10 Things You Didn’t Know About Antonio Percassi

If you’re a fan of the beautiful game in Italy or merely a business tycoon lover, chances are you’re familiar with the name Antonio Percassi. However, aside from being the owner of Atalanta BC and a successful entrepreneur, we have dug deeper to present you with ten intriguing facts about Percassi that you may not be aware of. Let’s jump in!

1. Childhood and Early Life

Antonio Percassi was born on March 3, 1953, in the small municipality of Clusone, Italy. But not many people know that Percassi was an eager football enthusiast from a young age, encouraged by the football tradition in his family. His father was a football player, and it wasn’t long before Percassi himself picked up a football and started playing.

As his passion for the game grew, Percassi found his way to Atalanta BC’s youth academy. There, he exhibited immense talent early on and quickly advanced up the ranks, fueling his dreams of becoming a professional player.

2. Football Career

The name Percassi is synonymous with Italian football, particularly with Atalanta BC. And though Antonio Percassi’s business ventures have garnered him international recognition, it’s a lesser-known fact that Percassi was a skilled football player in his early years. Playing primarily as a center-back, he was part of the team that got Atalanta promoted to Seria A in 1984.

Following his retirement from active football, Percassi never lost touch with the sport. Instead, he took on entrepreneurship but maintained a strong connection with football, culminating in eventually taking Atalanta BC’s helm.

3. The Beginnings of a Business Mogul

After hanging up his boots, Antonio Percassi did not rest on his laurels. He ventured into the retail industry by establishing Percassi Group. What many may not know is that the famous Italian entrepreneur started his journey in the business world with just a small apparel store in Bergamo in the 1980s.

Driven by his natural entrepreneurial spirit, Percassi’s small venture rapidly grew into one of Italy’s leading companies known for its foray into a broad spectrum of activities. Today, the Percassi Group is a significant player in the Italian and global business scene, thanks to its diverse interest in real estate, beauty, fashion, and food sectors.

4. Business Partnerships

Percassi’s list of business partnerships reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the international business scene. Not many are aware that the Percassi Group has had the privilege to establish and manage major partnerships with leading global brands such as Nike, Gucci, and Starbucks.

Most notably, Percassi has been responsible for bringing Starbucks to Italy, opening the first store in Milan in 2018. It was a monumental achievement and a testament to his business prowess as he navigated the logistical and cultural challenges of introducing the famous American coffee chain to the home of espresso.

5. Philanthropy

Percassi’s accomplishments are not limited to the football pitch and the boardroom. Few know about his generosity and welfare projects that have significantly impacted lives in his native Italy. He is the co-founder of ‘Fondazione Percassi’, a charity that focuses on helping vulnerable children and young people.

This foundation runs several community initiatives ranging from educational assistance and personal development workshops to providing healthcare facilities. Percassi’s outstanding philanthropic efforts have demonstrated his commitment to his community, making him a revered figure in Italy.

6. O-One, the Digital Unit

In the fast-paced digital age, Percassi has made sure that his businesses stay ahead of the curve. Not many realize that he formed O-One, a digital unit dedicated to crafting interactive digital experiences. O-One is fundamental in the Percassi Group’s radical approach towards digital transformation and innovation.

O-One has worked with top-tier companies like Gucci, pulling off impressive digital campaigns and projects. Not only does it speak volumes about Percassi’s forward-thinking, but it also ensures that his businesses can engage effectively with the digital-first consumers of the modern era.

7. Personal Life and Family

Despite his high-flying public persona, Antonio Percassi is known to be deeply private about his personal life. Percassi is a dedicated family man, married to Carmela Percassi. The couple has five children, all of whom are actively involved in their father’s business empire.

A fun fact about Percassi’s family: they are all passionate about football! This collective love for the sport ensures that the family supports Antonio fiercely in his role as the president of Atalanta BC. In return, Antonio has often stated publicly how much he values and cherishes his family’s support in all his endeavors.

8. His Relationship with Atalanta BC

Antonio’s bond with Atalanta BC goes beyond the realm of a standard player-club relationship. After his playing stint, Percassi took up the presidency of the club twice — first from 1990 until 1994 and then again from 2010 onwards.

Under his excellent leadership, Atalanta has risen to challenging the upper echelons of Italian football. The club has qualified for the Champions League for successive seasons, competing amongst the very best in European football. This is a testament to Percassi’s vision and hard work in establishing Atalanta BC as a genuine force to reckon with.

9. Role in the Development of Bergamo

Antonio Percassi is more than just a successful businessman player; he is also a community leader. He is deeply rooted in his hometown of Bergamo and has invested heavily in the area’s development. He emphasized creating jobs and supporting local enterprises, embodying the term ‘giving back to the community.’

Through Percassi Group’s various projects like mall constructions and store openings, many employment opportunities have been created for the residents of Bergamo. Moreover, his contributions extend to advancing the city’s sporting infrastructure, particularly those related to football, enhancing the local community’s quality of life.

10. Philosophy as a Businessman

At the end of the day, Antonio Percassi is known for his philosophy as much as he is known for his achievements. Many don’t know that Percassi often emphasized the importance of hard work, transparency, and trust in all his professional ventures. This philosophy carries the essence of his success in both business and football dealings.

Percassi always believed in doing business with a human touch, nurturing relationships with his partners and employees alike. His mantra “profit is important, but it can’t be the only goal” reflects the holistic approach he has adopted, blending success with a deep sense of ethical responsibility.

To sum up, Antonio Percassi is a multifaceted personality whose contribution to football, business, and social causes cannot be overstated.

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