An Intriguing Peep into Alexander Nesis – 10 Facts You Won’t Believe!

Ever heard of Alexander Nesis? An influential figure in business, he has received accolades from across the globe and continues to shape industries with his deep-rooted passion and acumen. And yet, Alexander Nesis often remains a man of mystery. Not anymore! Here are 10 fascinating things you probably didn’t know about this business titan.

1. The Start of his Entrepreneurial Journey

Contrary to what some might believe, Nesis did not have an immediate start in the business world. His journey began in the realm of engineering. Born in Leningrad on December 19, 1962, he pursued a degree in economics and construction from the Ural Polytechnic Institute. However, his entrepreneurial spirit took a decisive turn during the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 90s.

Together with other talented individuals, Alexander co-founded the ICT Group in 1993. This would become the cornerstone of his business career, allowing him to step into various sectors like mining, finance, and more. The group has been an influential player in shaping Russia’s economy and beyond.

2. An Avid Chess Lover

Yes, you read it right! Alexander Nesis is an ardent lover of chess, a strategic game that requires focus and elaborate thinking. This should come as no surprise as he extends this strategic mindset to his businesses. Spending hours on chess helps him sharpen his decision-making ability and brings clarity to his thoughts.

The love for chess drove Nesis to support several chess tournaments in Russia. He is known to have sponsored significant tournaments and is an active promoter of this intellectually stimulating game.

3. His Penchant for Philanthropy

Apart from his business ventures, Alexander Nesis is known as a compassionate and generous philanthropist. He has been instrumental in funding numerous social initiatives, focusing mostly on education and healthcare.

His innate desire to give back to society has led to ICT Group providing philanthropic support to Russian institutions and charities. This includes support for universities, hospitals, and research institutes to secure better futures for the less fortunate.

4. Keen Interest in Sports

You will be intrigued to know that Alexander Nesis appreciates sports. He has funded various sporting events and franchises in Russia. His belief in the unifying power of sports and its role in molding youth reflects in his interest and investment.

Alexander Nesis initiated the construction of the Yenisei Stadium, a prominent sports complex in Krasnoyarsk. His dedication to promoting physical education and sports is truly admirable.

5. Kolyma Gold Mine Owner

Nesis has had a marked presence in the mining sector. With the acquisition of the Kolyma Gold Mine in the Magadan region, he positioned himself as a leading figure in the mining industry.

The purchase of this gold mine through the ICT group was not just a business expansion but a resurgence of gold mining in the region. This move created jobs, boosted the local economy and induced infrastructural development.

6. Alexander’s Introverted Nature

Despite his extensive achievements and business prowess, Alexander Nesis is known to be a private individual. He prefers to let his work speak for itself rather than ride on the wave of publicity and media attention.

His friends and acquaintances describe him as a humble, modest, and introverted personality, which is quite uncommon in the world of business. However, this trait has not hindered his achievements or influence in various sectors.

7. His Stance on Politics

While several business tycoons often indulge in political activities, Nesis maintains a balance. He believes in contributing to society and the economy, but does not engage directly in politics.

Although he expressed support for the Russian government’s initiatives to improve the socio-economic structure, he refrains from participating in political debates or taking firm sides. His political neutrality aids him in focusing more on his business and philanthropic endeavors.

8. His Eye for Investment Opportunities

Alexander Nesis has always had a keen eye for spotting lucrative opportunities. His decisions have repeatedly demonstrated his knack for predicting market trends and making profitable investments.

This ability played a significant role in taking ICT Group on a path of consistent growth, spanning diverse industries from banking to mining to shipbuilding. His mind for successful diversification is truly inspiring.

9. Alexander Nesis and Art

Like many successful personalities, Nesis too is fond of art and culture. His art collection is reputed to be one of a kind, with pieces from renowned artists worldwide.

Moreover, he has sponsored art exhibitions and contributed to the cultural development in Russia. His appreciation for arts and his endeavors to nurture it speaks volumes about his multifaceted personality.

10. Alexander Nesis, the Family Man

Despite his busy schedule and numerous responsibilities, Alexander Nesis is a family man at heart. He always makes time for his three children and is known to maintain a close relationship with them.

Nesis has successfully imbibed his work ethics in his children. His eldest daughter, Yelena, is an accomplished businesswoman and his other two children also seem set on the path of business, thereby ensuring the continuity of his business legacy.

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