10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Alice Ferraz’

For many people, the name Alice Ferraz might sound familiar, but how much do you actually know about this Brazilian powerhouse? Alice is the founder of the successful PR company Alice Ferraz Comunicação Integrada and FHits, Brazil’s first Influencer marketing platform. Discover 10 facts about Alice Ferraz that you may not be aware of.

1. Alice Ferraz: The Entrepreneurial Beginning

Most people know Alice Ferraz as a wildly successful businesswoman, but many may not know that her road to success was full of determination and relentless hard work. Unlike many successful entrepreneurs, Alice did not follow a straight or easy path. She started her PR company in the late 90s, at a time when the Internet was at its infant stage and communication was primarily offline.

Over the years Alice’s business acumen and understanding of the fashion industry’s requirements helped her in growing her business successfully. She was amongst the first in Brazil to recognize the potential of digital and influencer marketing and leverage it towards her growth.

2. The Birth of FHits

In 2010, Alice made her mark in the world of digital marketing by launching FHits. FHits is the first and largest influencer marketing platform in Brazil. It is a platform that links brands and consumers through content produced by a curated group of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers.

FHits revolutionized the website scenario with its unique 360-degree approach encompassing online stores, social networks, blogs, and video platforms. It showed Alice Ferraz’s deep understanding of capturing the consumer’s demands and needs and providing upcoming influencers with a platform for visibility and growth.

3. Alice Ferraz is a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur

Alice Ferraz’s work and influence have been acknowledged both nationally and globally. She made it to BOF 500 (The Business of Fashion), a prestigious list of international fashion influencers. Her company FHits was also awarded as the Best in Fashion and Business category by ABComm (Brazilian Association of E-commerce).

Alice received individual recognition when she was awarded as one of the 20 most powerful women in Brazil by Forbes in 2017. These awards aren’t just a testament to Alice’s success but also her influence on and contribution to the Brazilian and international fashion scene.

4. She Stepped into the Uncertain World of Tech

Alice’s leap into the world of tech was a daring one. Back in 2010, launching an e-commerce website wasn’t a walk in the park. The online world was still uncertain and, for Brazil, an unfamiliar space for business. However, Alice’s strategic mind and entrepreneurial spirit saw past the uncertainty.

FHits, with its unique concept and innovative 360-degree approach, became a game-changer in Brazil’s sphere of e-commerce. She used technology to bridge the gap between the brand and the consumer, providing a model that other industries have since followed.

5. An Author and Influencer

Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Alice is also an author. Her insightful book ‘Moda à Brasileira’ is a guide to style and personal branding, capturing her understanding and grasp over the fashion world.

But Alice’s influence extends beyond just her business. She is a role model for many young women who dream of making it big in the world. Her journey and achievements stand as a testament to her hard work, determination, and innovative mindset.

6. She Pioneered the Concept of “See Now, Buy Now”

Alice Ferraz was one of the first people to introduce the concept of “See Now, Buy Now” to the Brazilian fashion industry. This was a radical move in an industry known for its forward planning. It allowed consumers to get immediate access to fashion items they saw on catwalks and in shows.

This move was a game-changer for both the fashion industry and Brazilian consumers. It has since become a widely accepted practice in the industry, further testifying to Alice’s ability to foresee trends and shape the future of fashion.

7. Alice Ferraz is Highly Active on Social Media

Alice Ferraz completely understands the importance and power of social media. She has a strong online presence and is highly active on various platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. Her followers appreciate her regular personal and professional updates, which provide a glimpse into her life and work.

Her active social media presence allows her to stay directly in touch with her audience. She uses these platforms to interact personally with her followers, share her insights and tips about fashion, and publish recent updates about FHits.

8. A Philanthropist and Social Activist

A lesser-known fact about Alice Ferraz is her engagement in philanthropy. She is involved in various charitable causes and believes in giving back to society. Alice supports NGOs and runs campaigns that contribute towards social causes, showing that she is not just about business success.

Alice is also known for her activism efforts, particularly women empowerment. She sees her success as a channel for inspiring other women to pursue their dreams. She has been a part of various women-oriented forums where she shares her experience and provides guidance to young entrepreneurs.

9. An Enriching Personal Life

While she is a successful entrepreneur and a public figure, Alice Ferraz values her privacy and personal life. She is married and is blessed with children. Despite her busy schedule and professional commitments, she makes sure to spend quality time with her family and maintains a good work-life balance.

She credits her success to her supportive family and believes that they are her pillar of strength. Alice’s belief in the power of love and the importance she places on her relationships give her the emotional balance and strength needed in her professional life.

10. Alice Ferraz and Her Love for Fashion

Alice’s ardent love for fashion is the driving force behind her professional undertakings. She began her journey in the fashion industry as a PR professional and later integrated her passion for fashion with her grasp of the digital world. Alice is known for her elegant style and her ability to communicate a style narrative effectively.

Her love for fashion isn’t just limited to the business aspect. Alice Ferraz is a regular at fashion events, shows, and forums where she brings together her love for fashion and her business acumen to create a stronger fashion community globally.

Find more about Alice Ferraz on her Instagram Page here and her LinkedIn profile here