We are probably all very knowledgeable about the characteristics of our sexual organ (even if it is not always said!), But how prepared are we about that of boys? Of course, we know what shape it is and what it is for. If we have some experience we also know how to play with it and how to get him an erection, but it is rare that a girl is interested in learning about aspects such as her precise conformation or curiosities about it.

1. Half of the penis is inside the body

We often think that the penis is all external and that, for this reason, boys are less sensitive than we girls. But, in reality, it is wrong to believe that the penis is only what we see. The male genital organ, in fact, is like a tree with its roots. The latter are inside the body, so they are not visible. In short, to laugh a little, even the smallest penis, when seen in its entirety, has a considerable size! Too bad we can’t see them with the naked eye.

2. The glans is not the most sensitive area

You all probably believe that the area to be stimulated the most in order to please the man is the glans, but in reality some researchers have shown that this is not exactly the case. No doubt glans stimulation gives boys pleasure, but try to focus on the scrotum as well. Not only that, don’t limit yourself to the “organ”, but also play with your nipples and stimulate your partner’s anus and neck. He will be amazed by your erotic abilities.

3. There are 2 types of penis

According to some studies, we can speak of two types of penis. The penis shower and the penis grower. What’s the difference? we tell you right away. The shower is that which, in erection or at rest, has more or less the same size; the grower, on the other hand, is the one whose size changes considerably in the two different situations.

4. Penises can fracture

Yes, girls, the penis can fracture. Of course, it happens very rarely, but in case of a sharp flexion of the genital organ during an erection this can happen. Let’s imagine the pain! Technically, the fracturing of the penis is called bent nail syndrome and consists in the breaking of the so-called “Tunica albuginea“.

5. The penis can contract candida

Just like the vagina, the penis can also contract sexually transmitted candida. This type of infection that occurs in us girls with lumpy and acrid-smelling white discharge can also infect boys and cause them itching, burning and strong odor. If, for example, after a period of having sex with a guy, you get candida, know that it may have been him who infected you.

6. Erectile dysfunction depends on many things

Erectile dysfunction is often a symptom of something else such as alcohol abuse, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. If the penis “does not work well” the causes can be of various kinds; health, of course, but also psychological. Often a stressed, depressed, exhausted guy can have erectile dysfunctions. Some medicines can also cause this as secondary effects.

7. Not all penises have the same duration

Not all penises last for the same amount of time and there is no minimum length to maintain. There are no rules in sex and, therefore, not even on the penis and the duration of its performance. No stopwatch, no performance anxiety. Each complete relationship must be an experience in itself, with its times, its breaks, its duration, more or less long.

8. It takes time between orgasms

Between orgasms, the penis needs to recover for at least ten minutes. You can never ask your partner to have sex immediately after reaching the peak of pleasure. Give him time to recover. He will be the one to let you know when it’s time to leave.

9. The circumcised penis is like the others

We also answer another question that haunts us girls, especially when we start dating a boy who has been circumcised for religious reasons. We often wonder if his penis is like all the others, if it has the same sensitivity, if we can feel free to act quietly. The final answer is: the circumcised penis is the same as the others, just as sensitive, only cleaner.

10. Smoking shrinks the penis

Many believe it is just an urban legend, in reality, it seems that smoking calcifies blood vessels and that, for this reason, reduces the male organ by about one centimeter. What will a centimeter ever be? Well, if your partner always smokes, it’s better to stop him.