10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Eagle

Alex Eagle is famed in the fashion and design world, particularly in the United Kingdom, as the founder of The Alex Eagle Studio, a unique lifestyle brand promoting refined design and elegance. While many admire Alex Eagle for her creative spark and entrepreneurial spirit, there’s a lot more to know about this businesswoman. Here’s 10 intriguing facts you may not have known about Alex Eagle.

1. Alex Eagle is a Self-Taught Designer.

One might presume that Alex Eagle received formal training to reach her current heights. The truth is, she is a self-taught designer. Alex did not pursue any specific degrees in design or fashion; rather, she leveraged her inherent creativity and a keen eye for style to develop and enhance her skills.

She began her career in the fashion industry, acquiring experiences and learning insights that significantly contributed to her development as a designer. These experiences, coupled with her innate gift for design, would ultimately lead her to establish The Alex Eagle Studio.

2. She’s an Avid Art Collector.

Art is one of Alex Eagle’s many passions. She has amassed an impressive collection of art pieces—and it doesn’t stop at classic works. Alex has a particular fondness for promising emerging artists, often featuring their work in her designer spaces.

Art plays a vital role in her successful blending of retail and culture, and it’s a common thread running through her life and work. She’s made it her mission to scout talent and enable art to be integrated seamlessly into everyday spaces and lifestyles.

3. Alex Believes in the Power of Storytelling.

Alex Eagle has always been a strong advocate for storytelling, particularly its power in the retail sector. She believes that every product has a story and that this story can elevate the product beyond just a decorative or functional item to become a conversation piece.

This philosophy is reflected in her brand, where she handpicks products not only for their design or utility, but also for their unique tales. You’ll often find features about the people and processes behind these items in her retail spaces and platforms.

4. She’s a Voracious Reader.

When asked about her sources of inspiration, Alex often cites literature as a significant influence. She’s a voracious reader and values the lessons and perspectives gleaned from books. From novels and biographies to art, design, and fashion books, you can often find Alex engrossed in a good read.

In fact, passionate about promoting a love for reading, the Alex Eagle Studio itself houses a well-curated selection of books, one that effectively acts as a library within her Soho shop.

5. Alex Was Appointed the Creative Director of The Stores.com in 2015.

In 2015, Alex took on a significant professional role as the Creative Director of The Stores.com—a global online retail platform devoted to luxury lifestyle. In this role, Alex was responsible for curating a diverse range of products, from fashion and beauty to homeware and high-end technology.

She brought her unique aesthetic to the online retail space, and, as she did with her own brand, she emphasized the importance of storytelling in crafting a unique and engaging shopping experience.

6. Alex Eagle and Her Team Were Once Gift-Wrapping Champions.

Less known about Alex Eagle is that she and her team once held the title for gift-wrapping champions. In 2019, they won the London Gift-Wrapping Championships, demonstrating that elegance and attention to detail are hallmarks of the Alex Eagle brand—in every aspect.

They did not only win the competition but it also provided them an opportunity to contribute to the community, as all the wrapped gifts were donated to charity.

7. She Loves To Feature Vintage Pieces in Her Space.

An element that distinguishes The Alex Eagle Studio is its array of vintage pieces. Alex loves the stories that vintage pieces carry and believes in the concept of reviving and reusing beautiful pieces.

The way she integrates these vintage pieces into The Alex Eagle Studio demonstrates her distinctive ability to create a space where style, quality, and sustainability meet.

8. She Values Wellness and Healthy Living.

Alex Eagle prioritizes wellness and a healthy lifestyle. She practices yoga regularly and she has a line of wellness products in her shop, and The Alex Eagle Studio often collaborates with wellness brands, promoting a balanced lifestyle.

She emphasizes the importance of well-being not only in her personal life but also as part of her brand, offering a carefully selected range of wellness products and services.

9. Alex Eagle is an Advocate for Sustainable Living.

Alex is an outspoken advocate for sustainable living and often highlights the importance of mindful consumption. Many of her curated pieces reveal an eco-awareness, from clothing made of natural materials to easily recyclable or reusable items.

She believes in curating timeless pieces that, with proper care, can last a lifetime, significantly lowering the environmental impact typically associated with fast fashion and throw-away culture.

10. Her First Permanent Store Opened in 2014.

Though she got her start at Harper’s Bazaar and then went on to become buying director for Soho House, it was in 2014 that Alex opened her first permanent retail space, The Alex Eagle Studio in Soho’s Lexington Street. The opening marked a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey.

The space intended to deliver a home-like atmosphere, where customers could take their time to browse, enjoy the art and literature, discover new brands, and purchase unique items. This holistic approach to retail has helped define Alex’s brand and has won her respect and success in the industry.

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