In a city like Shanghai, where East meets West in a mixture of cultures and cuisines, the culinary scene is bursting with fantastic brunch spots. Whether you crave classic Chinese dim sum, elaborate Western breakfasts, or something in between, there’s a brunch spot just for you. Here’s our roundup of the top 10 brunch spots in Shanghai, China.

1. Egg

A western-style brunch favorite among locals and expats, Egg offers healthy, simple and hearty options that are good for the soul. Its bright, breezy interior creates a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy their famous shakshuka or avocado toast.

Address: 12 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Julu Lu

Website: [Egg](
Egg’s menu changes with the seasons, ensuring that ingredients are fresh and dishes are innovative. With its reasonable prices and outstanding coffee, it’s no wonder this spot is often bustling with brunch-goers.

2. Baker & Spice

Baker & Spice, located in the heart of Shanghai, is not just a bakery but a splendid locale for a delightful brunch. Famous for their artisanal pastries, bread, and cakes, it also serves a satisfying brunch menu that will surely satisfy your mid-morning cravings.

Address: Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu

Website: [Baker & Spice](
From their hearty omelets to avocado-filled sandwiches, every dish is beautifully presented and made with locally-sourced, organic ingredients. The variety of pastries is a crowd-pleaser and pairs perfectly with their top-notch coffee.

3. The Commune Social

The Commune Social is a tapas-style brunch spot with a Michelin star to its name. Its contemporary design, innovative menu, and casual setting make an ideal place for a weekend brunch outing.

Address: 511 Jiangning Road, Jing’an District

Website: [The Commune Social](
Not only does it offer an excellent selection of food, but its crafted cocktails are also worth mentioning. The sharing plates format invites you to try a little bit of everything while enjoying a good conversation.

4. Mercato

Mercato is a coastal Italian dining place offering a sophisticated yet casual atmosphere. Their weekend brunch menu includes an array of dishes like ricotta pancakes, smoked salmon bagels, and Tuscan fries.

Address: Three on the Bund, 6th Floor, 3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road

Website: [Mercato](
Apart from the warm, rustic decor, the stunning view of The Bund adds considerably to the dining experience. The attention to detail, from food presentation to customer service, makes Mercato a must-visit brunch place.

5. Together

Together serves a wide variety of brunch options, everything from egg benedicts to avocado toasts to chinese-style rice bowls. The modern and minimalistic interior makes it a great place to enjoy a peaceful brunch.

Address: 3F, 283 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu

Website: [Together](
This spot stands out for its wide-ranging menu that caters to both Asian and Western tastes. Its spacious seating area and sleek, clean styling are equally well-suited to group gatherings and solo diners alike.

6. Bull & Claw

The Bull & Claw is a stylish lobster shack and steakhouse that serves a wonderful brunch menu. Think fluffy pancakes topped with fresh berries, eggs any way you want, and superb lobster rolls.

Address: 110 Fenyang Lu, near Yongjia Lu

Website: [Bull & Claw](
Not only are they renowned for their lobster-centric menu, but their generous food portions and cocktail selection also earn raving reviews. Their outdoor patio is a great spot when the weather permits.

7. Mr & Mrs Bund

Mr & Mrs Bund offers a modern French brunch experience with a fantastic view of Shanghai’s iconic Bund area. Their modern menu features dishes ranging from oyster to foie gras to egg benedict.

Address: 6th Floor, 18 Zhongshan East 1st Rd, WaiTan

Website: [Mr & Mrs Bund](
What makes Mr & Mrs Bund unique is the culinary craftsmanship that goes into each dish. While the prices are on the higher side, the stunning location, quality of food, and service make it worth every penny.

8. Potion

Potion is a wholesome, plant-based brunch joint that brings innovative vegan dishes to the table. Their menu includes wonderfully creative dishes such as vegan bao and anti-inflammatory shots.

Address: 108 Yanping Lu, near Xinzha Lu

Website: [Potion](
Apart from its emphasis on healthy, environmentally-friendly cuisine, Potion also serves great coffee and a selection of natural wines. Its zen-like, refreshing atmosphere adds to the peaceful, healthy dining experience.

9. O’Mills Bakery & Bistro

A popular hangout for brunch enthusiasts, O’Mills Bakery & Bistro serves sourdough bread-based dishes among other delights. They also offer an impressive selection of organic wines.

Address: 110 Yongjia Lu, near Urumqi Lu

Website: [O’Mills Bakery & Bistro](
What sets O’Mills apart is the quality of its sourdough; moist, chewy, and deliciously tangy—truly a must-try. Its upbeat ambient music and modern decor add to the overall dining experience.

10. Shark Bites Toast

Shark Bites Toast specializes in a unique fusion of Chinese and Western flavors, resulting in delightfully inventive dishes. Think katsu curry sandwiches or pasta with homemade Taiwanese meat sauce.

Address: 489 Shanxi Bei Lu, near Kangding Lu

Website: [Shark Bites Toast](
Their innovative menu caters to a wide palate while still retaining its signature blend of cuisines, giving customers a unique meal that’s both comforting and exciting. The friendly staff and casual vibe make it a fun weekend brunch spot.

Whether it’s a traditional Chinese breakfast or a full-on Western brunch you’re after, Shanghai’s dining scene has you covered. Each spot promises a unique taste and brunch experience. Remember, the key to a great brunch is not just the food but also the atmosphere, ambiance, and overall dining experience. Bon Appétit!