How many doubts do you have about orgasm and how to achieve it? Let’s try to explain it in simple terms: it is a reaction of the body to a series of stimulations and consists of a strong sensation of pleasure, a sort of apex of arousal. Both men and women can reach orgasm, the former through penetration, masturbation or oral sex, the latter mainly through stimulation of the clitoris, but, according to some theories, also during penetration.

In this guide, niood reveals 10 things girls should know about female orgasm:

It improves with age

If you never forget the first time, you may soon forget the first orgasm, but only because the ones that follow will undoubtedly be better than the first. When it comes to orgasm, like sex in general, in fact, experience matters and not a little. Over time, your partner will learn more about your body and your weaknesses and, in this way, will know where and how to stimulate you to make you feel pleasure.

Achieving it is not always easy

Some of us think that orgasm is the natural end of sexual intercourse but this is not always the case. Reaching it implies an in-depth knowledge of the partner and of one’s body that is acquired only with time and patience. Achieving orgasm, in fact, is not only a physical matter, but it is also – and we will say above all – a matter of mind. Only if, in addition to a great attraction, there is also a strong understanding between two people, only if you are able to remove all inhibitions with your partner, can orgasm be possible. Precisely for this reason it is always better not to fake orgasm.

Orgasm and performance anxiety

Performance anxiety can play tricks not only on boys, but also on us girls. If during a moment of intimacy with your partner we do nothing but fix ourselves on reaching orgasm, we can be sure that we will never reach it. Fixing on orgasm, as if it were the only purpose of a relationship, is equivalent to not enjoying the moment and therefore making it even more difficult to achieve. Relax, let yourself go: if the peak of pleasure comes when you least expect it, it will be even more beautiful.

Vaginal or clitoral orgasm

The age-old question of the types of orgasms that we girls can achieve, still confuses ideas a lot. In general, the clitoral orgasm is the one that is reached with the direct stimulation of the clitoris while the vaginal orgasm with the penetration and stimulation of the so-called G-spot. In reality, many believe that orgasm is only one, the clitoral orgasm, believing, instead, that the vaginal one is a kind of invention.

What the partner must do to reach orgasm

The partner also counts a lot in achieving orgasm. If he is a skilled type, with some experience, delicate but also decisive when he needs it, feeling pleasure will be much easier for us. There are guys who are very experienced in penetration, but little in clitoral stimulation, but we can be the ones to guide them and make them understand what we like best.

Reaching orgasm on your own

Although many girls feel embarrassed to talk about masturbation, it is important to know that orgasm can also be achieved independently. There is no need to blame or be ashamed of this. In fact, masturbation is one of the best ways to get to know your body, to easily reach orgasm and to understand what we would like our partner to do on us.

Orgasm and menstrual pains

Via painkillers, specific medicines and natural remedies to combat period pains. According to experts, in fact, again thanks to the release of oxytocin, orgasm would be a powerful remedy against menstrual pain and also against pains of another nature (headache, back pain, etc.).

What happens when orgasm is reached

It must be emphasized that reaching orgasm is good, physically and mentally. Yes, because during orgasm a large amount of oxytocin is released, the hormone of good mood that improves the appearance of skin and hair, also helps to combat the appearance of breast cancer and improves the mood.

Orgasm makes the hiccups go away

I know, it’s funny and it may seem like a lie or an urban legend, yet, according to a scientific experiment tested on a man who couldn’t stop sobbing for 72 hours, orgasm would be the remedy for the annoying contraction. Apparently, in fact, orgasm stimulates a nerve that helps eliminate hiccups, seeing is believing.

Orgasm and ejaculation

Not only boys, but also we girls can ejaculate at the moment of orgasm. When we are particularly excited, in fact, we can have a small spill of liquid but there is no shame, on the contrary: our partner must be more than happy, because this means that the degree of arousal is very high.

Multiple orgasm

Even the multiple orgasm is not an urban legend because, unlike men, for whom reaching two consecutive orgasms can be difficult or, in any case, takes a long time, for women it is different: once the first orgasm is reached, in fact, the vulva area remains sensitive to stimulation and can therefore reach the peak of pleasure again, even more than once.