Alex Box is an iconic figure in the beauty industry, known for her imaginative mind and surreal makeup creations. Her work, always infused with an artistic and avant-garde touch, has earned her a unique place in the world of professional makeup. From her humble beginnings to dazzling collaborations with various international brands and artists, there’s much to know about this talented makeup visionary. Here are the 10 things you didn’t know about Alex Box.

1. She Comes From An Artistic Background

Alex Box’s love for art is deep rooted in her early years. Raised in London, she was surrounded by an atmosphere that fostered her creativity and passion for art. But it is not a well-known fact, that she was brought up in an artistic environment, with both her parents being artists. This early exposure to the world of art had a profound influence on her approach to makeup and beauty.

The aesthetics of everyday life and nature greatly inspired her. She fondly remembers her father, a talented painter, teaching her to understand color, texture, and form. Box’s mother was also an artist who instilled in her the observation and appreciation of beauty in its raw form. This artistic foundation played a crucial role in shaping her creative vision.

2. She Started Off As An Illustrator

Before Alex Box found her calling in makeup, she initially had ventured into the world of illustration. She studied Fine Art and Illustration at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. It is also where she learned to blend her artistic instincts and technical skills, an approach she later would bring to her makeup then.

She embarked on her makeup journey when she began painting her illustrations onto the faces of friends and performers. Her fascination for transforming a face into a piece of artwork led her to choose makeup as her medium to convey stories, moods, and ideas.

3. She Founded Illamasqua

Not many know that Alex Box is the co-founder of the cult-favorite makeup brand Illamasqua. After gaining recognition for her exceptional work as a makeup artist, she was approached by the founders of Illamasqua to take the role of creative director. In 2008, she co-founded the brand with Joseph Corré, known as the son of famous fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, and Julian Kynaston.

Illamasqua is known for its bold, night-time makeup and Box’s artistic influence is evident in the brand’s daring colors, theatrical products and its ethos of encouraging individuality and self-expression.

4. She Left Illamasqua In 2015

Creative souls are always driven by new projects and challenges, and Alex Box is no different. In 2015, she made the difficult decision to leave Illamasqua, the brand she co-founded and loved. She had served as the Creative Director for seven years.

Despite parting ways with Illamasqua, her departure allowed her to embark on new artistic endeavours. Today, she continues to inspire the industry with her unique take on makeup and artistry.

5. She Has Worked With Renowned Designers

Alex’s ingenious work has not only graced the faces of celebrities but has also been featured in high-fashion runways and editorials worldwide. Some of the most esteemed fashion designers including Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, and Karl Lagerfeld have sought her artistry for their shows.

This collaboration with top-notch fashion houses proves her strong reputation and respect in the industry. Her avant-garde style and imaginative approach have always been lauded by some of fashion’s most influential figures.

6. She’s Inspired by Science Fiction

Sci-fi has been a consistent muse for Alex Box. She is highly influenced by the creative fingleness and artistic liberty that sci-fi offers which gives her endless inspiration for her creations.

Drawing from other-worldly elements and futuristic visuals, she frequently integrates a touch of fantasy in her work, making her makeup artistry distinctively unique.

7. She’s A Globetrotter

Alex’s job constantly takes her around the globe. Her duties as a Creative Director, makeup artist and a freelance consultant means she is always on the go.

While constant traveling can be daunting, Alex savors it. She enjoys discovering new cultures, techniques and traditions that she can mix into her work. She believes that it helps to convey a global viewpoint in her artistry and designs.

8. She Teaches Master Classes

Eager to pass on her wisdom and experiences, Alex Box teaches master classes on makeup artistry. As part of these classes, she demonstrates her favorite techniques, shares personal experiences and imparts invaluable knowledge to aspiring makeup artists.

Her intriguing teaching methodology and unfiltered sharing about her life’s journey makes her an adored mentor in the makeup community.

9. She Is An Activist

Besides her brilliant career in the beauty industry, Alex Box is also an activist. She uses her platform to raise important issues, standing up for equality and the rights of under-represented communities.

Her commitment for change is mirrored in her work; she consistently emphasizes the importance of self-expression and individuality in her artistry.

10. You Can Book Her For Private Consultations

Alex Box’s eclectic artistry is available for all to experience firsthand. She is available for private makeup consultations and uses her incredible skillset to create unforgettable avant-garde looks for personal or professional events.

In these consultation sessions, Alex not only provides an individual tailored look but also shares tips and techniques about makeup, creating a unique, educational, and creative experience.

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