Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alice Heusser & Olivia Kennaway

At a glance, Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway may appear to be ordinary ladies pursuing their passion for fashion. However, delve a little deeper, and you’ll find ten extraordinary, unknown facts that make them stand out in the fashion industry. Curious about this duo? Hang tight, we’ll be unveiling our top-boolean ten amazing facts about Alice and Olivia.

1. Founders of LaLesso Fashion Label

When we talk about Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway, it’s impossible to not bring up their brainchild: LaLesso. Founded after a coastal adventure in Kenya, the brand infuses the traditional East African ‘khanga’ into contemporary fashion. What started off as a university project soon grew into a booming business thanks to their creativity, dedication, and love for African culture.

LaLesso exploits sustainable manufacturing techniques, organic cotton and contributes to local communities. It is an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral fashion brand. This aspect of their work showcases their environmental consciousness, which is a rarely heralded fact about the duo.

2. Music Video Stars

Believe it or not, Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway also indulged in music video production. They had cameo appearances in the catchy and vibrant song “Get Busy”, by the renowned reggae dancehall star, Sean Paul. Their ties with the music industry make them even more fascinating and highlights their multifaceted nature.

The song was an international hit, which meant the two fashion pioneers got an early taste of being in the limelight. This exposure provided them with the confidence and presence needed in the fashion industry.

3. They Have No Formal Fashion Schooling

Pulling off a successful fashion brand without formal fashion education is no small feat. But Alice and Olivia have done just that. Both graduated with Business degrees – Olivia from the University of Cape Town and Alice from the University of Edinburgh – and went on to show that determination, hard work, and passion were the only prerequisites needed to conquer the fashion industry.

They are self-taught designers who are open to learning new things and embrace challenges. This is an outstanding takeaway from their journey, inspiring many that formal degrees aren’t an absolute necessity for success.

4. They Met In Kindergarten

Long before the glitz and glamour of the fashion world, Alice and Olivia met as kindergarteners in Kenya. The duo grew up together, developing a strong bond that culminated into a successful business partnership. This friendship, which began as toddlers, is the foundation for their dynamic working relationship.

Their profound connection from an early age gives them an understanding of each other’s work style. It helps them function seamlessly and align their creative ideas to propel LaLesso into the limelight.

5. They Have Collaborated With Big Fashion Brands

Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway have collaborated with high-profile fashion brands like Topshop. The collaboration was a unique blend of Topshop’s modern fashion sense and LaLesso’s Afro-centric prints and designs. Their pieces sold out within minutes, cementing their authority in the fashion industry.

Such collaborations, aside from driving their brand forward, also bear witness to the pair’s relentless drive to innovate. By merging different styles, they create refreshing designs that resonate with a wide variety of fashion enthusiasts.

6. Sustainable Fashion Advocates

Sustainability is a cardinal belief of Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway. Their fashion brand, LaLesso, strongly supports eco-friendly fashion practices, including the usage of organic cotton and preserving traditional craftsmanship. They are firm believers in promoting ethical fashion that is kind to the environment and respects their workers’ rights.

Their advocacy for sustainable fashion extends beyond their brand. They are consistently involved in conversations around sustainable fashion, calling for industry-wide adjustments towards eco-conscious practices.

7. Home Base – Cape Town

Although their fashion label has a global presence, the dynamic duo has always kept Cape Town close to their hearts. Both Alice and Olivia are based out of Cape Town – the city where they grew up. The natural beauty of Cape Town and the vibrant Kenyan coastal vibe greatly inspire their designs.

Despite their global travels and exposure, the love for their hometown remains integral to their work. This intrinsic connection to their roots contributes to their unique and distinct fashion sense that makes LaLesso a global sensation.

8. They’re Actively Involved in Philanthropy

Alice and Olivia aren’t only successful businesswomen but are also compassionate individuals who believe in giving back. They’ve translated this belief into their business model by setting a portion of LaLesso’s profits for charity.

The philanthropic activities primarily target education and poverty relief in Zanzibar. This humanitarian side of the duo is truly inspiring, displaying their genuine care towards the communities that inspired their brand.

9. They Bring The Global and Local Together

The essence of LaLesso lies in its fusion of local African fabric with international fashion sensibilities. This approach has resulted in the creation of a unique brand identity that is loved across the globe.

Their sensibilities are an interesting mix of global and local, a rare fashion attribute. Above all, it shows the power of cultural diversity and the beauty it adds to the world of design.

10. They Believe in Community Empowerment

Community empowerment has been one of the foundational beliefs at LalLesso. They’ve single-handedly contributed towards the upliftment of numerous Kenyan women by providing them with employment. In return, these women bring their innate skills into creating beautiful LaLesso pieces.

This fact reveals their commitment towards inclusivity in fashion. Their efforts invariably work towards a meaningful future – one that respects every worker’s contribution.


Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway are par excellence. They are not only fashion trendsetters but also role models for young women aspiring to make a difference through sustainable and ethical practices.

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