10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alexi Lubomirski

In an industry captivating the world with its glamour and artistry, names like Alexi Lubomirski echo throughout, encompassing both talent and the aesthetic prowess to capture it. As one of the most influential photographers of our time, Lubomirski’s legendary work is globally celebrated, but his journey, and the man behind the camera, often remain a mystery.

1. Royal Origins

Alexi Lubomirski is no stranger to the halls of grandeur. he was born to a royal Polish family that has existed since the 13th century, inheriting the title of His Serene Highness Prince Alexi Lubomirski. Despite his noble birthright, Lubomirski experienced a comparatively ‘normal’ upbringing, choosing to focus more on his passion for photography than his royal title.

A unique mix of royal family ties and a humble background sets Alexi Lubomirski apart from many in his field, eventually leading him from simply capturing images to creating enchanting stories through his lens.

2. Understudy of Mario Testino

Lubomirski’s passion led him to pursue a career in photography. He spent four years working for the legendary Mario Testino, renowned for his work with Vogue, and portraits of the British Royal Family. This mentorship has undoubtedly shaped Lubomirski’s approach to photography and his burgeoning reputation as a leading fashion photographer.

With this experience working next to one of the titans of fashion photography, Lubomirski was able to refine his skill while absorbing knowledge on the finer nuances of the art. It was a pivotal moment paving his path towards eminence.

3. Humanitarian Activist

The world knows Alexi Lubomirski as an outstanding photographer. However, he is also a committed humanitarian. He is a longstanding supporter of Concern Worldwide, a global humanitarian organization that helps those living in the world’s poorest countries.

His compassion and dedication to humanitarian causes prove Lubomirski’s concern for the world, not just behind his viewfinder but on a larger humanitarian scale. His photography often covers broad environmental and social themes, showing his commitment to making a difference through his art.

4. Author of “Princely Advice for a Happy Life”

Beyond his image capturing skills, Lubomirski is also an author. He penned a lovely book titled “Princely Advice for a Happy Life”, intended for his sons. The book contains fifty key pieces of advice about kindness, humility, and respect.

Surprisingly, Lubomirski used the proceeds from the book sales to aid Concern Worldwide. This act reflects his multifaceted talent, not only proving his worth as an author but also reflecting his commendable dedication to philanthropic causes.

5. Vegan Lifestyle Advocate

Lubomirski is an advocate of the vegan lifestyle, attributing this lifestyle shift to his spiritual awakening. Through veganism, he’s able to align his work and life with his moral perspective, focusing on non-harmful, sustainable choices that don’t compromise the environment or beings living in it.

Alexi’s commitment to veganism goes beyond personal choice. He’s an advocate for the environment, promoting sustainable practices behind the scenes of his photo-shoots. He uses his platform to foster awareness about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

6. Royal Wedding Photographer

Amongst his sparkling portfolio, Alexi Lubomirski is celebrated for his stunning work as the official photographer for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The couple was seven months into their engagement when they chose Lubomirski to document their wedding, occurring in May 2018.

Capturing the dreamy love saga of the royal couple, Alexi played a crucial role in creating a modern piece of royal history. His charming and intimate portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex captivated the globe, marking him as a significant player in the world of photography.

7. Winning International Photographer of The Year Award

His captivating work didn’t go unnoticed. Lubomirski was awarded International Photographer of the Year in 2020 by the Fashion Group International. He was honored for his exceptional creativity, innovation, and dedication in the fashion industry.

His photographic journey is filled with innovation, artistry, and authenticity, making him deserving of such a prestigious award. It was his exceptional talent and hard work that have put him in the global spotlight.

8. Celebrated Works Include “Diverse Beauty”

Alexi Lubomirski celebrated the multifaceted beauty of women in his book “Diverse Beauty”. The book includes portraits of popular actresses and ruling supermodels who are breaking barriers and challenging the beauty standards in the fashion industry.

“Diverse Beauty” is a testament to Lubomirski’s depth of expression, illustrating his belief in a more inclusive and diverse portrayal of beauty.

9. Teaching About Photography On Masterclass

Upon receiving a wealth of experience in the industry, Lubomirski now shares his knowledge and skills through Masterclass, teaching about fashion and portrait photography. His students learn not just the practicalities, but also the creative approach behind each snapshot.

His decision to share his craft signifies his desire to leave a legacy in the industry, shaping the next generation of photographers through his wealth of experience and unique point of view.

10. Family Man

Despite his hectic schedule and fame, Alexi Lubomirski prioritizes his family. He lives with his wife, Giada Lubomirski and their two sons in New York City. He often shares sweet and intimate family moments on his social media profile, showcasing the man behind the camera.

From being a loving husband to a devoted father, his family life displays another side of the famed photographer, grounding his aristocratic polish with a common touch, truly humanizing him.

Alexi Lubomirski has made a name for himself as a revered photographer, capable of captivating the world with his picturesque imagination. Behind the lens, he’s a visionary, and outside it, he’s a dedicated humanitarian and a family man. He serves as an inspiration to aspiring photographers and remains a beacon of talent, vision, and dedication in the fashion industry.

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