10 Things You Didn’t Know About Anand Mahindra

Regarded as a vanguard of modern entrepreneurship, Anand Mahindra doesn’t need much introduction. He’s the dynamic figure behind Mahindra Group, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that’s as extensive as it is successful. Despite the enormous familiarity of his brand, there are many intriguing aspects about Mahindra that are less known. Here are the top 10 things you didn’t know about Anand Mahindra:

1. He’s a Film Patriciate

Many may not know that Anand Mahindra has a very special place in his heart for cinema. His love for movies doesn’t stop at enjoying them – he’s actually an integral part of the film industry. In fact, he ventured into the filmmaking business with ‘Mahindra Entertainment’ and has also invested in Epic Television Networks Pvt Ltd.

Furthermore, he played a pivotal role in producing feature films like ‘The Memsahib’, a drama-thriller and ‘Broken Horses’, an action crime drama. His passion for cinema extends beyond Bollywood, emphasizing the cross-cultural nature of his interests.

2. He is Harvard-Educated

Anand Mahindra’s educational background is as impressive as his corporate persona. He graduated with Honors (Magna cum laude, high honors) from Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1977. His major was in Visual and Environmental Studies.

Following this, he furthered his education also at Harvard, continuing at Harvard Business School where he acquired his MBA in 1981. He belongs to the rare breed of Indian businessmen with an Ivy League background, a trait that undoubtedly has contributed to his success.

3. An Avid Photographer

Beyond the realms of his business and cinema, Anand Mahindra enjoys capturing moments. He’s quite the avid photographer and frequently shares his clicks on social media.

His love for photography reflects the creative and artistic side of the tycoon. His frames often capture essence of India’s rich cultural heritage, technological advancements, nature and a lot more, painting a vivid picture of his diverse interests and sharp eye for details.

4. Active Social Media Kickstarter

Anand Mahindra is one of the most socially tuned Indian businessmen. He is highly active on social media platforms and uses them effectively to share his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world. He has around 8 million followers on Twitter and his remarkable engagement with fans signifies his humility in spite of his status.

He doesn’t just share messages and updates, he also uses social media as an effective platform for crowd-sourcing ideas and responding to consumer feedback which makes him an exemplar for leaders adapting to the digital age.

5. Involved in Philanthropy

Mahindra’s extensive endeavors aren’t limited to personal passion projects and professional success – he’s heavily involved in philanthropy as well. He uses his influential position to give back to society and address social issues.

Through ‘Naandi Foundation’, which Mahindra heavily supports, he has been working specifically in areas of child rights, providing safe drinking water and sanitation in rural areas, and educational scholarships for deserving students. His philosophy of corporate leadership clearly extends beyond profits and business growth.

6. A Man of Humor

Anyone who follows Anand Mahindra on social media platforms will know that he possesses a great sense of humor. Despite being one of the most successful businessmen in India, he doesn’t hesitate to crack a joke or share a funny anecdote, even if it comes at his own expense.

This trait humanizes the business icon, allowing him to connect with millions of his followers on a more personal level. Whether it’s using humor to respond to a problematic tweet or just sharing a light-hearted post, Mahindra never fails to bring a bit of joy into the day of his followers.

7. Strict Fitness Regime

At the age of 66, Anand Mahindra is fitter than many individuals half his age. The secret behind his robust health and vitality is his rigorous physical workout routine. He follows a strict exercise schedule that includes daily morning walks, weight training, and yoga.

This commitment to personal health and fitness complements his business motto of ‘Rise’, embodying not just business growth, but also personal growth and well-being. His discipline in maintaining good health is a reminder of the integral role of physical fitness in achieving success.

8. Passionate for Indian Folk Art

Anand Mahindra has a deep appreciation for Indian folk art forms and is known for his efforts to promote and preserve them. His commitment is manifested in initiatives like the ‘Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival,’ which aims to revive and preserve Lucknow’s art, culture, and cuisine.

Through this, Mahindra not only promotes regional talent but helps bring the unique cultural landscape of India to the limelight. His passion for Indian folk art just adds another facet to his multidimensional personality.

9. Global Leader Influencer

In 2019, Mahindra was featured in Fortune’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders list. His innovative leadership style and commitment to sustainable business practices have earned Mahindra global recognition, not just as a corporate leader, but as an inspiration for future entrepreneurs.

The recognition is a testament to his forward-thinking vision and strategic direction that has transformed Mahindra Group from a domestic conglomerate to a global enterprise.

10. He’s a Jack of All Trades

Be it a producer, a social media influencer, an entrepreneur, an environmentalist or a photographer, Anand Mahindra has donned many hats, both professionally and personally. His strong diverse interests and expertise across multiple domains validate his title as a modern Renaissance man.

Despite his immense success and power, he is known for his down to earth attitude, engaging persona and progressive outlook, all of which have shaped the legacy of Mahindra Group and will continue to inspire many generations to come.

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