10 Things You Didn’t Know About ’16Arlington’

There’s much more to the celebrated British fashion label ’16Arlington’ than simply bold, extravagant detailing and feather-infused creations. Born from the passion of charitable designers Marco Capaldo and Federica ‘Kikka’ Cavenati, the label has emerged as a staple for fashion aficionados across the globe. In this article, let’s delve into the less-known aspects of this high-fashion brand and immerse ourselves in the glamour of ’16Arlington’.

1. The Inspiration behind the Name ’16Arlington’

Unlike many other brands that draw their names from abstract concepts or designer monikers, ’16Arlington’ has a much more humble and homegrown origin. Marco Capaldo and Kikka Cavenati named their brand after their first shared apartment in London – 16 Arlington Street. This residence served as their work hub and a haven of creativity that allowed the ’16Arlington’ we know today to be born.

The naming of their brand serves as a testament to their journey and evolution as designers. This humble approach is a perfect balance to the daring and audacious aesthetic that their designs are well-known for.

2. They Met at Kingston University

Marco and Kikka first crossed paths while studying fashion at Kingston University in London. The pair discovered they had an uncanny creative chemistry and easily fell into a working relationship before they graduated. Their mutual appreciation for fashion and design ultimately culminated in the birth of ‘16Arlington’.

Today, their partnership continues to flourish. They often comment on how they balance each other out, constantly challenging and inspiring each other. This dynamic relationship is evident in their designs which truly reflect their united vision.

3. Kikka Offers an Italian Influence

Kikka Cavenati, one-half of the powerhouse duo behind ’16Arlington’, was born in the fashion hub of Italy, Milan. Thus, a considerable amount of the label’s inspiration stems from her Italian heritage. The intricate detailing, extravagant accents and iconic boldness we find in ’16Arlington’s’ designs is often reminiscent of traditional Italian couture.

Her Italian influence also brings a level of craftsmanship and consideration to the label’s designs. Behind every piece is a commitment to quality that is undeniably Italian, ensuring that ’16Arlington”s designs not only look fabulous but are meticulously crafted.

4. Loved by Celebrities

’16Arlington’ has swiftly become a favourite amongst the celebrity cohort. A-listers like Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Moss can be found rocking their spectacular creations on red carpets. High-profile fashion editors, influencers, and stylists are also big fans of the brand.

The brand’s ability to encapsulate attention-grabbing charm and sophistication in a single outfit is a big draw for these personalities. It’s often speculated that the A-lister fascinations with the brand is what rocketed ’16Arlington’ to its current prominence.

5. The Feather Signature

’16Arlington’ has become synonymous with their recurring use of feathers. This playful design choice adds an air of whimsy and flamboyance to their ready-to-wear collections. The imaginative use of plumage has become a brand trademark and a key design element that sets them apart.

While semi-plumes, with their smaller shafts and higher density barbs, are often used for their clothing, the designers aren’t afraid to explore other types of feathers to achieve the desired aesthetic or sensory experience. This ability to look at a traditional material in a unique way is a definitive characteristic of ’16Arlington’.

6. A Benevolent Approach to Fashion

’16Arlington’ prides itself on being more than just another high-fashion brand. They strive to make their fashion accessible but also sustainable. They have ongoing partnerships with charitable organisations, and they’ve been known to contribute their artistry to worthy causes.

In 2020, for instance, they designed a dress for actress Emerald Fennell for the BAFTAs, with all proceeds from the creation sold for charity. This approach shows a brand that values making a difference as much as making a statement.

7. Digital Fashion Week Debut

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, ’16Arlington’ had their debut show at London Fashion Week’s first-ever digital event. Despite the challenges of hosting a fashion show without an in-person audience, they managed to captivate fashion enthusiasts around the world with their digital presentation.

It was during this event that they introduced menswear into their line for the first time. Their digital debut proved that ’16Arlington’ can adapt and innovate irrespective of the circumstances.

8. PETA-Approved

In line with their worldview of fashion that does good, ’16Arlington’ is a PETA-approved brand indicating that their designs are completely fur-free. While their designs often feature feathers, they ensure that all materials are sourced ethically and that no cruelty is involved in their design process.

Getting approved by PETA is a testament to their commitment to eco-friendly and ethical fashion practices. It creates a great balance with their extravagant, luxury designs, making ’16Arlington’ a true leader in compassionate fashion.

9. Signature Sequins

Besides feathers, the ’16Arlington’ brand is especially known for their use of sequins. Just like their distinctive feather detailing, sequins are a recurring design feature that brings a striking edge to their collections. This glam element carves out a niche for them in the high-fashion world.

Their command over handling sequins, featuring them in unexpected ways and balancing their shine with subtle finishing touches, reveals a unique design perspective. Whether it’s a sequinned blazer or a shimmering dress, ’16Arlington’ creations are designed to steal the spotlight.

10. Debut Collection Launched in 2017

’16Arlington’ is a comparatively new player in the realm of high fashion. The brand launched its debut collection only in 2017. However, within a short span of four years, they have carved a niche for themselves, making their label a coveted one on international ramps.

The brand’s ability to consistently stun fashion enthusiasts with their uber-glamorous and chic designs is evidenced by the rate at which they’ve captured global attention. Despite their youth, they’ve already made a significant mark on the fashion world.


’16Arlington’ conflates the best of Italian craftsmanship with an inherently British edginess to create stunning pieces for the bold and stylistically daring. Their unique story, vision, and commitment to bringing glamour to the world of fashion make them a standout brand. Whether it’s their conscious crafting, feather signature, or brand’s naming history, each aspect of ’16Arlington’ excites as much as their designs.

For more on ’16Arlington’, check out their official website: ’16Arlington’.