10 Things You Didn’t Know About Aaron de Mey

If you’re into fashion and the beauty industry, you’ve definitely come across the name Aaron de Mey. Known for his artistry and creativity, he has made a significant mark in the world of beauty and aesthetics. But how much do you know him beyond his extraordinary makeup skills? Here, we delve into ten things you probably didn’t know about Aaron de Mey.

1. He’s From New Zealand

Contrary to popular belief that most renowned makeup artists come from Europe or America, Aaron de Mey hails from the beautiful islands of New Zealand. Growing up, he cherished the country’s natural and raw beauty. His deep-rooted love for home has continually influenced his work throughout his career in the beauty industry.

Despite having made it big globally and travelling the world for his work, de Mey’s heart remains firmly attached to his homeland. He often returns to New Zealand to rejuvenate, gather inspiration and spend time with family and friends.

2. He is Self-taught

Aaron de Mey is proof that passion, coupled with determination, is all it takes to excel. Despite not having any formal training, de Mey honed his makeup skills on his own, driven purely by his love for the art. His journey into the makeup industry began as a teenager, experimenting with liners and pigments, and watching makeup tutorials before they were a mainstream thing.

He religiously practiced techniques learned from magazines and books and continually pushed boundaries in makeup, skilfully blending colors, and creating a unique signature style. Over time, he mastered the art of makeup, showcasing his talent to the world, and becoming a name synonymous with fashion makeup.

3. His Primary Influence was Kevyn Aucoin

Like many makeup artists, Aaron de Mey was influenced by the work of the legendary Kevyn Aucoin. Aucoin’s artistry, attention to detail, and revolutionary techniques course through de Mey’s work. Watching Aucoin masterfully transform his models through makeup ignited a spark in de Mey which culminated in his own makeup brilliance.

He holds a profound respect for Aucoin’s philosophy that everyone should feel beautiful and confident in their skin. This belief resonates with de Mey who incorporates it into his personal style and approach to beauty, carrying on Aucoin’s legacy of enhancing natural beauty and emphasizing individuality.

4. His Career Began with M.A.C Cosmetics

Before making it as a solo artist, Aaron de Mey got his start with M.A.C Cosmetics in New Zealand. His stint with the cosmetic giant provided him with an invaluable platform from which to learn and grow. Here, de Mey had the opportunity to work with a myriad of products, models, and skin tones, equipping him with the tools needed to carve out a unique niche in the beauty industry.

His time at M.A.C played an instrumental role in shaping his career trajectory and played a significant role in moulding his signature style that has become a staple on international runways and fashion magazines.

5. First Kiwi to Head a Major Beauty Brand

In 2008, de Mey became the first New Zealander to be appointed as the Creative Director of a major international beauty brand, Lancôme. In this role, de Mey was responsible for formulating new products and creating makeup looks for advertising campaigns and fashion shows. His tenure at Lancôme further catapulted his career and placed him firmly on the global scene.

This achievement is a testament to de Mey’s talent and skill, testament to his tenacity and pursuit of excellence. As the creative director, de Mey brought a fresh and innovative perspective to the brand, redefining beauty standards, and empowering women across the world to make confident beauty choices.

6. He Collaborated with Musician Karen Elson

In 2013, de Mey teamed up with English model and singer-songwriter Karen Elson for an exciting makeup collaboration. Their work celebrated Elson’s unique beauty and individuality, aligning perfectly with de Mey’s philosophy of embracing one’s identity through makeup. The collaboration was a successful fusion of fashion, music, and makeup, showcasing the power of makeup as a tool for self-expression.

The collaboration marked one of the numerous times that de Mey has teamed up with influential contemporaries, highlighting his adaptability and willingness to continually experiment and push the boundaries in the world of beauty.

7. His Work Has Been Featured in Renowned Magazines

Aaron de Mey’s work has graced the pages of globally celebrated magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. His inventive makeup looks have been captured through the lens of world-class photographers and worn by renowned models, elevating fashion editorials and captivating readers worldwide.

His knack for combining bold, daring elements with subtle, impressive elegance has stirred admiration among fashion critics and enthusiasts alike. His work continually inspires up and coming makeup artists and sets trends in the dynamic fashion industry.

8. Maintains a Simple Makeup Routine

He may be well-known for his extravagant runway looks and glossy editorial spreads, but when it comes to his own personal routine, de Mey prefers simplicity. Opting for a minimalist approach, he believes in maintaining healthy skin as the foundation for any great makeup look.

He encourages the use of quality skincare products and a natural approach to makeup, emphasizing the importance of enhancing one’s natural features instead of masking them. His advice to budding makeup artists remains consistent: practice, patience, and persistence can lead to incredible results.

9. Is an Advocate for Diversity in the Beauty Industry

Watching his work, it is evident that de Mey firmly believes in diversity. Throughout his career, he has continually pushed for a more inclusive beauty industry, showcasing all skin tones, textures, and ages. His work reflects a truly global view, where everyone feels represented and empowered through beauty.

De Mey has used his platform to speak out about the need for diversity in the beauty industry. He believes that makeup should encourage individuals to embrace their unique beauty, and his work with various brands has helped bring this philosophy to the mainstream audience.

10. His Go-to Lipstick is Red

Every artist has their favorite tool or color they can’t do without, and for Aaron de Mey, it’s red lipstick. He often states that “a woman wearing a red lipstick can conquer the world,” reinforcing the power and confidence that a simple swipe of color can bring.

A steadfast advocate for bold and empowering style choices, he often incorporates a fiery red lip in his work. This love for red lipstick is reflective of his overall approach to makeup – it’s a tool to enhance, empower and express oneself.

As you can see, Aaron de Mey’s journey to becoming a makeup icon is indeed inspiring. His passion, creativity, and dedication to his craft serve as a valuable lesson to budding artists worldwide.

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