10 Things You Didn’t Know About Anthony Bamford & Family

People often know a lot about famous personalities in politics, sports or entertainment. However, successful entrepreneurs like Anthony Bamford and his family may not be so widely recognized, despite their remarkable achievements and influence. Here are 10 intriguing things to discover about Anthony Bamford and his family.

1. They own J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd.

Sir Anthony Bamford, along with his family, owns one of the noted engineering firms, J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd. The company renowned for making heavy industrial vehicles, especially backhoes and diggers, was founded in 1945 by his father, Joe Cyril Bamford. The company has seen tremendous growth over the years, becoming one of the most valued industrial firms in the UK.

Over the years, the Bamford family has been successfully running the business and have seen it grow to employ over 11,000 people globally and spanning 150 countries. This family enterprise has evolved to become a global powerhouse in the construction industry.

2. He received a knighthood for his services

Anthony Bamford was knighted in 1990 for his outstanding services to the industry. The knighthood was a recognition of his distinguished contribution to the world of business and industry in the UK. Aside from presiding over the engineering company founded by his father, Bamford also played an essential role in various other fields that contributed significantly to the betterment of the British economy.

In addition, he was made a Baron in 2013, hence is often referred to as Lord Bamford. These honours are the testament to his contribution to the industry and business world.

3. He is a significant political donor

Anthony Bamford has been a consistent and generous donor to Conservative Party in the UK. It is believed that his donations amount to over £10 million since 2001. His unwavering support to the party dates back to as early as 1970s and he has celebrated many of their election successes alongside them.

Furthermore, it is reported that he frequently let party members use his helicopter for their personal and official trips. Such generous contributions have often brought him under scrutiny, but Bamford maintains these donations are out of goodwill.

4. The family is an ardent art collector

The Bamford family is known for their striking collection of antiques and fine art. Their collection is so vast and impressive that it includes an array of themes ranging from historic to modern pieces. The family is particularly fond of classic British art, showcasing the country’s cultural heritage.

Their collection also includes valuable iconic pieces like a Van Gogh, a Picasso, and a Mondrian, among others. The family’s love for fine art is prominent through their public and private exhibitions.

5. He is one of the richest men in Britain

According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2020, Anthony Bamford and his family have an estimated net worth of £4.7 billion making them one of the wealthiest in Britain. Their wealth is primarily derived from their successful venture, J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd., its affiliates, and other business ventures.

Despite enduring fluctuating market conditions, including the global financial crisis, the Bamford family has maintained a steady increase in wealth over years. Their vast fortune continues to grow thanks to their successful entrepreneurial ventures and wise investment decisions.

6. His passion for cars is well-known

Bamford has a well-known affinity for vintage and racing cars. He has an impressive collection of classic and rare cars, and even takes part in historic car races. His passion for classic cars resulted in him establishing an entire division of his company dedicated to restorations.

In fact, he has a specific interest in Ferraris and owns some of the rarest models. This love for automobiles is not just confined to him, but the entire Bamford family shares this interest, with many of the younger Bamfords having won various racing titles.

7. His wife, Carole Bamford, is an Organic Farming Pioneer

Carole Bamford, Anthony’s wife, is a sustainability and organic farming advocate. She is the founder of Daylesford Organic, one of the most sustainable, organic farms in the UK. Her venture has won numerous awards for its quality produce and commitment to sustainability.

Apart from being a successful businesswoman, she is also known for her philanthropic efforts, especially in the field of education and child welfare. Like her husband, she has also been honoured by the Queen for her services to organic food and sustainable farming.

8. He studied Engineering but didn’t graduate

It might be surprising to know that despite being the helm of a successful engineering company, Anthony Bamford didn’t actually graduate. After attending Grenoble’s famed business school, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, he later studied mechanical engineering at University of Hertfordshire but didn’t finish his degree.

This, however, didn’t deter him from taking the reins of his father’s company in 1975 and leading it to global success. This goes to prove that it’s not always a degree, but passion, determination and skills that truly matter in business.

9. Anthony’s sons, George and Jo, are also involved in the family business

Following in their father’s footsteps, both George and Jo Bamford are involved in the running the family business. George Bamford, the elder son, is the founder of Bamford Watch Department, which customizes luxury watches.

The younger son, Jo Bamford, after working in different divisions of JCB, bought the UK’s leading bus manufacturer, Wrightbus, and resurrected it from administration. He aims to produce a fleet of hydrogen buses as part of the UK’s drive towards zero emission vehicles.

10. Their philanthropic activities are extensive

The Bamford family is known for their charitable activities. Through the Bamford Charitable Foundation, they have made significant contributions to a number of causes with particular focus on children’s issues, education, environment, and medical research.

They have committed to several global initiatives. For example, they’ve funded the creation of schools in India and sponsored research into cancer and neurological diseases. Their philosophy of giving back to society is as strong as their commitment to their industrial ventures.

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