10 Things You Didn’t Know About Adriaan Mol

Adriaan Mol is a name that is making waves across Europe and indeed the world in the field of entrepreneurship and tech start-ups. This Dutch serial entrepreneur has co-founded a number of successful companies including Mollie, MessageBird, and Catawiki. Though relatively young, Mol’s success is quite staggering and frequently inspires those seeking to make their mark in the world of entrepreneurship. However, there’s more to this tech entrepreneur than what is widely known. Here, we delve into 10 lesser-known facts about Adriaan Mol.

1. Mol is Devoid of Formal Technological Education

Contrary to popular belief, Adriaan Mol has no formal education within the technological field. While it’s easy to assume Mol stemms from a technologically rich academic background, this is indeed not the case. His educational background is in philosophy, with a focus on economic philosophy. His interest in technology was inherently self-taught, highlighting that passion can truly drive one towards success.

His lack of formal education has never deterred him. In fact, Mol has proven that with hard work, resilience, and a knack for seizing opportunities, one can achieve exceptional success. This characteristic is testament to Mol’s entrepreneurial spirit, paving the way towards his successful career in tech.

2. He co-founded Mollie at the age of 22

Mol founded the company Mollie at a young age, at just 22. Accompanied by his business partner Gaston Aussems, Mol helped bring Mollie to life without any financial backing from external investors. As of today, Mollie, a simple, reliable payment platform, has grown tremendously, processing billions of Euros in transactions annually.

This achievement showcases Mol’s visionary abilities, his resilience and his outstanding knack for recognizing market opportunities. Through hard work and determination, he managed to turn Mollie into one of the biggest online payment platforms in Europe.

3. Mol’s foray into Entrepreneurship was inspired by his Father

In many interviews, Mol has credited his entrepreneurial spirit to his father, who was also an entrepreneur. He was largely inspired by his father’s strong work ethic and his passion for launching and running businesses.

His father’s influence has clearly paid off, as demonstrated in Mol’s success in creating and running several thriving businesses. It shows that entrepreneurial spirit can be ingrained from one generation to another.

4. Catawiki was Co-Founded by him

Many people are not aware that Catawiki, a leading online auction platform for buying and selling special items, was co-founded by Mol. Founded in 2008, Catawiki has grown into a global marketplace, drawing millions of visitors from all over the world.

Mol’s association with Catawiki further highlights his valuable contributions to the entrepreneurial and tech world. Each of his ventures serve to prove his talents for identifying gaps in the market and launching successful businesses to fill them.

5. He owns a Venture Capital Company

Adriaan also owns a venture capital company, Gainz, that focuses on investing in tech startups. This firm not only highlights his continued passion for entrepreneurship but also his commitment to cultivating new talent by supporting other tech start-ups.

His venture capital company provides an indication of his ability to spot promising ventures and his dedication to nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, thereby passing on his wealth of knowledge and experience.

6. Mol is also behind the company, MessageBird

Another of Mol’s ventures is MessageBird, a cloud-based communications platform providing APIs for Text, Voice, WhatsApp, and more. Unknown to many, Mol is one of the strategic brains behind this flourishing venture.

This indicates how diverse Adriaan Mol’s portfolio in tech is. From an online payment platform to a cloud communication platform, Mol’s ventures encompass a broad spectrum of technological services.

7. Mol is a Climate Activism Supporter

Mol has a compelling passion for climate activism and supports several green initiatives. He is vocal about corporate responsibility in addressing climate change and actively works towards incorporating these ideals in his businesses.

His passion for climate activism reflects his belief that businesses can and should contribute positively to society. His actions demonstrate that you can build a successful business while also contributing positively to the environment.

8. Mollie’s ‘Unicorn Status’ was achieved under his Leadership

Under Mol’s leadership, Mollie achieved ‘unicorn status’ in 2020, meaning it was valued at over $1 billion. This monumental achievement underscores Mol’s exceptional business acumen and his ability to manage and grow a successful enterprise.

This major success reflects Mol’s unwavering dedication to making Mollie a top player in the online payment platform market. His leadership has ensured the continuous growth and success of the company.

9. He champions Diversity and Inclusion

Adriaan is a firm believer in the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He actively strives to incorporate these principles into the companies he runs, through inclusive hiring practices and a supportive work culture.

This emphasis on diversity and inclusion attests to Mol’s vision of creating a diverse and inclusive work environment which ultimately fuels creativity and drives company growth.

10. Mol draws inspiration from Richard Branson

Lastly, one of Mol’s major sources of inspiration is Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group. He admires Branson for his daring and effective approach to business, as well as his advocacy for employee well-being.

His adoration for Branson’s strategies exemplifies the fact that Mol values daring innovation and an empathetic approach towards employees, principles he himself applies in his businesses.

At the end of the day, Adriaan Mol could be described as a tech genius, inspired leader, adamant supporter of climate activism, progressive entrepreneur, and undoubtedly, an agent of change. Hopefully, these intriguing facts offer a deeper insight into Mol’s life, his ventures and his values.

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