’Arcy’s Kitchen

D’Arcy’s Kitchen, in the suburban Shatti Al Qurum, is known for its British-inspired brunch meals. They serve a variety of sandwiches, international dishes, cakes, pastries, and beverages. Popular for their hearty English breakfast, you can also find an array of desserts such as the famed sticky toffee pudding.

The high-quality food, warm and friendly service, and the charming English cottage-like ambiance makes this spot a local and international favourite.

Address: Shatti Al Qurum, Muscat
Website: [D’Arcy’s Kitchen](

3. Mumtaz Mahal

Mumtaz Mahal offers a culinary tour of India within a stunning Arabian setting. This restaurant is known for their mouthwatering brunch menu, which includes a range of well-loved Indian dishes from aromatic biryanis to creamy butter chicken and delicious vegetarian options.

The restaurant’s location, offering panoramic views of the city and the nearby beach, only adds to the overall dining experience. Set within a beautifully restored Bedouin-style fort, Mumtaz Mahal offers the perfect blend of great food and stunning surroundings.

Address: Hillat Al Raha, Qurum
Website: [Mumtaz Mahal](

4. Turkish House Restaurant

The Turkish House Restaurant in Al Khuwair offers a tantalizing spread of traditional Turkish delights for brunch. The popular dishes include the mixed grill, Iskender Kebab, and a variety of mezzes. Desserts like baklava and Turkish ice cream are also crowd favorites.

The interior of the Turkish House resembles a traditional mansion from Istanbul. Complementing the authentic Turkish food, this quaint and colourful environment makes it ideal for a flavourful and fulfilling brunch.

Address: Al Khuwair, Muscat
Website: [Turkish House Restaurant](

5. The Beach Restaurant at The Chedi Muscat

The Beach Restaurant at The Chedi Muscat is a chic seafront restaurant offering Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian cuisines with a focus on seafood. Their brunch menu also includes an array of mouthwatering desserts and warm beverage options.

The fine dining experience, complemented by stunning views of the Gulf of Oman, makes this restaurant a premium spot for a luxurious brunch experience.

Address: North Ghubra 32, Way No. 3215, Muscat
Website: [The Chedi Muscat](

6. Bait Al Luban

Located near the Mutrah Corniche, Bait Al Luban is known for traditional Omani cuisine. The highlight of their brunch menu is a variety of traditional delicacies such as shuwa, majboos, halwa, and much more.

The restaurant, set in a 140-year old guesthouse, is the perfect place to enjoy a traditional Omani brunch while soaking in the historical ambience.

Address: Mutrah Corniche, Muscat
Website: [Bait Al Luban](

7. Chocolate & Macaron

For those with a sweet tooth, Chocolate & Macaron in Shatti al Qurum offers a perfect brunch spot. Known for their rich, creamy homemade chocolates and a variety of delicious pastries, this cafe is a dessert lover’s paradise.

Their brunch options also include savoury sandwiches, salads, and a selection of hot beverages. This little gem is perfect for brunchers seeking sweet or savory fares.

Address: Shatti al Qurum, Muscat
Website: [Chocolate & Macaron](

8. The SteakCompany

If you love a good steak, then The SteakCompany in Qurum should be on your brunch list. This restaurant specialises in a variety of premium cuts from all over the world and other high-quality meat options.

Their comfortable and chic ambience combined with the top-notch culinary experience makes it the go-to place for meat lovers.

Address: Qurum, Muscat
Website: [TheSteakCompany](

9. Copper Restaurant

Copper Restaurant, located in Qurum, is a trendsetting urban cafe with a creative fusion menu. They serve fresh, handmade dishes prepared using locally sourced ingredients along with a wide variety of beverages.

The modern and tasteful decor, combined with the excellent food and prompt service makes it a great choice for brunch.

Address: Qurum, Muscat
Website: [Copper Restaurant](

10. Ubhar

Rounding off the list, Ubhar is a restaurant that specialises in revitalising and reinventing traditional Omani dishes. Their brunch menu features local staples with a gourmet twist.

Located next to the Royal Opera House in Shatti Al Qurum, Ubhar is the perfect place for those seeking an authentic Omani brunch experience in a sophisticated setting.

Address: Shatti Al Qurum, Muscat
Website: [Ubhar](

From local Omani dishes and international favourites to a wide array of sweet indulgences, there’s a variety of delicious brunch options waiting to be explored in the beautiful city of Muscat. These 10 spots offer a great starting point to delve into the city’s vibrant brunch scene.