10 Things You Didn’t Know About Amnon Shashua

Amnon Shashua is known to many as a leading figure in the world of technology and innovation, but there’s more to this individual than meets the eye. From his contribution in the field of computer science to his key role in the advancement of autonomous driving, Shashua has left and continues to leave an indelible impact on numerous industries. Here are 10 things you may not know about this renowned entrepreneur and computer scientist.

1. He Co-Founded Mobileye

Amnon Shashua co-founded Mobileye, a company that specializes in advanced driver-assistance systems. Inaugurated in Israel in 1999, Mobileye has since transformed the automotive industry. Shashua’s decision to create Mobileye wasn’t just a business venture, but a mission to reduce traffic accidents on roads around the world.

In 2017, Intel acquired Mobileye for a staggering $15.3 billion. The acquisition allowed Shashua to continue his quest to develop driving safety technologies, while also pursuing the exciting world of autonomous vehicles under a world-leading tech company.

2. He is a Professor of Computer Science

Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, Amnon Shashua is an accomplished academic. He’s a Professor of Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he has been instrumental in spearheading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning research.

Shashua has published over 120 scientific papers, primarily focusing on computer vision, machine learning, and robotics. Through his academic contributions, he has played a pivotal role in shaping modern understandings of these fields.

3. He Co-Founded OrCam

After successfully establishing Mobileye, Shashua, along with Ziv Aviram, co-founded another tech start-up, OrCam. This company revolves around using AI for the visually impaired, and has developed outstanding solutions that aim to enhance the lives of people with visual impairments.

Their flagship product, OrCam MyEye, uses smart camera technology to read and recognize text and faces, thus improving the daily lives of the visually impaired. This visionary product is another testament to Shashua’s commitment to positively impacting society through technology.

4. He Launched Israel’s First Driverless Taxi

Continuing his spirit of innovation, Shashua’s Mobileye launched Israel’s first driverless taxi in December 2019. The launch was a significant step towards fulfilling Israel’s plan of having thousands of self-driving taxis on the roads by the end of 2022.

The autonomous taxi, developed in partnership with Volkswagen and Champion Motors, marked a major milestone in Shashua’s journey in the autonomous vehicle industry and emphasized his passion for technological advancements and safer roads.

5. His Thesis Introduced the Theory of Visual Recognition

Shashua’s groundbreaking doctoral thesis introduced the theory of visual recognition and image understanding, a concept integral to the development of modern computer vision technologies. His work has changed the way machines interpret and understand visual data.

Not only has his research contributed to the development of driverless cars, but it’s also played a crucial role in enhancing facial recognition technologies, object detection systems, and even medical imaging technologies.

6. He’s the Co-Inventor of More Than 45 Patents

Amnon Shashua’s innovative spirit is reflected in the more than 45 patents he has co-invented. These patents span the areas of computer vision and machine learning for which Shashua is famous.

His inventions have ranged from systems for pedestrian detection for autonomous driving to methods of training artificial networks, all underlining Shashua’s innovative mind and significant contributions to the tech industry.

7. He Founded the Yitzhak Rabin AI Research Center

In 2020, Shashua founded the Yitzhak Rabin AI Research Center within the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The center was established with the goal of advancing research and knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence.

The foundation of the research center speaks volumes about Shashua’s commitment to education and his vision of propelling Israel to the forefront of global AI research and innovation.

8. He Was Named As One of the Most Creative People in Business

In 2017, Fast Company named Amnon Shashua as one of the 100 most creative people in business. This accolade came after his pioneering work in revolutionizing transportation and mobility through Mobileye.

Shashua’s commitment to creativity, innovation, and problem-solving is a driving factor in his long list of accomplishments and recognitions in the industry.

9. He Believes In the Importance of AI Ethics

Shashua strongly believes in the importance of ethical considerations when dealing with artificial intelligence. He has expressed that the goal of technology should be to augment human capabilities and improve lives, not replace humans or cause harm.

In line with this belief, Shashua emphasizes the need for transparent and explainable AI systems that prioritize safety and user trust. His stance on AI ethics is significant in an era where technology is rapidly changing our lives.

10. He is an Avid Chess Player

Apart from being a brilliant scientist and entrepreneur, Shashua enjoys playing chess. He is known for his capable strategies on the chess board, and often likens chess to an algorithmic problem – something that aligns with his professional interests and expertise.

Shashua’s interest in chess is a testament to his strategic thinking, a quality that has undoubtedly contributed to his success in the realms of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Amnon Shashua, despite being a prominent figure in the tech world, maintains an air of mystery. The aspects of his personality, combined with the achievements that make him stand apart, provide inspiration to multitudes who aspire to innovate and contribute positively to society in the world of technology.

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