10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Beard

When you delve into the world of art, there are some names that are simply unforgettable. One such name is Alex Beard, a renowned contemporary artist known for his intricate drawings and paintings. But there’s so much more to Beard than just his art. Join us on this intriguing exploration of one of America’s most celebrated artists. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Alex Beard.

1. He is the Nephew of a Famous Writer

Not many know that Alex Beard is the nephew of renowned American author Peter Beard. Peter Beard was a noted writer, photographer and artist who chronicled his works in the form of diaries. He was best known for his art and photographic collection inspired by Africa. Not surprisingly, Alex Beard too has often cited Africa as a major influence in his artwork.

Peter Beard’s influence on Alex’s work is seen in Alex’s detailed wildlife drawings in his art. The connection with his uncle began a lifelong fascination with drawing and painting, particularly wildlife and wilderness. This familial link was one of the first steps towards Beard’s artistic career.

2. Alex Beard Found Inspiration in New Orleans

Alex Beard moved to New Orleans in the late 1990s, further cementing the city’s status as a hub of artistic creativity. He has attributed much of his development as an artist to the vibrant culture, rich history, and unique architecture of the city. In fact, Beard owns a gallery in the city’s French Quarter, a district known for its bohemian charm and deep-rooted cultural history.

Beard’s love for the city is evident in much of his work. His canvas often features aspects of New Orleans’ life and times. From the city’s archaic, haunted buildings to its vibrant Mardi Gras festivities, Beard’s work is deeply imbued with the spirit of New Orleans.

3. He is Passionate About Wildlife Conservation

Alex Beard is not just a talented artist, but also a committed advocate for wildlife conservation. He has used his art as a form of activism, aiming to promote consciousness and awareness about the planet’s diminishing wild places and creatures. His passion for wildlife and wilderness preservation is often illustrated in his beautiful representations of animals and nature.

In 2012, Beard founded The Watering Hole Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation. Proceeds from his gallery sales, books, and products are often utilized to support various conservation efforts. Beard’s pledge to protect the environment and its creatures is a remarkable testament of his commitment to the cause.

4. Beard is Also an Acclaimed Author

Alex Beard’s talent is not only limited to painting and drawing. This multifaceted artist is also an acclaimed author with multiple published works. His books often blend his high-quality artistic abilities with narrative storytelling, delivering visual and literary treats to his readers.

Among his published works are “The Jungle Grapevine” and “Monkey See, Monkey Draw”, both children’s books that combine his love for wildlife and art. He also authored “TALES FROM THE WATERING HOLE”, a series of enchanting tales set within the illustrated landscapes of Africa and co-published “The Last of The African Kings,” a coffee table book with aesthetic appeal.

5. Alex Beard’s Art is Intricate and Thought-Provoking

The style of Alex Beard’s art is intricate and thought-provoking. He masterfully plays with form, line and colour to create works that never fail to captivate. His distinct style, a mode he has dubbed ‘Abstract Naturalism,’ plays on the balance of abstract and representational forms to convey complex ideas and themes.

Whether his chosen subjects are wild animals, people or landscapes, Beard’s unique approach infuses a level of depth and complexity into his work. His paintings and drawings are not just visually compelling; they also stimulate thoughtful reflection from viewers.

6. Beard Regularly Travels for Artistic Inspiration

Alex Beard’s travels to different parts of the world have been significant sources of inspiration for his art. Known for his plein air painting style, he often creates his artwork outdoors, directly from the landscapes that inspire him. From the plains of Africa to the streets of New Orleans, his artistic inspiration is as diverse as the places he visits.

These global journeys fuel Beard’s creativity, giving him fresh perspectives and visual stimuli. His travel experiences manifest in the beautiful diversity of subjects, colours and themes in his art.

7. He Began Drawing at a Very Young Age

Alex Beard’s inclination towards art started early in his life. He began drawing even before he could walk or talk. His inherent passion for art was evident from a young age and laid the foundation of his successful artistic career.

His early influences included a mix of artists like M.C. Escher and Charlie Harper, comic books, and countless visits to museums. These stimuli, coupled with his innate creative instinct, served as stepping stones for Beard in his journey as an artist.

8. He’s a Talented Urban Artist

While Beard is predominantly known for his wildlife paintings and intricate Abstract Naturalism style; He is also a skilled urban artist. His urban landscapes are as captivating as his wildlife paintings. His portrayal of the cityscape, especially his pieces on New Orleans, bear testament to his versatility and talent.

Through his urban landscapes, Beard not only captures the physical structure of the cities but also their hope, vitality and spirit. His vivid representations provide a stunning artistic perspective of life in the city.

9. A Signature Style and Technique: ‘Drawing Logics’

Alex Beard has developed a signature style and technique which he terms as ‘Drawing Logics’. In this approach, he uses a single unbroken line that never touches or crosses itself to create an entire image. The result is a mesmerizing intricate piece of art infused with an element of interconnectivity which reflects the inherent interconnectedness of life forms.

His ‘Drawing Logics’ creations are fascinating in their complexity, yet simplistically beautiful. They reveal Beard’s exceptional skill and creativity as an artist.

10. He is a True Art Entrepreneur

Outside of his talent for creating stunning visual masterpieces, Alex Beard also possesses a shrewd entrepreneurial sense. The artist does an exceptional job of commercially representing himself, managing his art gallery, selling prints and originals, and creating art-themed merchandise.

The combination of his creative and business skills has empowered Beard to successfully manage his artistic career. His dedication to his craft, along with his business savvy, has undoubtedly played a role in his steady rise to success in the art world.

The multifaceted life and career of Alex Beard leave one fascinated by his work, his passion for conservation and his entrepreneurial spirit. An intricate artist, a passionate activist, a captivating author, and a savvy businessman, Alex Beard is a true luminary in the world of art.

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