10 Of The Best Brunch Spots In New Delhi, India

When in New Delhi, treating yourself to a generous, gourmet brunch is a must. The capital city offers a smorgasbord of culinary delights that can appeal to any palate. Here are ten of the best brunch spots in New Delhi, covering a range of tastes and styles.

1. The All American Diner

Habitat World, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi | Website

The All American Diner is the ideal spot for those who enjoy the classic American dining experience. Known for its retro red booths, jukebox tunes and checkered floors, it offers an extensive breakfast menu served all day.

The pancakes here are a crowd favorite, especially when paired with a steaming cup of black coffee or a fresh juice. The eggs brunch- Diner’s Country Breakfast is also a must-try. Irrespective of your preferences, this spot is sure to give you a delicious taste of the American food culture right in the heart of Delhi.

2. Café Lota

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi | Website

Café Lota is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious amalgamation of diverse Indian cuisine. This café’s brunch menu is a food lover’s paradise, offering everything from traditional South Indian dishes to lesser-known Northeast dishes.

The café is set within the premises of the Crafts Museum, surrounded by greenery – providing a unique al fresco dining experience. Their Palak Patta Chaat, featuring crispy spinach topped with sweet curd and spices, is a must-try. The café’s ambiance, combined with their commitment to serving unique and delicious dishes, sets it apart.

3. Elma’s Bakery, Bar, and Kitchen

31, 2nd Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi | Website

If you’re after a cozy café serving British and American cuisines alongside an array of delectable baked goodies, Elma’s Bakery, Bar and Kitchen is your perfect bet. Nestled in Hauz Khas Village, this brunch spot exudes a quaint English charm.

Elma’s is well-known for its perfect High Tea menu, which includes sandwiches, cakes, and pastries served alongside a pot of tea. Their all-day breakfast offerings, particularly the English breakfast, make the perfect brunch choice.

4. Ama Café

House 6, New Colony, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi | Website

This lovely Tibetan spot in Majnu ka Tila is a haven for breakfast lovers. Ama Café’s cozy and homely ambiance, accompanied by a stunning view from the top floor, enhance the delectable brunch.

Popular for its freshly baked bread and desserts, the café offers a sumptuous breakfast menu – Petonka (Chicken Sausages with Fried Eggs) being one of the standout dishes. Its book-lined walls also provide the ideal setting for a solitary brunching experience.

5. Sevilla – The Claridges

12, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Road, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi | Website

If you’re looking for a luxurious brunch experience, Sevilla at The Claridges is the place to head to. Inspired by the essence of Mediterranean dining, the restaurant offers an extravagant spread, including dishes from Italian, Spanish and Moroccan cuisines.

The enchanting al fresco setting, subtly illuminated with fairy lights and candles, adds to the restaurant’s inviting feel. The extensive menu, combining traditional and modern flavors, makes Sevilla a must-visit brunch spot in the city.

6. QLA

4-A, Ground Floor, Kalkadass Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi | Website

Positioned right across the historic Qutub Minar, QLA’s brunch offering is a banquet of European cuisines. The restaurant is known for its farm-to-table concept, offering fresh, organically sourced ingredients in its dishes.

QLA’s special brunch menu, its ambiance and the stunning view of the Qutub Minar make it a much-loved food destination for Delhiites.

7. Rose Café

2, Westend Marg, Saidulajaib, Saket, New Delhi | Website

If you prefer vegetarian and vegan cuisine, the charming and vintage-inspired Rose Café offers a plethora of options. This quaint English-style café serves Mediterranean, Italian, and Lebanese dishes with a healthy twist.

Their homemade breads and delicious salads are the perfect health-conscious choices for brunch. The café’s inviting pink-and-white décor, along with its outdoor seating, contribute to a perfect weekend brunching spot.

8. The Piano Man Jazz Club

B 6-7/22 Safdarjung Enclave Market, New Delhi | Website

For a unique jazz-infused brunch experience, consider The Piano Man Jazz Club. Known for its live music and vibrant ambiance, this club offers more than just good food.

With an extensive cocktail list and delicious brunch options like eggs benedict and pancake stacks, this club creates a memorable dining experience.

9. Triveni Terrace Café

205, Tan Sen Marg, Mandi House, New Delhi | Website

Located at the Triveni Kala Sangam art gallery, the Triveni Terrace Café offers a quiet, peaceful brunching spot. The café, well-admired for its authentic Indian meals, showcases the best of simple, homegrown flavors.

Famous for their Sabudana Khichdi, Palak Patta Chaat and Thali, this café keeps locals coming back for more.

10. Eggspectation

Jaypee Siddharth, 3, Rajendra Place, New Delhi | Website

Housed in Jaypee Siddharth, this resto-café specializes in egg-based dishes, with more than 170 delicacies on its menu. Apart from their signature egg dishes, they offer pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, and salads.

Known for its generous and lavish spread, Eggspectation offers a decent mix of classic and contemporary brunch options, making it a hit among Delhites.

In conclusion, New Delhi offers a diverse range of brunching experiences, whether you’re looking for traditional Indian meals, Mediterranean flavors, or European delights. So, make sure to try out these ten best brunch spots when you’re in the city next.