10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alison Loehnis

Alison Loehnis is doubtlessly a powerful woman in the fashion industry. Known for her role as the President of NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER, her rich professional experience, unique leadership style, and keen insight on the future of luxury fashion retail make her a fascinating personality. Away from popular talks about her corporate success, there are some other captivating facts about this industry icon you should know. Here, we present 10 things you didn’t know about Alison Loehnis.

1. Her Journey Began in Marketing

Before becoming a major player in the industry, Alison Loehnis started her career in marketing. She worked in the marketing department at Disney, where she handled exciting projects. Gradually, she moved into luxury fashion.

Not many people know that before her transition into the luxurious fashion industry, Alison had a pivotal role in shaping movie marketing strategies. Her time at Disney was instrumental in honing her marketing techniques, ultimately preparing her for the competitive world of fashion.

2. She is a Queen’s University Alumnus

Alison Loehnis is not just an acclaimed businesswoman; she possesses profound academic credentials too. She is a proud alumnus of the prestigious Queens’ University in Kingston, Ontario, where she studied Politics and History.

She later moved to France to obtain a Master’s degree in Business Administration from INSEAD Business School, one of the world’s leading graduate business schools. Her strong academic foundation in Politics, History, and Business has continually set her apart in her career.

3. Her Love for Fashion Started Early

Loehnis grew up with a deep love for fashion. From an early age, she was known for her unique sense of style and fashion-forward mindset. Family members remember her combining unusual pieces with ease and confidence.

Her early fascination with fashion helped her build a strong foundation for her career in the fashion industry. She perfectly combined her love for fashion with her marketing skills to forge her path in the industry.

4. She’s Been with NET-A-PORTER for Over a Decade

Alison joined the NET-A-PORTER group in 2007. She held various leadership roles before eventually becoming the President of the luxe fashion online store. Her dedication and hard work were crucial in her rise to the top in the company.

Her journey within the company is a testament to her commitment to the brand. She has been at the forefront of the group’s effort to lead in the digital retail space consistently.

5. She is Fluent in French

Being a global citizen, Alison Loehnis is fluent in French. She brushed up her French while tutoring French children in Paris during her time in college. Her fluency in the language is a big plus in her interactions within the global world of luxury retail.

She often illustrates her international savoir-faire in multilingual meetings, making a case for the importance of foreign language proficiency in the global business stage.

6. Embracing Digital Innovation

Loehnis is at the forefront of pushing digital innovation in the fashion industry. Since the start of her tenure at NET-A-PORTER, she has emphasized the importance of investing in and leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations.

She is particularly interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), seeing them as tools to improve shopping experiences and create personalized journeys for consumers.

7. Loehnis is a Leader in Sustainability

Alison is interested in making the fashion industry more sustainable. Under her leadership, NET-A-PORTER launched NET SUSTAIN, an initiative focusing on brands that meet certain criteria of sustainability.

She committed to making NET-A-PORTER a platform for delivering sustainable fashion. Alison’s ongoing pledge to sustainable fashion underlines her leadership role in creating a fashion industry that’s considerate of the environment.

8. Family Heritage in Retail

Loehnis was born into a retail family – her father ran luxury homeware and gift stores in Switzerland. This familial connection made Alison intimately familiar with the logistics of a sales floor, inventory, and customer service from a young age.

She could learn the rudiments of the business and grasp the importance of customer satisfaction. This early exposure underpins her understanding of the retail industry and her subsequent success.

9. She Values Mentorship

Alison Loehnis believes strongly in mentorship and credits some of her success to the guidance she received from mentors over the years. She also pays it forward by mentoring others, offering advice, and sharing her experiences with young professionals hoping to break into the fashion industry.

She is dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders and emphasizes that a strong support network can be instrumental in achieving one’s career goals.

10. A Lover of Arts

Beyond her love for fashion, Alison is also a keen admirer of arts and culture. She appreciates fine arts, theatre, and music. She’s often seen attending art exhibitions and shows, expressing her support and exploring her creative side.

Her love for arts translates into her work as she navigates the creative industry with a deep respect and understanding for the artistic contributions to the world of fashion.

Wrapping up, Alison Loehnis is undoubtedly a tour-de-force in the fashion industry. Her inspiring blend of academic acumen, marketing savvy, commitment to sustainability, leadership style, and personal interests make her an interesting figure.



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