10 Things You Didn’t Know About Amy Adams Strunk

The Tennessee Titans have had substantial success throughout the recent years–all under the watchful eye of Amy Adams Strunk. As one of the few female owners in the NFL, Strunk has proven her mettle and shown that she’s willing to take the necessary risks to ensure the Titans’ success. While she is not as recognized or as known as some of the other owners in the league, she plays an incredibly important role. But who is Amy Adams Strunk? Let’s explore ten things you might not know about her.

1. She became the primary owner in 2015

Amy Adams Strunk assumed the role of primary owner of the Tennessee Titans in March 2015, following a tumultuous period for the team. At the time, the team was grappling with leadership concerns, primarily due to the convoluted ownership structure left behind by the late Bud Adams–Amy’s father and former owner of the team.

Amy had been involved with the team from a young age, having been brought up around the team, but this was the first time she had taken on a primary role. Her tenure has seen the team going through a welcome resurgence, including regular playoff appearances.

2. She is integral to the team’s operations

Not only is Strunk the owner, but she also plays an integral part in the day-to-day running of the team. She actively takes part in the team’s administration, makes executive decisions and is the person who hires (or fires) the team’s coaches. She is directly involved in making important decisions that impact the team’s future.

Despite owning the team, Amy Adams Strunk does not have her own office at the team’s headquarters. Instead, she prefers to work in the field, interacting directly with players, hired personnel, and fans. Her hands-on approach has won her admiration from many corners, including Titan players and fans alike.

3. Strunk has a history in the oil business

Before becoming a key figure in the NFL, Amy Adams Strunk was very much involved in the oil business. After all, her father, Bud Adams, was an oil tycoon. Strunk got her start in the oil industry, where she worked in several of her father’s numerous oil companies within the Texas area.

Her experience in the oil industry likely laid the groundwork for her current role. Strunk’s understanding of business deals, operations, and strategy, honed in her time in the oil business, has served her well in running the Tennessee Titans.

4. She has a heart for charity

Amy Adams Strunk is not all business. She’s also a philanthropist with a generous spirit. Since she took over the team, Strunk has significantly increased the Titans’ involvement in charitable activities. The organization has made generous donations to various causes, both locally and nationally.

Whether it’s supporting youth sports, making substantial contributions to disaster victims, or even funding the renovation of parks and playgrounds, Strunk believes in giving back and making a difference in people’s lives.

5. She is a passionate car collector

Outside of football, one of Amy Adams Strunk’s hobbies is car collecting. Strunk has a vast car collection, with some of her favorites being the classics.

Some of Strunk’s collection includes vintage iconic cars, super-fast sports cars, and unique motor classics. Given her business background, it’s no surprise she has a keen eye for priceless vehicle models.

6. She had differences with her late father

Despite Amy’s current successful run with the Tennessee Titans, it wasn’t always smooth sailing, especially when it came to her relationship with her father. At the time of Bud Adams’ death in 2013, he and Amy were estranged. Amy Adams Strunk’s older sister, Susan Lewis, even contested the late Adams’ will in court.

Despite the challenges, Amy has managed to honor her father’s legacy with her continued commitment to the success of the Tennessee Titans, a team Bud Adams held close to his heart.

7. Her mother was a civil rights activist

It’s not only Amy’s father who has had an influence on her life. Her mother, Nancy Neville Adams, was an educator, a civic leader, and a civil rights activist. Nancy was highly committed to educational causes and was known for her efforts to promote racial integration in Houston during the 1960s.

Amy’s mother’s contribution to civil rights is something that Amy holds in high esteem. And just like her mother, Amy also has a heart for community service and giving back.

8. She is championing for more diversity in the NFL

As one of the few females who hold senior roles in the NFL, Strunk has set her sights on promoting diversity within the organisation. She has been vocal about the importance of having more women in positions of power within the NFL, both in terms of ownership and in coaching.

Amy Adams Strunk believes that the gender ceiling in the NFL is gradually coming down and she is proud to be part of that change. Her vision is to motivate and inspire young women who are interested in pursuing a career in sports.

9. She holds a degree in fashion and interior design

Amy Adams Strunk doesn’t just have an executive mind; she also appreciates aesthetics. She attended the University of Texas and graduated with a degree in fashion and interior design. Having this background, she’s developed a keen eye for details, which can be seen in her leadership style.

Her degree has also shown its relevance with regards to marketing, branding and image of the Titans team. Her approach, which blends practicality with aesthetics, distinguishes her from many of her NFL counterparts.

10. She prioritizes culture and connectivity

Strunk has always emphasized culture and connectivity in building a successful team. She believes that fostering a good work environment, where everyone feels that they are part of a family, is a crucial factor in achieving victory.

She has worked to maintain a positive culture within the Titans’ organization. Furthermore, she encourages open communication and constructive feedback, ensuring that the team’s players, coaches, and employees, all feel connected and valued.

While Amy Adams Strunk might not be the most publicized owner in the NFL, her influence on the Titans and NFL, as a whole, is undeniable. With her unique background and signature leadership style, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the Titans into what it is today. We hope these 10 things you didn’t know about Amy Adams Strunk have provided some insight into this notable figure in the NFL.

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