When it comes to the worlds of fashion and publishing, Angelica Cheung is a powerful force to be reckoned with. She has been shaping minds and trends alike with the prowess of her pen and her insight into the world of fashion. For those interested in learning more about this inspirational woman, join us as we delve into ten intriguing facts about Angelica Cheung you may not have known.

1. She is the founding editor of Vogue China

Angelica Cheung was instrumental in launching Vogue China back in 2005 and served as its editor-in-chief for 15 years until her resignation in December 2020. Under her leadership, Vogue China achieved rapid growth and enjoyed substantial influence in China’s fashion industry. The magazine was known for its high standard of visual storytelling and intelligently curated content, all credited to Cheung’s strategic and creative direction.

Throughout her tenure, she consistently promoted modern Chinese aesthetics and culture to the rest of the world, helping to shift the global narrative around Chinese style and fashion forwardness. Vogue China quickly became the Vogue edition with the largest readership worldwide, all thanks to Angelica’s relentless work and vision.

2. She started her career as a lawyer

Prior to embarking on her illustrious career in fashion journalism, Angelica Cheung actually earned her degree in law from the Peking University in China. However, she found law to be a “somewhat dry subject”, leading her to eventually choosing to follow her true passion – the world of fashion and lifestyle journalism.

Believe it or not, she got her start in the industry as a receptionist at an advertising company, then evolved into a marketing role. It was a leap of faith that paid off immensely, proving that it’s never too late to follow your dreams, no matter where you start from.

3. She was appointed Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

In 2016, Angelica Cheung was honoured by the French Government as a Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et lettres, a recognition given to individuals who have distinguished themselves by their creativity in the field of art, culture and literature or for their contribution to the influence of arts and literature in France and in the world.

This highly prestigious order made Angelica Cheung one of the most recognised Chinese individuals in the field of fashion journalism. It places her amongst an elite group of international figures committed to promoting and enhancing arts and culture on a global level.

4. She has been listed in the BoF 500

In the realm of fashion, few honors compare to inclusion in Business of Fashion’s (BoF) 500, the definitive professional index of people shaping the $2.4 trillion fashion industry. Angelica Cheung was recognised for her significant contribution to the fashion industry, and her influence was marked by her inclusion in this prestigious list.

The “BoF 500” list is globally acknowledged as an oracle for spotting talent and predicting the future changemakers of the fashion industry. Angelica’s appearance on this list is yet another testament to her role as a key figure in the fashion world.

5. She helped break Western stereotypes about Chinese fashion

Angelica Cheung is well-known for helping to break Western perceptions and stereotypes about Chinese fashion. For many years, the Western perspective of Chinese fashion was fraught with misunderstandings and prejudice. Cheung utilised her platform to change that outlook, replacing it with a modern and global understanding of Chinese fashion and identity.

Under her direction, Vogue China focused on showing Chinese women as fashion literates rather than followers of Western trends. This unique approach is still felt in the Chinese fashion industry today, and her influence can be seen in the increased recognition and appreciation for Chinese designers globally.

6. She advocates for sustainability in the fashion industry

Long before sustainability became a popular topic in the fashion industry, Angelica Cheung was already advocating its importance. She has called for the industry to take responsibility for the planet and adopt a sustainable approach in all aspects of production, distribution, and consumption.

She has used her platform to promote slow fashion and conscious consumerism, encouraging her followers to invest in timeless, high-quality pieces instead of following fast-fashion trends. This advocacy places her among the pioneers of sustainable fashion and has solidified her role as an industry influencer and change-maker.

7. She launched the Vogue Fashion Fund in China

In 2011, Angelica Cheung launched the Vogue China Fashion Fund to support emerging Chinese designers. The fund helps designers gain experience, provides mentoring opportunities, and assists in showing collections in Paris, New York, and Milan.

The program has become a catalyst for talent and has helped to elevate Chinese designers to the international stage. Hence, she played an instrumental role in initiating and driving the success of many promising designers from her home country on international platforms.

8. She is a mother

Despite her major role in the fashion world, Angelica Cheung considers her most important role to be that of a mother. She has always been vocal about maintaining a work-life balance and has been discussed her life as a working mother in many interviews.

She has talked extensively about juggling her roles as a magazine editor and motherhood, notably mentioning that she prioritises her daughter over anything else. This aspect of her life underpins how she values family and personal life alongside her career.

9. She believes in empowering women

Angelica Cheung firmly believes the fashion industry can be used as a tool for female empowerment. She consistently utilises her platform to encourage self-confidence and individuality among women. She has made it a point to feature powerful women with strong personal styles on the cover of Vogue China.

She has played a key role in changing perceptions about femininity and beauty standards, demonstrating how fashion can be used as a tool for empowerment, and encouraging women to embrace and express their own unique beauty.

10. She is a yoga fanatic

One rather surprising fact about Angelica Cheung is that she is an avid yoga enthusiast. She finds time in her busy schedule to practice yoga almost every single day. She often shares photos of her yoga sessions on her personal Instagram account, inspiring her followers with her dedication and discipline.

She believes in the positive impact of yoga on body and mind, and credits her high-energy level, mental clarity and productivity to her regular practice. With her backing, Yoga has seen an increased popularity in China, further illustrating her influence beyond fashion.

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