10 Things You Didn’t Know About Adrian Chi-Kong Cheng

In the world of fashion, design, and art, a few names stand out, and one of them is certainly Adrian Chi-Kong Cheng. A successful entrepreneur, art patron and prominent figure of the Hong Kong art scene, everything about this man is fascinating. However, in this feature, we will go beyond the commonplace facts and delve into lesser-known details about Adrian Cheng. Without further ado, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Adrian Chi-Kong Cheng.

1. Rooted in Business and Art

Adrian Cheng was born in 1979 into the prestigious Cheng family, which owns the Chow Tai Fook and New World Groups. His business journey began at an early age, and he learned the trade from his grandfather, Cheng Yu-tung.

However, Adrian’s interest and commitment extended beyond business alone. His inherent interest in art led him to pursue a degree in Arts and Sciences at Harvard. Today, he seamlessly merges both worlds, becoming a force to be reckoned with in both business and art.

2. Regular Forbes Feature

Most people are familiar with his business sense and his role as the executive director of New World Development, but were you aware that his entrepreneurial prowess earned him a coveted spot on Forbes?

Adrian Cheng has regularly been featured on Forbes 30 under 30 for his role in leading his family’s empire into the 21st century. This recognition goes to show the impact he has made in the global business world.

3. Pioneer of the K11 Art Concept

Adrian Cheng has always been interested in integrating art into everyday life. In 2008, he began to do so by founding K11 Art, a brand that combines art with commercial retail.

The establishment mixes shopping experiences with cultural ambience, offering an entirely unique experience for patrons. Today, with various locations in major cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, K11 Art Malls have changed the face of shopping mall design worldwide.

4. Art Collector and Patron

In addition to promoting art through commercial avenues, Adrian has also displayed his love for art by becoming a major collector. He has an impressive collection, featuring works of prominent contemporary artists from all over the world.

Furthermore, he has established himself as a patron of the arts, promoting emerging Chinese artists and funding their international exhibitions. He also supports upcoming designers through the K11 Design Store and is known to purchase entire degree shows to support art students.

5. An Advocate for Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship, which blends profit with purpose, is a concept close to Adrian Cheng’s heart. His organization, the K11 Art Foundation, actively supports the growing field of social entrepreneurship.

He frequently funds and promotes social enterprises, believing that this model of business can drive significant global change. He is known for his impactful projects, such as an initiative to support local artisans in Haiti post a disastrous earthquake by selling their products in K11 Art Malls.

6. Strong Advocate for Sustainability

Sustainability is another significant cause that Adrian supports. He is widely known to promote sustainable practices in his businesses and individual lifestyle.

His contributions in this area are notable and range from promoting eco-friendly materials and designs in his business products to his consistent advocacy for earth-friendly practices.

7. Theatre Lover

While his love for arts in general is well-known, not many are aware of Adrian’s affinity for the theatre. He is a passionate supporter of theatre and performing arts.

He has frequented several theatre performances across the globe and even plays a crucial part in sponsoring various theatrical productions, both locally and internationally.

8. Avid Muay Thai Practitioner

When Adrian is not advocating for the arts or running his business empire, he spends time practicing Muay Thai. This high-intensity sport is a favorite pastime for Cheng, who is quite adept at it.

His interest in the sport resonates with his passion for a robust, active lifestyle and is a reflection of his disciplined and determined persona.

9. Multi-Lingual

Adrian’s global sensibilities go beyond his appreciation for art and culture. He is also a polyglot, able to converse in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently.

This linguistic prowess has undoubtedly helped him in his global endeavors, facilitating effortless interaction and understanding with people from different cultural backgrounds.

10. Hallmark of Generosity

Adrian Cheng’s generosity extends beyond the world of art. His philanthropic pursuits are also impressive.

He is an active supporter of various causes and has contributed significantly to charities working towards providing equal opportunities, healthcare, education, and poverty alleviation. These endeavors are a testament to his commitment to making the world a better place.

In conclusion, the man, the icon, Adrian Chi-Kong Cheng is so much more than just a successful business magnate and art aficionado. He is a philanthropist, sports enthusiast, polyglot, and much more. Now that you know these lesser-known aspects of his life, your perspective about him might have become more comprehensive and nuanced.

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