Most individuals into luxury fashion may have heard about the name “Alessandro Sartori”. He is a remarkably talented designer, best known as the Artistic Director for the established Italian luxury brand Ermenegildo Zegna. Here, we unravel 10 things you probably didn’t know about this fashion genius. Buckle up!

1. Early Life

Alessandro Sartori was born in Trivero, a place at the heart of the textile district of Biella, Italy. The town is famous for its production of woolen fabric, which incidentally had a significant impact on Sartori’s upbringing.

With family deeply rooted in the textile business, it is no surprise that Alessandro would grow up to be one of the most influential designers in the global fashion industry. But more on that later.

2. Starting Point of His Career

Alessandro trained in pattern-cutting before moving to Milan to study at the prestigious Instituto Marangoni. Soon after his graduation, he joined Zegna’s apprenticeship program. After successfully completing the program, he was hired full-time and was quickly promoted to lead designer of the Z Zegna line in 2003.

Though a challenging role, Sartori embraced all the responsibilities and opportunities it presented. This experience served as a springboard, launching him into the world of luxury fashion design and paving his future path of success.

3. His Tenure at Berluti

After gaining significant recognition at Zegna, Alessandro joined Berluti – a subsidiary of LVMH group – in 2011. In his capacity as Creative Director, he successfully transformed Berluti from a men’s footwear label into a top-notch luxury fashion brand.

His tenure at Berluti was a testament to his undeniable talent and marked his rise as one of the mainstays of the modern menswear design landscape.

4. Return to Zegna

In 2016, Sartori made a triumphant return to Ermenegildo Zegna as the Artistic Director, marking a significant chapter in his career. He now oversees the creative direction for all Zegna brands and lines, with a clear focus on amplifying the label’s style syntax and colors.

The reunion of Zegna and Sartori has not just marked the return of the prodigal son but also the beginning of a revitalization of the brand’s ethos.

5. His Design Philosophy

Alessandro has an intriguing approach to fashion design. According to him, “Tradition and innovation, and functionality and style should go hand in hand”. His designs feature a fusion of classic and contemporary styles, with unique emphasis on high-quality fabric and authentic Italian craftsmanship.

He believes that the synergy of culture, function, and innovation is the basis for creating timeless fashion that continues to inspire and influence.

6. Recognitions

Alessandro’s immense contribution to the world of fashion has not gone unnoticed. One of his notable accolades includes the honor of being named among the “Top 50 most influential people in Italian menswear” by “L’uomo Vogue”.

His continued success at Zegna and his previous contributions at Berluti bear testament to his exceptional talent in men’s luxury fashion.

7. Involvement in High-End Sportswears

Alessandro Sartori has been quite instrumental in Zegna’s venture into high-end sportswear. His innate ability to effortlessly blend sophistication with wearability is reflected in the brand’s products.

This inclusion of athletic clothing into luxury fashion has set new trends and undoubtedly elevated the Zegna brand in the menswear fashion industry.

8. His Personal Style

Alessandro’s personal style has been described as neat and elegant. His love for bespoke suits and sartorial details effectively mirrors the DNA of the brands he works with. He often sports monochrome outfits highlighting his preference for minimal yet sophisticated designs.

As a noteworthy figure in the fashion world, Sartori not only dictates style but also experiences it in every realm of his life.

9. His Passion for Motorbikes

Beyond the world of fashion, Alessandro has a passion for motorbikes. It’s not uncommon to find him participating in motocross races which he sees as a form of relaxation and a way to balance his work life.

This passion evidently trickles down to his work, as attested by some of his collections that included designs inspired by motorbike apparel.

10. His View on Sustainability

Alessandro is passionate about sustainability. He aims to use his platform to promote responsible fashion by utilizing natural and ethically sourced materials. He was instrumental in the creation of Zegna’s “#USETHEEXISTING” initiative, which involves the upcycling of pre-existing and post-consumer materials.

For Alessandro, sustainable fashion is more than trend, it is a necessity in establishing a healthy balance between the fashion industry and the environment.

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