10 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrei Skoch and Family

Andrei Skoch, a renowned Russian businessman and deputy at the State Duma, has led a quite fascinating life. From his early days to his rise to prominence, there are several intriguing facets associated with him and his family. And you’re about to take a deeper dive into some of these. Here are ten unexpected facts about Andrei Skoch and family that you probably didn’t know.

1. Skoch’s Business Background

Andrei Skoch is most popularly known for his tenure as a deputy in the State Duma. But his success story had surprisingly humble beginnings. Born in 1966 in the small mining town of Nyrgan, Skoch initially began his entrepreneurial journey at a mining machinery factory.

Following a wave of privatization in Russia during the ’90s, Skoch and two partners integrated their resources, forming Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant. Here they met Alisher Usmanov, a prominent Uzbek-born businessman. Usmanov’s firm, Metalloinvest, eventually bought out the plant. And this was just the start of an escalating partnership between Skoch and Usmanov.

2. Significant Political Influence

Skoch has extended his influence beyond the world of business, stepping into the realm of politics. A deputy at the State Duma since 1999, he’s been influential in pushing several key bills, particularly those promoting better social conditions.

Moreover, Skoch’s political efforts have often been directed towards improving the livelihood of societal groups that are frequently ignored, such as veterans and pensioners. His influence and dedication in the political space are palpable and respected.

3. The Skoch Family’s Philanthropic Efforts

Philanthropy is deeply ingrained in the Skoch family’s values. Andrei Skoch, using his considerable resources, has made significant contributions to several charitable causes. He has, in particular, actively supported programs aimed at preserving Russian history and culture.

Several schools, community facilities, and infrastructure projects in his hometown and the neighbouring area of Belgorod region have also been funded and developed by the Skoch family.

4. High Regard for Education

Skoch takes education very seriously. An associate and graduate of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, he strongly believes in the power and importance of a strong educational foundation.

This belief extends to his family too. His children are being educated in top-tier private academies that offer the highest standards of education.

5. Advocate for Sports

Andrei Skoch is a keen supporter of sports. This interest reveals itself in his sponsorship of several sports teams and events. What’s more, he’s the founder of a Boxing Federation, ensuring that amateur boxing gets the much-needed support it deserves.

Skoch believes that sport plays a crucial role in promoting discipline, teamwork, and healthy competition, values he adheres to himself and has passed on to his children.

6. Andrei Skoch’s Love for Literature

It’s not uncommon for successful individuals to have a profound appreciation for literature, and Skoch is no exception. He’s a known fan of classical Russian literature and has a personal collection that boasts an impressive variety of works from authors like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

Moreover, he has conducted initiatives that encourage the Russian youth to read and appreciate their literary heritage.

7. A Family Man

Despite his busy schedule and multiple responsibilities, Skoch remains a devoted family man. He is married and has nine children. Above all, he believes in leading a balanced life, giving equal importance to both his business and family life.

The Skoch family, despite their vast wealth and prosperity, are noted for their simplicity and humility.

8. Real Estate Investments

The Skoch family has a penchant for luxury real estate. They own several upscale properties in elite neighbourhoods across Russia and abroad. This includes Skoch’s sprawling estate in the exclusive Rublevka neighbourhood, known for housing Russia’s affluent and influential elite.

Yet, amidst all the ostentation, Skoch’s childhood home in Nyrgan remains his favourite.

9. Art Enthusiast

Andrei Skoch is known for his passion for art. He is a patron of the arts and has been instrumental in fostering the careers of numerous Russian artists. His vast art collection includes works from some of the most famous artists across the globe.

10. Concern for Environmental Issues

Skoch is very much concerned about the environment and has been involved in a number of environmental philanthropy projects. For him, it’s not just about growth and prosperity, but also about sustainability.

In conclusion, Andrei Skoch is a man of many facets. Whilst being a shrewd businessman, he is also a family man, a philanthropist, and an art enthusiast. Above all, he is a man who contributes actively to improving the society he’s part of.

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