10 Things You Didn’t Know About Anne Hidalgo

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, is a powerful woman in politics who has a fascinating story. She is known for her passionate advocacy for climate action and commitment to diversity. But there’s more to Hidalgo than just her political profile. In this article, we delve deeper into the life and career of this remarkable leader. Read on to discover ten things you likely didn’t know about Anne Hidalgo.

1. She Has Spanish Roots

Born in San Fernando, Cadiz, Spain in 1959, Anne Hidalgo moved to Lyon, France with her family when she was just two years old. Before she was Anne Hidalgo, she was Ana Maria Hidalgo Aleu. The family was seeking greener pastures in France amidst the political unrest in Spain.

Hidalgo’s Spanish roots subtly influence her political and personal philosophies. Her parents were socialists who fled Spain’s Franco regime, making a significant impact on her worldview.

2. She is Paris’s First Female Mayor

Following her election victory in 2014, Anne Hidalgo made history by becoming the first woman to serve as Mayor of Paris. She was reelected for a second term in June 2020 – a testament to her impact and popularity.

Throughout her tenure, Hidalgo has aimed to make Paris a more livable city with fewer cars, more affordable housing, and enhanced infrastructure. Her victory marked a crucial moment for gender equality in French politics.

3. Hidalgo is An Alumna of the Sorbonne

Anne Hidalgo is a highly educated woman with degrees from some of the world’s most prestigious universities. She graduated from the Sorbonne with a degree in social work, further sharpening her focus on community-based initiatives.

Her educational background did not end there. Hidalgo also attended the Institut des Hautes Etudes de Defense Nationale, France’s elite national defense academy, where she deepened her understanding of security and defense issues.

4. She Started Her Career as an Inspector of Labor

Before delving fully into politics, Hidalgo had a career as a labor inspector, a prestigious and vital role in France. During her tenure, she worked tirelessly to ensure that labor laws were upheld and that workers’ rights were protected.

This experience undeniably shaped her political leanings, giving her firsthand insight into the struggles workers face. It further cemented her commitment to fighting for equality and social justice, which remain key themes in her political career.

5. Her Husband is also a Politician

Anne Hidalgo’s life partner, Jean-Marc Germain, also shares her passion for politics. Germain is a prominent member of the Socialist Party, having served in the French National Assembly.

The couple has two children, Arthur and Elsa, and manage to balance their demanding professional pursuits with a thriving family life. Their shared political interests make for an informed and politically charged household.

6. She has Published Several Books

Outside of politics, Hidalgo is also an accomplished author. She has several books to her name on diverse topics such as urban planning and politics. Her published works include “A l’Inflexible” and “Notre Combat Pour Paris”

Her literary efforts further exhibit her wide range of interests and reinforce her reputation as a multitalented and intellectually curious individual.


7. Committed to Climate Action

As Mayor, Hidalgo has consistently prioritized combating climate change. She initiated ambitious plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote the use of green energy, drastically reduce car usage, and make Paris a bicycle-friendly city.

Hidalgo’s commitment to environmental preservation was internationally recognized in 2018 when she was appointed Chair of the C40 Cities – a network of the world’s major cities committed to addressing climate change.

8. Education Advocate

Education is another area where Hidalgo has made substantial impact. She has initiated numerous projects to reform and improve the educational system in Paris, making school buildings more ecological and creating more facilities for students.

She is a strong advocate for early childhood education, believing it lays a strong foundation for future learning and development. Her education projects are highly community-centric, aiming to make education accessible and effective for all students.

9. Skilled Negotiator

Throughout her career, Hidalgo has proven her mettle as an exceptional negotiator. Whether dealing with Unions, business leaders or political opponents, her ability to facilitate beneficial agreements stands out.

Her negotiation skills were particularly highlighted during her role in securing the 2024 Olympic Games for Paris, demonstrating her ability to put Paris on the world stage.

10. Vegan Sympathizer

Hidalgo is a vocal supporter of the cause of animal welfare and has taken several measures against animal exploitation. While not vegan herself, Hidalgo sympathizes with the vegan movement and promotes plant-based meals in schools.

These measures are part of her broader strategy to create a more sustainable, health-conscious Paris. By promoting plant-based options, she aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cultivate healthier eating habits among Paris residents.

To learn more about Anne Hidalgo, you can visit her official website: www.anne-hidalgo.net. Also, her books and related articles can be found on: Amazon – Books by Anne Hidalgo.