10 Things You Didn’t Know About Angela Missoni

If you’re a fan of fashion, you’ve likely heard of the iconic Missoni brand. Created in Italy in the mid-1950s, Missoni has spent decades at the forefront of the global fashion industry with it’s signature kaleidoscopic knitwear. But there’s more to this family-run brand than meets the eye. Angela Missoni, the current Creative Director of the brand, is every bit as intriguing as the clothes she helps create. Here are 10 things you might not know about Angela Missoni.

1. She Grew Up On Her Parent’s Looms

Having fashion designers for parents meant that Angela Missoni was exposed to the industry from a young age. The young Missoni would often be found playing among the colorful yarns in her parent’s factory. This early exposure fostered a deep love for design and creativity; a love that she would later translate into a successful career in fashion.

Starting as an assistant, Angela quickly rose through the ranks of the company. She had a natural talent for design, likely honed from her early experiences on the factory floor. She officially took over from her mother Rosita as the head of the womenswear department in 1996.

2. She’s Expanded the Brand

When Angela took over as Creative Director, she saw potential for the brand beyond it’s signature zigzag knitwear. Overseeing both the men’s and women’s lines, Angela implemented her unique vision, redesigning the brand’s aesthetic, broadening its horizons and ultimately, its consumer base.

Under her innovative direction, the Missoni brand has grown to include an array of products, such as sunglasses, perfume and a more affordable line named ‘M Missoni’. She also reinterpreted Missoni’s classic zigzag motif, producing collections that are fresh, contemporary, and appealing to a new generation of consumers.

3. She’s a Mum Too

Despite her demanding career, Angela Missoni has always made time for her family. She has three children, Margherita, Francesco, and Teresa. Much like their mother, Margherita and Teresa also have roles within the family business.

Managing to balance work and motherhood is no easy task, especially in such a high-pressure industry. But Angela seems to have found the secret, saying in interviews that family is at the core of the Missoni brand and everything that it represents.

4. She Supports Emerging Designers

Angela Missoni is passionate about supporting the next generation of fashion designers. Through initiatives like the ‘Missoni, Art, Colour’ exhibition, she has used her platform to promote young, talented designers.

In interviews, Angela often talks about the importance of nurturing new talents and providing them with the opportunities to shine. She believes that fostering new talent is vital in keeping the fashion industry vibrant and relevant.

5. She Values Sustainability

Angela is a firm believer in the importance of sustainability in fashion. She is committed to ensuring that Missoni’s processes are as environmentally friendly as possible. She has integrated these principles into her direction of the Missoni brand, saying that sustainability is not a trend but a responsibility.

Angela emphasises her commitment to environmental conservation by using organic and recycled materials wherever possible in Missoni’s collections. Furthermore, she ensures that the brand’s manufacturing practices aim to reduce waste and energy consumption.

6. She Wasn’t Always Going to Take Over the Family Business

Angela Missoni has never shied away from admitting that she didn’t always plan to take over her parents’ business. In fact, as a young adult, she wanted to explore her own career path and get out from under the shadow of her parents’ brand.

For a time, Angela pursued other career paths, such as dance. However, the allure of fashion was too strong and she finally committed to the family business. Her experience outside of the fashion world provided a unique perspective that she was able to bring back with her to the Missoni brand.

7. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor

Angela Missoni is not only a powerhouse in the fashion industry, but she’s also a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed in 2008, she approached her disease with the same tenacity that she brought to her work. Inspiring others with her open confrontation of a deeply personal health crisis.

Despite a demanding schedule during her treatment, Missoni never slowed down – working through chemotherapy and following her passion all the while motivating other women going through similar experiences.

8. She’s Known for Her Effortless Style

In addition to designing stunning collections, Angela Missoni has a personal style that aligns with the brand she leads. She embodies Missoni’s effortless, boho-chic aesthetic in her everyday outfits – a mix of elegance and laid-back cool that is instantly recognisable and purely Missoni.

Whether she’s at a fashion show, in the office, or out for dinner, Angela’s knack for combining patterns and materials in an interesting and tasteful way continues to inspire style enthusiasts all over the world.

9. She Has Steered Missoni Through Difficult Times

Every company faces ups and downs, and Missoni is no different. From the recession to the tragic disappearance of her brother Vittorio, Angela Missoni has had to navigate some challenging times during her time as Creative Director.

However, Angela met these challenges with resilience and determination, steering the company through these stormy periods and emerging stronger on the other side. Her strength and leadership during these times have been widely praised and admired in the fashion industry.

10. She Launched The Surface Conversion Project

Angela Missoni’s drive for brand innovation saw her launch the Surface Conversion project in New York in 2017. This multi-disciplinary project aimed to bridge fashion, design, art and cuisine.

It marked Missoni’s commitment to supporting the diversity of art and design fields. Not just a hub for Missoni products, this space hosts art exhibitions, pop-ups, performances, and culinary experiences, creating a vibrant creative zone highlighting and celebrating the interplay between different art forms.

So, there you have it, 10 things you didn’t know about Angela Missoni. More than just the Creative Director of a world-renowned fashion brand, Angela Missoni is a loving mother, a dedicated mentor, a staunch advocate for sustainability, and much more. A true inspiration!

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