As you may have heard a thousand times already, drinking fresh juices is very important for your health and your happiness too.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should drink more fresh juices:

1. They counteract stress, fatigue and chronic fatigue

The centrifuged products give strength and vitality to the human body, severely tested by the stress and pollution present in everyday life. Furthermore, the juices are a real burst of energy: the nutrients within them are assimilated quickly, and have a very rapid remineralizing and toning action.

2. They help cope with seasonal changes

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices can be used to strengthen the immune system, in preparation for winter, and to tone the body in spring.

3. They are detoxifying and purifying

The centrifuged ones increase the diuresis without however depleting the body of nutrients, moreover the substances contained therein allow to purify the organism in a more profound and incisive way. For this reason, fresh fruit and vegetable juices are considered a valid support for draining treatments.

4. Support the skin

The purifying action of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, combined with a healthy diet, reduces pimples, acne, dermatitis and other skin problems.

5. They are antioxidants

Regular intake of centrifugates accelerates cell turnover. Furthermore, the active ingredients contained in fresh juices act as cell stabilizers, allowing the production of new cells that are singularly young and vital.

6. They support the weight loss diet

The smoothies are low in calories, and at the same time rich in those nutrients that are often lacking in low-calorie diets. They also reduce appetite.

7. Promote digestion

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are rich in plant enzymes, which promote intestinal absorption of nutrients present in food, and at the same time eliminate the gases caused by fermentation.

8. They reduce gastrointestinal inflammation

Centrifugates have a lower amount of waste compared to fruit and vegetables eaten naturally, allowing the intestine to save energy and get rid of inflammation more quickly.
Not only that, centrifuged can allow you to resume the intake of foods rich in fiber and cellulose, which is often precluded to those suffering from colitis, gastritis, ulcers and other inflammations of the gastro-intestinal system.

9. They constitute a targeted therapy

Often to get the healing benefits of a vegetable it is necessary to consume it in large quantities.
Take for example anemia: a disease that can be countered by beets. Do you prefer to eat beets every day (sure you don’t get tired?) Or put beets in your daily juice, mixing them with other vegetables to vary the flavor every day?

10. They help children to consume vegetables

Often children do not want to eat vegetables, while they are attracted to colored juices. And you can also play with the flavors, so that your child can eat those vegetables they like least.