10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alejandro Bulgheroni

Alejandro Bulgheroni is one of Argentina’s most successful and influential billionaires. Best known for his impact in the oil industry, he is more than just a businessman, he’s an integral piece of the Argentinian fabric. Today we reveal ten surprises about the man behind the wealth. You might know his name, but do you know his story?

1. Humble Beginnings

Born in 1944, in Rufino, Santa Fe, Argentina, Alejandro Bulgheroni actually grew up in modest circumstances. His father, Alejandro Angel Bulgheroni, had founded the oil company Bridas Corporation in 1948, in the small town of Rufino, Santa Fe. While the family oil business would later grow to great heights, their beginnings were quite modest.

Along with his brother Carlos, Alejandro worked hard to turn Bridas into an international empire. His success shows that it’s not just about where we start in life, but where we aim to go.

2. A Partnership With the Chinese Government

The Bulgheroni family business actually found great success in a partnership with the Chinese government. Alejandro Bulgheroni and the Bridas Corporation sold a 50% stake of their business for an estimated 3.1 billion dollars to the China National Offshore Oil Corporation in 2010. While the family had made strides in the oil industry, this move placed them amongst the world’s most formidable businesses.

Indeed, the landmark deal was seen as a significant turning point for the burgeoning Chinese energy industry. It was a monumental agreement that further emphasized Bulgheroni’s far-reaching insight into the global oil market.

3. Beloved Brother and Business Partner

Alejandro’s brother, Carlos Bulgheroni, was not only his family but also his business partner. They successfully managed their father’s company together and turned it into one of Argentina’s largest private companies. It was a true partnership, with the brothers dividing their tasks evenly according to their talents.

However, in 2016, Carlos passed away, leaving Alejandro to grieve the loss of not only a sibling but also a business partner. The brothers had shared a deep bond that extended beyond the realms of industry and commerce.

4. Alejandro’s Love for Wine

Alejandro’s passion doesn’t stop at oil. He’s also an enthusiastic wine lover. His winery, Bodega Garzón, is actually the first sustainable winery outside North America to achieve LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The winery located in Uruguay, offers vineyard tours, premium wines, and even gourmet dining at their onsite restaurant. Producing fine wine almost seems like a logical extension of Alejandro’s lifestyle—a commitment to the finer things in life.

5. Diversified Investments

While Alejandro has built a colossal empire through the oil industry, his investments are far more diversified. He’s involved in the agriculture business in Uruguay and Australia, owns shopping plazas, and holds a share in the satellite company Satellogic.

His investment portfolio extends even into infrastructure projects like wind farms, gas pipelines, and water supply systems. The breadth of Bulgheroni’s investments reveals a keen mind for business that goes beyond any single industry.

6. Significant Philanthropist

Alejandro Bulgheroni has a broad philanthropic streak which includes funding scholarships, supporting university chairs, and sponsoring several other educational initiatives. He believes in investing not just in businesses but in people, and in the power of education to elevate lives.

Amongst these various initiatives is his significant donation to the National University of La Plata for the construction of their naval and systems engineering buildings. It’s yet another facet of Bulgheroni’s expansive influence.

7. Intense Private Life

Alejandro Bulgheroni tends to keep a low profile, preferring to stay out of the public eye. Despite being one of the richest men in Argentina, and his philanthropic activities, he values his privacy. He chooses to let his works speak for themselves.

He is married to Maria Eugenia Bulgheroni and they have two children. Despite his significant wealth and influence, family remains a crucial aspect of his life.

8. Green Initiatives

As part of his green initiatives, Alejandro Bulgheroni invested in renewable fuel technology. The project, Eco Energy, aims at producing renewable fuels that can be used as a substitution for petroleum fuels.

It’s a significant move, given his background in the oil industry. It shows his commitment to sustainable energy and represents a step towards making Argentina a leader in green energy initiatives.

9. Suffered a Kidney Disease

Alejandro has also fought personal health battles. In the late 1990s, he suffered from a severe kidney disease which made him depend on a dialysis machine for years. However, he never let the obstacles slow him down.

In a twist of fate, his wife Maria Eugenia was a perfect match, enabling a successful transplant. This event has only reinforced their bond and commitment towards each other.

10. Passion for Polo

Last but not least, Alejandro Bulgheroni has a great love for polo. He owns one of the most successful polo clubs in Argentina, Alegría Polo Club. The club not only participates in numerous national and international championships but also fosters a community of polo lovers.

Bulgheroni’s passion for polo speaks volumes about his love for this traditional Argentinian sport. It’s one more way in which he is deeply connected to the culture of his home country.

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