10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Kuruvilla

In the corporate world, many executives emerge as influential figures whose actions shape their industry’s future. One of them, making a significant impact in the Media, Art and Advertising Industry of India is Alex Kuruvilla. Currently, the Managing Director of lifestyle and media company Conde Nast India, here are ten things you might not know about Alex Kuruvilla.

1. Pioneer in the Broadcasting Industry

You might not have known that Alex Kuruvilla has been instrumental in building and shaping the broadcasting industry in India. He was the pioneer behind the launch of MTV in India back in 1996. At a time when Western music and pop culture were just trickling into the country, Kuruvilla helmed MTV’s operations, making it a popular brand among the youth.

The trailblazer of lifestyle broadcasting, Kuruvilla made the network an integral part of Indian pop culture. His foresight and innovative mindset laid the foundation for many more international channels to set foot in India.

2. An Economist by Profession

While Alex Kuruvilla’s career saw him venture predominantly into media and entertainment, he initially started his journey as an economist. He had earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Loyola College in Chennai and then went on to do his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. This gave him a unique perspective on market dynamics which later became a key factor in his successful career.

Kuruvilla did not lose touch with his roots in economics, often incorporating his strategic perspective in decision-making to leverage business opportunities. This background has helped him navigate through various challenges and changes in market trends effectively.

3. The Brain Behind Conde Nast in India

In 2007, Alex Kuruvilla was tasked with launching and running the Indian subsidiary of American mass media company Conde Nast. Under his leadership, the company launched some of the most popular and influential publications like Vogue, GQ, and Architectural Digest in India. These publications have since significantly influenced Indian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle making Alex a game-changer in the publishing industry.

He defied the common perception that international publications wouldn’t work in India. By understanding Indian consumer’s tastes and delivering content in line with their preferences, Kuruvilla made sure these magazines become leading brands in their respective sectors.

4. A Passionate Advocate for Indian Art

Beyond his corporate achievements, Alex Kuruvilla is a avid champion of Indian art. He launched Conde Nast India’s initiative ‘Art for Life’, which made significant strides in securing a global platform for Indian artists and their works. The initiative has magnified the focus on Indian art and artists globally, enabling the recognition they truly deserve.

This passion towards art doesn’t stop here. Kuruvilla also serves on the advisory board of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, an international exhibition of contemporary art held in Kochi. His initiatives have opened numerous doors of opportunities for Indian artists in the global art scene.

5. His Role in Launching India’s First Luxury Conference

Alex Kuruvilla has been instrumental in launching Mint Luxury Conference, India’s first luxury conference. The conference, held in association with the Hindustan Times, seeks to connect India with luxury lifestyle, fashion, and retail. It has hosted speakers from the upper echelons of the global and Indian luxury industry, making it a landmark event in the calendar.

Through the Mint Luxury Conference, Kuruvilla has brought local and global luxury brands under one roof, establishing a dialogue between Indian and international industry stalwarts. This has significantly contributed to the growth of the luxury market in India.

6. Acknowledging his Role in Education

Alex Kuruvilla does not only contribute to the media and luxury industry but also plays an active role in promoting higher education. He serves on the board of trustees for his alma maters – Loyola College and Indian School of Business.

At these institutes, his role extends far beyond just decision making, involving guiding the educational institutions to provide a relevant and robust educational experience to students, keep up with changing times and be at the forefront of innovation in the field of education.

7. The Man who Reinvented Conde Nast India Amid a Digital Storm

In an era of rapid digitization, Kuruvilla was quick to reinvent Conde Nast India to keep pace with the changing media landscape. Recognizing the shifting consumer preference to digital platforms, he led the transition of Conde Nast’s print publications to their digital counterparts without compromising on their distinct brand identities. This move ensured that the company’s reach didn’t wane with the changing times.

His swift actions in ensuring that the brand remains relevant and accessible to the audience in the digital era, once again shows his forward-thinking strategies and vision.

8. Astute Business Leader

Recognized as an astute business leader, Alex Kuruvilla’s strategies have always leaned towards futuristic business modalities. This could very well be observed from his early decisions at MTV India to his latest ventures at Conde Nast India.

His strong focus on original content, innovative marketing, strategic branding, and alignment with India’s youth and emerging trends have been key to his varied business successes.

9. A Combination of Tech Savvy and Arcane Knowledge

One of the unique traits that sets Kuruvilla apart from other business leaders is his ability to balance a deep knowledge of traditional markets with an understanding of emerging technologies. This blend of traditional business acumen and technological savvy has been instrumental in Alex’s successful career journey.

From giving MTV a digital makeover to initiating the digital transformation at Conde Nast India, Alex has always stayed ahead of the curve when it came to embracing new technologies.

10. A Champion for Diversity & Equality

Alex Kuruvilla strongly believes that diversity and equality should be reinforced at every level in the corporate world. He has often voiced his support for a workplace that encourages a culture of diversity, leading by example through his roles at MTV and Conde Nast.

Moreover, he has always advocated for equality and diverse representation within his teams. This has created an inclusive and dynamic culture in his organisations, driving innovation and fostering mutual respect among all employees.

In conclusion, Alex Kuruvilla is not just a successful leader in the media and advertising industry, but also a visionary whose contributions have made a lasting impact in multiple domains. From Art to Education, from Broadcasting Industry to Print Media, his influence resonates through various facets of daily life, making him a versatile personality and an inspirational figure for many.

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