10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alexandra Andresen

In the modern era of billionaires and global tycoons, some billionaires manage to stay out of the public eye. One such billionaire is Alexandra Andresen, the youngest woman billionaire in the world. While she may not be a household name, her extraordinary wealth and fascinating life reveal a compelling story. In this article, we delve into ten facts you may not know about the heiress Alexandra Andresen.

1. Youngest Billionaire

Alexandra Andresen snagged the title of world’s youngest billionaire in 2016, when she was just 19 years old. Her impressive fortune is primarily derived from her family’s extensive investments in Norway’s private sector, particularly in the tobacco industry. Her share of the family wealth was made public when she came of age, propelling her into the spotlight unexpectedly.

Despite her enormous wealth, Alexandra leads a surprisingly normal life. She is known for her frugal habits and modest lifestyle. This down-to-earth approach to life is quite rare amongst billionaires, displaying an extraordinary maturity for her age.

2. Passionate Equestrian

Alexandra stands apart from the rest due to her passion for horse riding. This hasn’t just been a passing interest for her; she is, in fact, an accomplished professional dressage rider. She has competed in and won numerous competitions, both at home in Norway and abroad, achieving remarkable accolades in the equestrian scene.

Her love for horses goes back to her childhood. From a young age, she has dedicated countless hours to her training, demonstrating not only talent but also hard work and determination. Her competitive spirit has pushed her towards success in her equestrian pursuits, distinguishing her from other billionaire heirs and heiresses.

3. Fortune from Tobacco Company

The Andresen family built their substantial fortune from their ownership of Norway’s leading tobacco company, Tiedemanns. Founded by Alexandra’s great-great-great-grandfather in 1778, the company was sold in 2005, but it is still heavily associated with the family.

The sale of the company led to significant profits, which were subsequently invested in Ferd, a holding company. The company has interests in various sectors, including real estate, private equity holdings, financial liquid assets, and a hedge fund. Alexandra, along with her sister Katharina, owns 42.2% of the company, through which they inherited their billion-dollar wealth.

4. She Sees Horse Riding as a Way to Escape

Even though Alexandra has embraced her billionaire status, she often finds solace in the horse-riding discipline of dressage. This sport allows her to escape from the intense scrutiny that comes with her status. Through her intense focus and dedication to her sport, Alexandra often feels she’s in a different world, one where she is judged entirely on her skill and performance not her family background or wealth.

Many might imagine the life of a billionaire heiress to be filled with galas and high society events. But for Alexandra, the bulk of her time is spent on the training ground with her horses. Despite her considerable wealth, she proves that she is more than just an heiress – she is an athlete, and horse riding is part of her identity.

5. She is Not Actively Involved in the Family Business

Despite owning a substantial share of her family’s holding company, Ferd, Alexandra is not actively involved in its operations. She has chosen, instead, to follow her passion for horse riding and, as such, the day-to-day running of the company has been left to her father, Johan Andresen.

Notwithstanding, her father has said that he wants his daughters to find their own paths in life. This suggests that Ferd is more than a family business; it’s a platform for instilling life lessons. Despite their wealth, Alexandra and her sister have been brought up to be independent and to understand the value of money.

6. Alexandra’s father Wanted his Children to Grow Up as Normally as Possible

Despite their staggering family wealth, Johan Andresen is adamant about raising his children to understand the responsibilities they bear. He decided not to reveal the real extent of their inheritance to his daughters until they were adults. The main intention was to allow his children to grow up as normally as possible.

Towards this end, Johan has instilled values of hard work, humility, and empathy in his daughters. He gave Alexandra and Katharina summer jobs to understand the value of money. The Andresen sisters, thus, have developed a profound respect for their wealth and its responsibilities. Despite their vast fortune, they have been taught to live frugally and value earnings, profoundly connecting them with reality.

7. She is More Than Just a Billionaire Heiress

Alexandra has demonstrated that she is more than just an heiress. Her equestrian accomplishments alone speak volumes about her determination, tenacity, and skill. Despite having a life that could easily be filled with luxury and ease, she has chosen to dedicate her time and effort towards following her passion.

Aside from dressage and her active role in the family business, Alexandra also engages with philanthropy. Her family has been involved in various charitable causes, further demonstrating their commitment to using their wealth to contribute positively to society.

8. Incredibly Modest with Her Wealth

Being a billionaire comes with undeniable luxuries, but Alexandra lives quite a modest lifestyle. She is known for her frugal habits – a surprising contrast to the lavish lifestyles typical of most billionaires. Alexandra uses public transportation and doesn’t rely on the resources she possesses for maintaining a certain lifestyle.

Indeed, she seems remarkably down-to-earth, preferring to spend her time with friends and family than attending high-profile events. This disconnect from the oft-perceived billionaire lifestyle sets Alexandra apart from many of her peers.

9. Nature Lover

Alexandra’s love for horse riding also reflects her deeper love for the outdoors and nature. Her Instagram account is brimming with photos of her outdoors journeys, reflecting her connection with the natural world.

Be it relaxing by the sea, hiking mountains, or training her beloved horses, Alexandra offers a refreshing reminder that wealth doesn’t have to alienate one from the simple pleasures of life. Her obvious love for the great outdoors further sets her apart, presenting a more nuanced picture of a young billionaire who is deeply tied to her natural surroundings.

10. She Keeps Her Personal Life Private

Despite being a billionaire and a public figure because of her equestrian feats, Alexandra likes to maintain a low profile. She rarely makes public appearances unless it’s related to her sport or some charitable events. Her Instagram account, while reflective of her lifestyle, mainly revolves around her professional life and the outdoors.

Her modest nature and love for privacy are extremely mature characteristics for a person of her age. That said, it appears that Alexandra is effectively able to balance her personal life and her public persona, keeping her private and professional worlds sensibly separate.


Alexandra Andresen is not just the world’s youngest female billionaire; she is also a passionate horse rider, a nature lover, a philanthropist, and a dedicated young woman. Her story is not just about wealth and success, but about humbleness, passion, and hard work. The ten facts you didn’t know about Alexandra prove that she is a role model for many young people around the world, showing that wealth and fame don’t need to define a person.

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