10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Aneeth Arora’

For many, Aneeth Arora is a name synonymous with Indian fashion at its finest. The founder and creative director of Péro, her designs, are cherished globally for their strong emphasis on Indian craft and luxury. However, there’s more to this multi-awarded designer than what meets the eye. Let’s discover 10 lesser-known facts about Aneeth Arora.

1. Early Influence

Aneeth’s love for clothes and designing began at a tender age. Much of her early influence came from her grandfather, who owned a fabric shop in Rajasthan. She’d spend hours exploring different textiles, fascinated by their textures and colours.

This early influence grew into a passion that steered her towards the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and the National Institute of Design (NID), where she honed her skills and developed her signature style.

2. Aneeth’s Initial Career Path wasn’t Fashion

Before embarking on her journey in the fashion industry, Aneeth initially wanted to do something entirely different. She initially pursued a Masters in Biochemistry. However, her deep-seated passion for design led her to change her career path.

In 2003, she enrolled at NIFT to study Fashion Design, where her striking design sensibilities were quickly recognised and she graduated with an award for the ‘Most Innovative Fabric Development.’

3. Origin of the Label name ‘Péro’

If you’re not from India, you might find the name ‘Péro’ quite intriguing. It comes from ‘pero,’ meaning ‘so’ in Marwari – the regional language spoken in Rajasthan, where Aneeth spent her early years.

According to Aneeth, she wanted a name that could trigger curiosity and spark a conversation, opening the way for people to learn more about Indian crafts and traditions.

4. Aneeth is a Recipient of Multiple Awards

Aneeth’s work has not go unnoticed. Over the years, she has received several prestigious awards, including the British Fashion Council’s ‘International Fashion Showcase’ award in 2015.

She was also recognized by Vogue India as the ‘Young Fashion Designer of the Year’ in 2012. This recognition has catapulted Aneeth into becoming a global ambassador for Indian design and craftsmanship.

5. Contribution to Sustainable Fashion

Aneeth Arora’s brand occupies a strong place within the sustainable fashion movement. Péro’s collections are a testament to sustainable practices, produced with locally-sourced, natural materials and crafted by local artisans.

Further testament to this is Aneeth’s commitment to ‘upcycling.’ She sees every scrap as a potential to create something new and often incorporates leftover fabrics into new designs, reducing waste in the process.

6. ‘Péro’s Four Seasons’ is a Unique Concept

Unlike most fashion labels that design collections based on the season, Péro instead celebrates ‘Péro’s Four Seasons.’ This unique concept highlighted that fashion should not be defined by weather but personal style and comfort.

This unconventional approach has elevated Péro’s designs beyond seasonal constraints, allowing them to stand the test of time. It stands as a testament to Aneeth’s disruption of traditional fashion norms and has been highly praised within the industry.

7. She Doesn’t Have a High-Profile Social Media Presence

In a world where social media often seems like an extension of one’s self, Aneeth prefers to keep a low-profile presence. Her focus is primarily on her work and the traditional skills and crafts that enrich it.

However, she appreciates the platform for being a great tool to showcase India’s heritage and to bring recognition to the craftsmen behind her collections. Therefore, Péro’s Instagram mainly features intimate glimpses of the production process, craftsmen at work, and beautiful fabric swatches.

8. Her First Model was Her Sister

Aneeth Arora’s first model was no famous face, but her sister. When Aneeth launched her first collection in 2009, she turned to her sister to debut the designs.

This humble beginning is reflective of Aneeth’s sense of simplicity and sisterhood, which continue to be a part of her brand identity till date.

9. She’s a Wimbledon Fan

Apart from her love for fabrics and design, one of Aneeth’s known passions is tennis. She is a huge fan of Wimbledon and tries to catch the championship games live whenever she can.

This interest evidently flows into her work too. Aneeth has been known to incorporate elements from the sport into her collections. Past shows have included visually compelling installations with tennis balls.

10. Her Signature ‘Hearts’

Among the various elements in her designs, Aneeth Arora’s signature hearts stand out. Embroidered onto her garments, these hearts are believed to be a symbol of the love that goes into making each piece.

As a designer who pours her heart into each creation, this symbol serves as a constant reminder of the passion which fuels Péro’s fashion journey.

To learn more about Aneeth Arora, visit her brand’s official website or follow Péro on Instagram. To support sustainable fashion check out organization’s fighting this cause like Fashion Revolution.